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July 12, 2011

Where is the certification on this document which states that it is a "true and correct" copy of the original on file?

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to my U.S. congressman and two senators along with a copy of Ron Ewart’s recent article, “Obama, You Leave Me No Choice!”  I encourage all Americans concerned about the usurpation of the presidency and the underlying corruption which accomplished and enabled t to do the same.

Dear Senators and Representative,

In my so-far futile attempts to get Congress to admit the obvious, that there is a usurper, who is also an apparent criminal in several other ways, in the White House, I have been told at times that “I am entitled to my opinion.”  I agree with that, of course…..,but here is the problem:  Congress reacts only to the opinion which they are told is the “correct” opinion. The massive evidence my side has to back up its opinion is ignored and/or treated as if cannot be real.

One example is that the evidence of a long-form birth certificate which many experts in the field of Adobe Illustrator, document reproduction and typesetting have said is a very poor forgery is ignored by Congress, as if it did not exist. The documented forgery is accepted as real by Congress with no questions asked, even though it was presented by a regime which lies endlessly. My opinion is backed up by facts, whereas the “Obama is legitimate” opinion is accepted at face value regardless of what the regime puts out, with no evidence required. This is in spite of the regime’s proven record of lies, deceit and obfuscation.

The fraud/charade that has been going on since prior to the 2008 election is unraveling, as it must if America is to survive.  Constituents are sent nonsensical form letters when they inquire about Obama’s eligibility. Many wrongly try to use ”citizen” and “natural born Citizen” interchangeably.  Congress made eight attempts since 2003 to change the Constitution in regard to presidential eligibility, and, having failed, Congress chose to simply ignore the natural born Citizenship requirement of Article II.  If Obama, as some in Congress claim, is a natural born Citizen, why were the attempts made by Congress to change the constitutional requirement?  Obama was selected as The One and no “little” obstacle like the Constitution or any other rule of law was going to get in the way.

Congress knowingly put an ineligible candidate on the ballot in 2008. Of course, some members of Congress were “only” complicit by saying nothing; they simply ignored their oath to the Constitution to protect it from enemies, “both foreign and domestic.”  They wrongly assumed that the power of government would allow them to get away with this act of deception…forever. Some in Congress are also just “doing what they are told” by Congressional leadership.  Now we are over two and one-half years into the cover-up, and I believe, and evidence backs me up, that the reason for Congress’s absolute refusal to act on this issue is that some key members, both those in leadership and certain others, were intimately involved in bending and breaking the rules in 2008 in order to get Obama on the ballot. Again, the pesky thing called “evidence” comes into play; lots of hard, real evidence…not just opinion, and the evidence is available to anyone who wants to see it, which excludes Congress, of course.  Whenever this usurpation of the presidency breaks wide open, and it must if American is to survive, many in Congress now, or who were in Congress dating back to 2008 and in some cases even earlier, who aided and abetted the community organizer, will be finally brought to justice along with Obama. This is why Congress ignores the screams from its constituents to investigate the pretend president; they are protecting themselves. This is very clear; millions know it…and those millions know that Congress knows they are not fooled by any other reason occasionally stated as to why Congress has abandoned the people in favor of the putative president.

Another commonality of the nonsensical form letters sent to constituents from Congress is this: “The courts have dismissed cases brought against Obama pertaining to his eligibility.”  On the surface, that is correct and it probably appears to those only superficially knowledgeable on this subject as an impressive statement in favor of Obama’s eligibility. However, full disclosure would continue and say that, ”not a single case, not one, has been allowed to be decided on its merits or to go to discovery,” as they have all been dismissed due to the insulting application of “lack of standing” or simply dismissed without comment. Yes, Obama & Company have spent over $2,000,000 in legal fees fighting these lawsuits, much of it taxpayer money, and if one case gets through to be decided on its merits, the Obama pretend presidency is over.

If anyone wants to see the evidence I am referring to, I will be happy to provide the hard evidence that I possess, direct them to various websites that have been cataloging evidence since 2008 and/or provide contacts with people far more knowledgeable on this subject than I. If anyone would like to meet with me, I would love to discuss this with them.  I will listen,..…but I will also present my case and I am confident the evidence I have would easily overwhelm the “that’s-my-story-and-I-am-sticking-to-it” mantra that is being used on America, along with Alinsky tactics, to continue the fraud of Obama.

I am sure it would make my Congressional representatives happy if I would give up and not bother them anymore.  Giving up will not happen. I have a duty at almost 68 years old, and it is to do everything in my power to force the evidence that supports my “opinion” to be looked at and to have Congress understand the strength of We The People when the future of our nation is on the line.

This is my war and I won’t give up until justice is served on those who have illegally taken over, from the inside out, of our government, and are rapidly taking America past the point of no return.

The biggest fraud and cover-up in history has been carried out on America.  You know it, but you refuse to ask for an independent investigation to determine something that was never answered in the euphoria over the “historic first black president.” The virtual hypnosis of millions of people by the still-hard-at-work-in-the-cover-up Obama media,  and the master teleprompter reader himself, have almost destroyed America….and the people’s elected representatives will do nothing to stop the destruction. Now there is the threat of four more years to complete the job. With a Congress that has ceded power to the Executive branch, finishing off America as planned will not be impeded. The same involvement of Congress in Obama’s being elected in spite of his known ineligibility also makes him “impeachment-proof” no matter how unlawful and unconstitutional his actions are. If that were not true, impeachment proceedings in the House would already be under way.  Only millions of American Patriots who will not stand by and watch without acting can save our nation.

I never thought I would live to see my country willingly turned over to effectively the same enemies so many of our Citizens fought and for which so many gave the ultimate sacrifice to prevent from happening in two world wars. Their memory is forever tarnished as the country they loved, and I love, is given away to those who simply ignore the rules, the law, and take whatever they want.

How you can go through one more day ignoring your oath to the Constitution to defend America against “all enemies, foreign and domestic” is beyond me.