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Dear Editor:  The following email was sent to psenseman@az.gov, Governor Brewer’s press secretary:

July 11, 2010

The Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation without representation. But is our representation today by the U.S. Congress any better than the colonists' representation by the British Parliament in 1773?

Dear Mr. Senseman,

As you know, there are many unanswered questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional qualifications to act as President of the United States.  Governor Brewer, or any sitting governor, for that matter, has unique standing to challenge Obama on this issue and resolve the constitutional crisis he has perpetrated on the nation by his refusal to prove that he is a “natural born Citizen” by filing a Writ of Quo Warranto.

The American people are looking to Governor Brewer to defend her state as she is doing, but also to challenge a man who has most likely assumed the office of President through dissembling and deceit, wire fraud, election fraud, and document fraud.

There is a tremendous amount of circumstantial and other evidence which points to a foreign birth for Obama, and by his own admission, he was born a dual citizen. He has also carefully described himself as “a native citizen of the United States of America” but not a “natural born Citizen.”

Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution states:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

It is impossible for Obama to be a “natural born Citizen” if he was born with dual citizenship, and “native born” is not the same as “natural born.”  Since he has never shown his original birth certificate, we also do not know his actual age.

Congress refused to check on Obama’s qualifications for office, despite thousands of requests to do so by concerned constituents before the certification of electoral votes in January 2009.

It makes no sense to mount an expensive legal defense when Governor Brewer could simply ask Obama “By what authority” his Department of Justice is suing her state and naming her as a defendant.  In fact, if Obama is a usurper to the presidency, he has no authority to do anything nor to direct anyone else to act.  If that is the case, Obama and his entire government must be removed from office and a new presidential election held.

You may have read that Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) has called for Obama and his regime to do just that, and he believes that Obama is hiding something very significant about his background from the American people.  For someone to spend almost $2,000,000 to hide his birth certificate and other records, he certainly must be.

All the governor needs to do is file a Quo Warranto.  That’s it, and the lawsuit will be history. So will this false presidency and his Marxist regime which has forced all matter of unconstitutional and injurious legislation upon this nation.  Attorneys Donofrio and Pidgeon are superb constitutional lawyers who reportedly have offered to help write the Quo Warranto filing.

A Lt. Col. with 18 years of service in the Army is going to be court-martialed over Obama’s refusal to prove he is constitutionally qualified, and a retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. has been brought up on false charges in a crooked kangaroo court for filing a Treason complaint against Obama 16 months ago which to this day remains unanswered.

Mr. Senseman, this cannot stand. This is not justice for either one of these fine men, and it is not justice for the 310,000,000 Americans who deserve a “natural born” president, not a usurper with foreign allegiances who was most likely born in a foreign country and is nothing more than a Chicago street thug who mesmerized the sleeping masses.

Governor Brewer can stop this charade.  I hope and pray that she will do so.  The truth will set us all free.


Abigail Adams


Editor’s Note: The web page containing all of the contact information for Governor Jan Brewer is here.

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  1. Why, just why are they waiting to impeach this no-good acting type president…who is doing nothing but sinking this, our country, into financial problems which I do believe is totally intentional…
    Things since he has been in office, I have not seen so bad since when…
    We need to get this administration OUT, hopefully November will shine a whole different light… Reid and Pelosi won’t even comment not worth typing anything about, but I truly can understand why Bama is messed up as ‘Hogan’s goat, with them there….
    Have a Great American Day….

  2. “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    And allowing the multi-millions of illegals to continue invading our once-sovereign country is but one aspect of an ongoing class war that will likely lead to an oligarchy within the USA as found in Mexico.

    Prepare for life at a 3rd-world level, citizens.

    If not you perhaps your kids or grandkids.
    It is inevitable.

  3. Then Nancy Pelosi should be responsible for this whole entire situation and rectify the situation and show the proof!!!! She should also pay all the court costs and the costs to impeach the man IF she can not produce the proof he is a natural born citizen.

  4. I just received a letter from Jeff Flake, stating that Obama IS a natural born citizen. He did not include proof, however. Instead he debunked all the web sites stirring the pot. I have been a strong supporter of Flake (even have a sign on my lawn); but I have to say, this shakes my faith in him just a tad.
    See the letter: Thank you for contacting me about Senator Barack Obama and his status as a natural born citizen of the United States.

    You may have heard rumors about Senator Obama not having a U.S. birth certificate. This is untrue. Senator Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, after it became a state on August 21, 1959.

    The Internet has unfortunately become an easy avenue for people wishing to spread rumors, commit fraud, and create other types of havoc. Information gathered on the Internet should be double-checked before it is believed. Internet hoaxes are debunked on numerous websites like http://urbanlegends.about.com or http://snopes.com. (Snopes has recently been under fire for fraudulent information).

    I hope that this information satisfies your concerns. (No, I don’t think it does). Thank you again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to do so again in the future. I also encourage you to visit my website, which may be found at http://flake.house.gov/.


    Member of Congress………So, what say you, the people?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Notice how Flake does not say he has seen an original birth certificate of Obama’s. No one has. And an original BC still would not make him a “natural born Citizen.” Remember, both Republicans and Democrats conspired to allow this to happen by passing Senate Resolution 511, which not only “made” John McCain an NBC; it provided cover for Obama so that his credentials were never requested. All of the current members of Congress are in on it, and they are only trying to protect themselves from the fallout from causing the worst constitutional crisis in American history.

  5. Can we get beyond the birth certificate and read the Constitution? The evidence of his ineligibility not Obama’s to hide. Rather, it’s in PLAIN SIGHT – if we could just look away from the blinding light of the birth certificate and READ THE CONSTITUTION.

    A natural born citizen of the United States is not simply a person who is a US citizen from birth nor is it simply a person born in the United States, or both. A natural born citizen of the United States is a person who is not born in the jurisdiction of a government other than the government which was established by the Constitution. This is why the Constitution exempts so many US-born people from having to satisfy the natural born citizen requirement: because they were not natural born citizens despite their birth in the Untied States. There were many people who born in the United States and who were US citizens from birth BEFORE the adoption of the Constitution. They were born under the jurisdiction of a different government than that one established by the Constitution. WHY else would the Constitution open wide the door to truly foreign-born persons to the Executive unnecessarily? That is, if there were natural born citizens being born as early as July 4, 1776, the Constitution would have expired the exemption on that date instead of the much later date of the ratification of the Constitution (1788).

    President Zachary Taylor was born in the United States in Virginia in 1784. He was born under the jurisdiction of the government established by the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. He was NOT a natural born citizen of the Untied States for the purposes of eligibility to the presidency, an office created by the Constitution. The Constitution rightly exempted him (and all those of similar circumstances) from having to satisfy the natural born citizen requirement (should they seek the presidency).

    When Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, he was born in the jurisdiction of a government other than the one established by the Constitution, namely the government established by the British Sovereign. He is not a natural born citizen no matter where in the universe he was born because through his British father he too was subject to the British Sovereign and her foreign government at the moment of his birth.

    Can we get beyond the birth certificate and read the Constitution? The evidence we seek is not Obama’s to hide.

    The Constitution was a revolution against a different government, namely that government established in the United States by the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. People born under its jurisdiction were just as foreign to the presidency as people born under the jurisdiction of the British Sovereign. The Presidency is a creature of the Constitution. The Constitution tests the president’s exclusive loyalty twice: the Oath of Office requirement and the Natural Born Citizen requirement. Neither allow dual loyalties to a foreign government.

    The very text of the Constitution alone supports the opinion that Barack Hussein Obama II is NOT a natural born citizen of the Untied States. We don’t need his cooperation in releasing his birth certificate. We don’t need a court order to release his birth certificate. We just need to become familiar with our Constitution and our history, and then explain it to others.

    1. If you have followed this controversy from the beginning you will see that on You Tube Obama said “he was born in Kenya and that he is not a Christain” There are many investigations going on about his birth, his backround, his education ( no one at Columbia has ever seen him), his allegiance to America or another regime (AlQueda?) and the ability of the “CZARS” he has working for him on taxpayers money without a backround in their specific jobs. Apparently Nancy Pelosi never investigated his eligibility to be nominated for president. Along with HER inefficency are those in the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court. For instance Hagan has never been a judge anywhere before. More backrounds are suspicious such as Islamic extremists in the White House hired by Obama.

      It all adds up to the most disasterous legislation in US history. We, the people. need to support all the grass roots orgs and patriotic orgs that are working to eliminate anything Obama has done. Repeal after he has been prosecuted for fraudulent measures to become a senator and a president of this great country. As we also know he was supported by various other terrorist nations and mentors. And he likes to protect any Islamic who kills any Americans such as the Fort Hood massacre.

      Out with Obama and the phonies in DC ASAP!!! We owe it to our grandchildren and your great-granchildren. AMEN

  6. If this is true please file. I do believe he is not qualified to have been elected. Ms Brewer I totally support you and very proud of your strength.

  7. I am still rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Is this true? If so, why has she already not done this. Get it done Governor! There is a God and he has not forsaken us!

    1. This guy that says we need to get past the birth certificate issue seems to know the father of B.H.O was a British subject. so how does he know this without seeing a Birth certificate?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The Post & Email has been told by the British IPS (Identity & Passport Service) that BHO Sr. applied for two British passports: one in 1959 and one in 1963.

    2. I have a video with Obama stating that he was not born in Hawaii nor the United States. If someone with authority would like to see this video, please contact me.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: If it’s the video which many of us have seen, at least one video-producer has debunked that portion of it as forged.

    3. She probably wants to protect her life and the life of her family from being destroyed or ended by the Illuminati or secret society groups that Obama is a part of and has strong connections with.

  8. Please Gov Jan Brewer With Your Quo Warranto You Can Put “The Manchurian Pres” Back With ACORN As A Organizer. Yippee, However Gov Jan Never Under Estimate The Manipulative Genius Of A Pathological Narcissist Chi Town Mafia, Yikees, Quo Warranto Barack Hussein Obama Spinmaster Deluxe Without A Legal Social Security Card (042) Conn Resident, Plus He Was Found Under A Rock Without A Long Form Birth Certificate, Yikeess. Quo Warranto Obama Now.

  9. What dawngaye says is misleading. It appears that in fact Pelosi in all but one or a few cases, deliberately omitted the traditional certification of eligibility from the party’s certification of nomination. Each state should make this a point in a comprehensive investigation by the legislature or attorney general to determine whether an ineligible presidential candidate was put on the ballot.

    As the states have the constitutional function of appointing presidential electors, they necessarily have jurisdiction to ascertain the constitutional eligibility of candidates to whom the electors are pledged.

    If an ineligible presidential candidate was fraudulently allowed on the ballot, the authority of electors pledged to him should be rescinded for fraud.

    This comment has been repeatedly blocked. I get a message that it has already been made, but it’s never posted.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Was the comment blocked here?

  10. The issue of the Birth Certificate is an extremely loud alarm for the public. More like a siren! Neither Political Party has pursued this issue even though the public outrage over this simply proven issue continues. Somehow we Americans seem to believe there is a major difference between Democrats and Republicans. I think their similarities outweigh their differences.

    Of course, anyone that asks to see said document has been marginalized as a “Birther.” Even in light of Obama’s own family members stating he was born in Kenya. Even when he held dual citizenship (Indonesia). If you are concerned about criminal immigration you are “Racist.” The list of denigrating terms is endless…

  11. If litigation is required to get the fool in the White House out, then, I say,
    let’s do it. Costly? Maybe. But 300,000,000 citizens forking over a buck
    a piece would cover a lot of litigation. Or broken down to family size, fifty or
    sixty or seventy million would still do the job. And I’ll bet a whole lot of “real
    Americans” would chip in a lot more than a dollar to see him gone. I certainly would. How about you? Think about how much of your money he’s been blowing. He’s bankrupting our country and generations of it’s citizens. If Arizona and Governor Brewer need some financial support, let’s give it. Let’s take back our UNITED States of America.

  12. Obama can’t show his B’certificate because it doesn’t exist. What’s more, the Dems in congress are trying to protect him by avoiding this issue. Obama is thier leader of the progressive movement and they’ll stick by him at least until the water gets too hot and then they’ll turn on him. The media is behind him too. He is well protected by a lot of phonies out there who are behind his agenda.

    1. Well, he must have a passport. What nationality is the passport? If it is US then there is already an official US opinion on his status. We need the passport and the documentation in the passport file.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The State Dept. refuses to release it.

  13. LOL I thought that as well – he will not be able to go to Az because EVERYONE has reasonable expectation that he cannot produce legal documents! LOL Oh, what goes around comes around…….

  14. I have sent e-mails to Governor Jan Brewer concerning
    Obama’s eligibility. I have never received any type of reply.

    Granted, her Office must receive dozens of “similar” e-mails
    each day.
    She knows Obama is ineligible, as well as every “other” person
    (including Judges) who swore an Oath to protect Our Constitution.
    They are ALL GUILTY for allowing a usurper into Office.
    It is not necessary to have Congress “impeach” Obama.
    (you can’t impeach a president who is not eligible to begin with)
    You can charge Obama as a common crimminal who frauduently showed false records and impersonated a
    “natural born Citizen”.
    You can also “charge” ALL of the Congressmen, Senator’s,
    Judge’s and Military Officer’s with conspiracy, fraud, and
    most likely Treason.

    Governor Brewer can, and should simply have a Grand Jury
    expose Obama once and for all, otherwise she is just as guilty.

  15. All of the country is in a state of moral decay! These people don’t care about America nor Americans because they aren’t Americans. They hate God, country, and our European culture. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing with the desire to destroy our country’s constitution. They also desire to spread the Muslim culture and cult. They are doing so under the radar. They are doing so by out breeding every race. Barrack Hussein Obama is a MUSLIM! THE ENEMY OF ALL MANKIND. In my opinion, this border war is a part of the overall scheme to DESTROY AMERICA!

  16. It doesn’t matter if you demand that Hawaii produce a notarized copy of Obama’s birth certificate any more than if you demanded that they produce a notarized copy of my birth certificate. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and my birth certificate is only available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Atlanta. No one else can produce it no matter how much anyone might demand it or how many letters or faxes they send. Additionally, if my mother was traveling overseas on my date of birth, I was PROBABLY with her and her passport records would verify that she was not in America at that time! Why not do this the easy way?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Mr. Ken Allen has repeatedly asked for travel records for Stanley Ann Dunham/Obama/Soetoro and Lolo Soetoro, but the State Department has refused to release the information. He has filed a lawsuit and the DOJ has still refused to produce the evidence, having violated a judge’s order to release it by June 30. Is that because the travel records would show that Stanley Ann was not in the United States on August 4, 1961?

  17. I have written into every website which permits comments and still can’t understand why no one can ascertain the whereabouts of Stanley Dunham Obama, BHO’s mother on Aug.4, 1961. It would seem to be easier to acquire that information than to keep trying to get BHO’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE. BHO was born in Kenya so he simply cannot produce his Hawaiian birth certificate! I would suggest that wherever she was that day, so was BHO. When is someone going to take up this quest? Ron Buice, Plano, Texas

    1. @Ron Buice,

      Attorney Steve Pidgeon, who is named in this article, has evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham entered the United States at a port of entry in the state of Washington 6 days after August 4, 1961. Mr. Pidgeon has surmised that Stanley Ann went to Kenya to meet Barack Obama Sr.s’ family and upon learning about another wife, wanted to return to Hawaii. The airline (TWA?) would not allow her to travel so late in her pregnancy, and she gave birth in Mombassa, Kenya shortly thereafter.

      This is why this Quo Warranto must be pursued. Evidence exists!!

  18. I pray this governor takes this opportunity to challenge Obama for me and all of the natural born American citizens. It is obvious he is a Muslim and he is a Marxist so it is time he got booted out of power because he has no legitimate right to be there!

  19. There is only one thing wrong with this article. It claims that obama held dual citizenship. That is a mistake that is made far too often.
    The 14th Amendment provides that, for a person to be a US citizen either at birth or by naturalization, they must not hold citizenship in another country.
    Because obama had citizenship in another country at birth, he never legally had US citizenship.

    1. That’s nonsense. If Obama was born in Hawai’i, he was a citizen, regardless of the citizenship of his birth parents. Read the 14th Amendment. The proviso you allege is not there. However, to be a natural born citizen eligible for the Office of President as stipulated by Art. II Sec. 1, his parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of his birth in the U.S.A. The certification of live birth probably gives the names of adoptive parents. His original birth certificate will probably show birth parents, verifiable by DNA analysis, who were U.S. citizens. Hence he would be a natural born citizen at birth. But this status can be lost, and probably was lost by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition or some combination of the foregoing. The states, which are charged by Art. II Sec. 1 with the duty and power of selecting presidential electors, have primary jurisdiction over the determination of presidential eligibility. They should start immediate investigation of Mr. Obama’s origins and life to determine his eligibility. He is not eligible, and not the President, unless he can prove that he was a natural born citizen at birth and retained that status to the present. He does not retain it if he has lost citizenship altogether.

  20. I support Gov. Brewer and the law that was passed. Holder and Obama cite the Constitution when it’s something they want to benefit from, otherwise their actions trash our laws and our country. The Marxist Communist in the White House and his radical staff and backers need to be impeached and removed from office. Why does he use a Social Security number from Connecticut? How much other fraud has he committed that the main stream media refuses to question him about.

  21. AA states: “He [Mr. Obama] has also carefully described himself as ‘a native citizen of the United States of America’ but not a ‘natural born Citizen.'”

    AA seems to be quoting Mr. Obama directly as saying he is “a native citizen” but not a “natural born citizen.” AA correctly points out that one must be a “natural born citizen” to be eligible to the Office of President of the United States. U.S. Const. Art. II Sec. 1. If Mr. Obama actually said this, it would be a stunning admission, which if true would render him ineligible at birth. Where is the proof that Mr. Obama uttered these words?

    This could be a trick. When the birth certificates are disclosed, I suspect that Mr. Obama’s putative father (in the COLB) was actually an adoptive father, whose name was abstracted from an amended birth certificate reflecting an adoption. Like Chester Alan Arthur, Mr. Obama might be trying to avoid the real issues by refuting a false impression. When he discloses an original birth certificate showing U.S. citizen parents, people will be inclined to consider his eligibility established, forgetting that the status of natural born citizen can be lost by a later loss of citizenship, which could have happened by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition, or some combination of the foregoing.

    1. BO described himself on his Factcheck site as a “Native Citizen”. Factcheck is owned by the Democratic Party and the BO Campaign, depending on what day it is. I don’t know if he verbally uttered those words or if they are simply part of the bogus “explanation” meant to confuse.

      1. It’s probably disinformation meant to confuse. The term “natural born citizen” is the one used in U.S. Const. Art. II Sec. 1. Obama pushers try to confuse it with the generic term “citizen” of the 14th Amendment. A natural born U.S. citizen is one born in the U.S.A. of U.S. citizen parents. Hence the certification of live birth makes a prima facie case of ineligibility, as it names an alien parent. However, the alien black Luo father named in the certification of live birth might actually be an adoptive parent. I suspect Mr. Obama’s birth parents were U..S citizens, neither of whom was black (though one might have been predominantly Polynesian). Thus Mr. Obama could prove he was a natural born citizen at birth, but that would also prove he is not the son of a black Luo with kith & kin in Africa. This is probably a significant reason for his withholding of original birth records. Events after Mr. Obama’s birth probably caused him to lose American citizenship altogether. The federal government has crapped out. The states, charged by the Constitution with the power and duty of selecting presidential electors, should start ASAP comprehensive investigations into Mr. Obama’s true birth parents and events after his birth that might have cost him his American citizenship.

  22. I hope and pray that Governor Brewer will file a writ of Quo Warranto requiring proof of Obama’s claim of being eligible to be our President. I would imagine, however, since George Soros has in excess of eight (8) billion dollars at his finger tips and even he would be hard pressed to explain his endorsement of Obama, this will go the way of any and all attacks on the Liberal tsunami that has swept our nation. It would be worth the price of admission to watch the Liberals in Congress squirm while denying any knowledge of the hoax, and they would, to the individual. What a bunch of losers!

    Clifton Lee West, a Registered Democrat for 56 years

    1. The action against Arizona could be a golden opportunity for truth-seekers. It might confer standing on Arizona to challenge Mr. Obama’s constitutional eligibility on the merits. Federal courts have been throwing up standing as a pretext for evading a decision on the merits.

  23. Ms. Brewer should take the necessary steps to set this situation to rights once and for all. The truth is Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen. As has been stated he has spent approximately $2,000,000.00 to keep all records concerning his birth or any other matter pertaining to him sequestered from the public. “The Reason?” He knows very well he is not natural born and should not be President. He has been put there for a reason and the is to destroy the United States of America.

    1. Mr. Obama might have been a natural born citizen at birth, but maintained the fiction that his adoptive father, an alien Luo, was his birth father, so he could pretend to be black, with kith & kin in Africa, to garner votes based on race and denigrate his opponents as racists.

      On this hypothesis, Mr. Obama delays disclosing an original birth certificate showing his birth parents, even though this would establish he was a natural born citizen at birth, because it would also show he’s not black, or even half-black.

  24. Would Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for the Commonwealth of Virginia be able to file a Quo Warranto as well, based on his filing a lawsuit against the feds on healthcare?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I know people in Virginia have asked him to simply demand Obama’s eligibility documentation rather than go through the expensive and lengthy process of a lawsuit. That might make short shrift of the lawsuit and save the Commonwealth a lot of money!!

    1. Unfortunately, it is highly probable that expensive official investigations will be necessary to find the truth about Mr. Obama’s citizenship. The parents named on the certification of live birth are probably adoptive parents. If they were birth parents, the alien Luo father would render Mr. Obama ineligible. When a child is born, a birth certificate is generated identifying the birth parents. When that child is adopted, an amended birth certificate is created. Mr. Obama’s certification of live birth is almost certainly an abstract of information from the amended birth certificate. I suggest that disclosure of the original birth certificate has been held up because it would show that Mr. Obama is not black – not the son of a Luo tribesman, no kin to all these black relatives he’s supposed to have.

      The real concerns about Mr. Obama’s American citizenship come later. Finding out whether he lost citizenship by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition or some combination of the foregoing will require extensive factual and legal research. It’s not so simple as getting all of Hawai’i’s birth records on him, for they might establish eligibility at birth that he later lost.

  25. I will also contribute to Governor Brewer’s effort to expose Obama.

    It will be interesting to find out what excuse the Supreme Court Goats will use to sidestep Gov. Brewer’s standing. Already I’m wondering what “standing” they have to decide that American Citizens have no standing where it comes to our nation’s leadership.

    Let’s hope all this can be accomplished before Obama decides that the country is going crazy and Martial Law is the answer.

    An interesting quote that applies here is: “If Obama is the answer, what was the stupid question?”

  26. I, along with millions of other Americans, wish Gov Brewer luck with this one. In just 19 mos. this Marxist in the WH has pushed us into bankruptcy, weakened our national security, alienated our allies, bowed to our enemies, et al; the list is endless. I fear this nation will not survive 4 years of Obama and my fervent prayer is that he will be impeached. If all else fails, be sure to vote in 2010 and 2012 to rid this country of all the vermin in the Admin and Congress.

    1. Lots of Americans here in Miami would love to do that. We want to let Gov Brewer know that we are behind her 100% and we hope she takes this step to let the truth be known. The courts will never do it.

  27. This is uncharted territory for the U.S.A. A lawsuit brought by the DOJ, even as frivolous as this one against Arizona’s law, is not a lawsuit brought by Mr. Obama.

    Under Art. I § 3, cl 6, it seems that a petition for Quo Warranto would have to be filed by the House of Representatives to the Senate with an order directing Mr. Obama to show cause why he should not be impeached for invalid qualifications (lack of natural birth in U.S.A.). No true American, regardless of political party, should allow a foreign born person to sit as President of the U.S.A.

    If it can be shown that Mr. Obama is not a natural born Citizen, then arguably, all his purported “official” acts as President should be invalid and void.

    An additional note. A birth certificate is not a birth record. Mr. Obama should be forced to show his actual birth record from the hospital of his birth. The hospital birth record and a birth certificate are two separate documents which have different legal significance. Where is the true official certified birth record of Mr. Obama?

    1. By definition in the United States, the Supreme Court described it in Johnson v. Manhattan Railway Co. (1933) as “addressed to preventing a continued exercise of authority unlawfully asserted,” brought by the state or federal government against any person alleged to “exercise an office or authority without lawful right”

    2. Mr. Obama was probably a natural born citizen at birth, but lost citizenship altogether in the course of his brief life to date. Concurrently with that, he became the front and mouthpiece of a communist insurgency. By reasonable hypothesis, he resists the disclosure of his birth parents because this would show he’s not black. He has pretended to be black to fool people into voting for him and to denigrate opponents as racists.

      The states are charged by the Constitution, Art. II Sec. 1, with the appointment of presidential electors. Hence the determination of presidential constitutional eligibility rests with the states. Official state legislative and attorney-general investigations acting directly on Hawai’ian custodians of records might be more expeditious than trying to act through Mr. Obama. If as expected the Hawai’ian birth certificates show U.S. citizen parents, we must not lose sight of the many events, known and as yet unknown, that might have caused Mr. Obama to lose citizenship altogether in the course of his brief life. The term “natural born citizen” subsumes “citizen”; you can’t be a natural born citizen if you’re not a citizen at all, even though you were a natural born citizen at birth.

  28. Perhaps, that’s what they fear and as a threat to prevent J. Brewer from taking action, they are using the race card to divide the Country and are leaving the boarders open for additional invasion. The Obama’s have a tendency to blame others for their mistakes. It will not work because we are smarter and have worked hard to unite the Country. Karma. Michelle Obama has defied all traditions of a first lady. What is he afraid of?

    1. As a citizen of the United States I have had to show my Hospital Birth Record and my Birth Certificate as proof of who I am over the years. I have not held a public office ever, but I have complied with the requests to produce these papers when asked throughout my life thus far. Had I not complied with producing these two documents I would have had to face the consequences. An example is not getting the job I was applying for. I am sure something will arise before I die such that I will have to show these documents again. I again will comply with the request. It is a tradition in America to be followed.

      My concern is and I ask, why is it so hard for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to show these two documents prior to becoming the President of The United States of America?? The rest of us citizens have to comply, so why does he think he does not? I would have given anything for this to be settled BEFORE he was elected President. Now, I really want this settled and I do not understand why it has to cost anyone money in court costs to do so! That is appalling. If he has NOTHING to hide he should produce the documents and settle this once and for all. It is something I have had to do over the years willingly. Why is it not easy for Obama to do so willingly????

      1. Cyndie Heinrich wonders, quite logically, why it’s so hard for Mr. Obama to produce his actual birth records. It’s easy enough, but Mr. Obama’s wishes are to the contrary. As I mentioned in reply to Dr. Garrison, I suspect that Mr. Obama resists the disclosure of his true birth parents because this would show he’s not black. He has pretended to be black to fool people into voting for him and to denigrate opponents as racists.

        The states are charged by the Constitution, Art. II Sec. 1, with the appointment of presidential electors. Hence the determination of presidential constitutional eligibility rests with the states. Official state legislative and attorney-general investigations acting directly on Hawai’ian custodians of records might be more expeditious than trying to act through Mr. Obama. If as expected the Hawai’ian birth certificates show U.S. citizen parents, we must not lose sight of the many events, known and as yet unknown, that might have caused Mr. Obama to lose citizenship altogether in the course of his brief life. The term “natural born citizen” subsumes “citizen”; you can’t be a natural born citizen if you’re not a citizen at all, even though you were a natural born citizen at birth.

      2. Nancy Pelosi was contacted by Patriot Democrats PRIOR to the election, asking by what proof she was swearing she knew for a fact that he was a natural born citizen when she signed all the state certifications as Chair of the Dem Election committee to get him on the ballot.

  29. Does is seem like Washington is doing their best to foster an increase in the illegal immigrant population? Why are they throwing roadblocks in front of these hard-pressed States which want to stop the flow of illegals? This makes no sense, I would think that Washington would support efforts like Airzona’s. It seems almost treasonous not to enforce a law and to condemn those who do. I’m lost on this.

    1. Treasonous….very good word! My suspicion is that there is more of a push for the North American Union. The politicians would love to have “open borders” with the US, Mexico and Canada. Praise the Lord that Canadians are as fiercely against this as most Americans that are aware of it are. Here is the thing…the law for SECURING THE BORDERS is already a LAW..nothing to file, nothing to have the House and Senate vote on…it is LAW. If they would just uphold the existing law, most of us would be open to looking at some way to deal with the 12-20 million illegals already here. That is the secret word by the way ILLEGAL. I am all for legal immigration and we already have laws for that too. So John, I think the answer to your question is in the question….IT IS TREASONOUS for the feds not to enforce the existing law and secure our borders….and as long as Americans are being murdered and kidnapped…our borders are not secure.

    2. John,
      The seemingly simple answer here is that the current administration does not want to stop illegal immigration so that the Latino population,who generally vote with the liberal base will increase and “insulate” the democrat party from the conservative voter backlash that is a near certainty in the coming November elections.The real answer is that along with the “legitimate” illegals seeking nothing more than a better life for themselves and their families,there are foreign nationals crossing north along our Southern border who seek nothing less than the subjugation of the American Republic to the Islamic rule of Sharia law.Obama is a self admitted Muslim,and Islam is not a political system that can co-exist with the American republic that was founded some 234 years ago.Islam is NOT a true religion in the context of what a religion is considered to be by any logical thought process.Any so called “religion”that professes by the writings in their Quran that “non believers of Islam,”infidels”, are subject to enslavement,murder and rape.That a “true believer”can,and is obligated under Islam to murder any unrepentant infidel,take their property and rape their women as part and parcel of this odious system is something that Americans will not endure.After the ’08 elections,well before taking the oath of office,Obama
      selected and sent his hand picked “advisers and emissary’s” around the globe to announce that Obama was going to forever change America and bring us in line with a globalist one world government philosophy.Since his inauguration,this self animated pile of pig excrement has brought under federal control the banking system,the auto industry,wall street,our health industry,and as i speak he wants control of the communications industry,the transportation industry,complete federal control over energy production,education,all media that is not currently in the tank for him,the list goes on and on.Barak Hussein Obama is out to destroy America as a sovereign nation.The bigger the immigration problem is ,the better for the Obama regime’s plans to integrate us into a one world government.
      Yours In Fraternity For The Republic
      Wild Bill

    3. John, Washington wants as many illegals in this country as possible so they can be dependent on our government to ensure the liberals get re-elected and voted in 2010. I see it as a new form of gerrymandering.

    4. OF COURSE Washington wants more illegal immigrants here! Once the Liberal Democrats give them amnesty, these “undocumented Democrats” can vote- and they are counting on them to support them with votes come election day. Even if they don’t get Amnesty, they will be appreciative of all the Libs can do to help. and let’s not forget how many illegals somehow find ways to cast votes anyway. Remember ACORN et.al.?

    5. BO wants the hezbollah and the hezbollah trained and supported south americans here so they can usurp our land which they have done in AZ. They are now about 88 miles into AZ and progressing a few miles in either direction each day. I see them on the roadside putting gas into their vans and trading passengers as they make theri way north.. They are armed and wary. they use the ones already here to buy land and houses for them and take up residence and are doing nothing except waiting for the word to start killing. I have already been threatened twice as I call the police when they are in my area which fortunately is heavily populated by correctional officers from the prisons in the area. They are here and dangerous. Unless we the citizens stop waiting around and do something, we are done for. Our gvt does not give a damn. America has lost all morals and values and God is fed up!

    6. John….Washington is fostering an increase in the illegal immigrant population in an effort to buy votes! They are causing the economy to tank in order to cause the country to implode from within so they can pass their manaical Marxist programs. Read up on Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven….right after you learn all you can about George Soros and the rest of the Socialists who are about to devour our Republic. It’s all about power to the elitists, John. They don’t give a damn about the people except except for the fact that they can vote!

  30. A few months ago I heard on Fox News where some guy was being sentenced for threatening then senator BHO. So would a quo warranto apply to this person as an “interested person?” Then there was another with two men when BHO is president.

    1. No , the acts you mention are in violation of the criminal code , Obama doesn’t have anything to do with the prosecution . On the other hand Obama has ordered Holder to sue Arizona , and the issue is , does he have that authority !

  31. This is interesting patriots! One of the more interesting aspects of this yet somewhat uninvestigated and now is much more charged with high explosive, is that Obama’s original “Declaration of Candidacy” in which he ‘swore’ under oath and affirmed to the Arizona State Elections Office that he was a ‘natural born citizen’ and qualified for the office of the Presidency.
    It would seem Arizona’s Attorney General under Gov. Brewer’s advice, is in a much greater position to challenge that ‘fraudulent’ document, and talk about hitting a target that’s as big as an elephant 6 feet away, Obama just asked her as plainly as he could to shoot in telling the State of AZ, they are in violation of Federal Control of immigration!
    If she doesn’t ask her A.G. to simply issue a warrant of arrest on the fraud, she’s just asking the people of Arizona to fight with one hand tied behind their back.
    Cody Robert Judy
    United States Senate 2010 UT.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You brought up a very good point. Terry Goddard, a committed Democrat, is Arizona’s AG. Governor Brewer has removed him from the litigation over the immigration bill because she feels he’s biased in favor of the federal government and Democrats; he inappropriately met with representatives from the DOJ before they met with her. However, it would seem that any attorney general could challenge Obama; they simply refuse to do so. They all know he doesn’t qualify.

    1. I’m sorry, just researched the doc I have from Az, and found it was originally the State of Virgina, wherein he stood before a notory of public the 30th day of November,2007 wherein he swore he did in fact meet the natural born citizen qualifications and all the others for the office of the President, and, along with his Arizona Committee Chairmen, caused that as AZ document [ ARS 16-242 ] to be deposited at the Arizona Secretary of States Office on Dec 13,2007 Elections at 3:01pm.

  32. This letter is excellent. Concise and specifically hard hitting.
    Those elected at the city, county and state level, when aggressively ‘hounded’ daily and weekly, might prove to be the ice breaker that catapults this fraud beyond the MSM and into the minds of the masses.

  33. As Vet’s Wife noted, Orly Taitz filed a quo warranto suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, and the Court dismissed the action.

    Chief Judge Royce Lamberth wrote the opinion of the Court, which noted, “The Court of Appeals for this Circuit has held that a quo warranto action against a public official may be brought only by the Attorney General or the U.S. Attorney.”

    1. But what does Section 16-3503 of the federal quo warranto statute say about an “interested person” being allowed to approach the DC District Court concerning a quo warranto trial (by jury) without requiring the permission of the US Attorney General or the US Attorney for DC? If I am not mistaken I believe that would take precedence over the opinion of a judge.

      1. Unbamboozleus wrote: “If I am not mistaken I believe that would take precedence over the opinion of a judge.”

        No, a District Court is bound by precedents from the Court of Appeals for its circuit, and the Courts of Appeals are bound by precedents from the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals cases Judge Lamberth cited themselves site the Supreme Court’s opinion in Newman v. United States ex rel. Frizzell, 238 US 537 (1915).

  34. Is there any possibility that Obama can produce false documents like alot of the illegal people in this country already do? I’m interested in knowing why he will not produce such a documentation and for those who did or did not vote for him, we are entitled to the truth, Aye?

  35. I am mystified as to why Gov. Brewer doesn’t call up the volunteer militia as is her right–and responsibility–under Chapter 1, Article 2, Rev. Statute 26-124 of the AZ Constitution. I am equally mystified as to why she hasn’t pulled out all stops by going the Quo Warranto route. Afraid of being teased by the loons on the left as well as the willfully blind on the right? I’ve become increasingly cynical over the past four years and and now find suspect the motivations of 95% of all politicians, both left and right, whom I believe are primarily motivated more by political survival than principle. Political courage and loyalty to the Constitution and Republic are secondary to most of them. And therein lies the nub of the problem and the challenge for us all. There also lies the reason for the Republic’s eventual dissolution and/or collapse.

    1. She cannot call up the Arizona national guard, because the state would have to pay for it, and Arizona is broke because of the illegals.

    2. I would like to propose a solution to the political collusion you allude to. My solution would accomplish the following objectives: 1) Eliminate the power of MONEY to decide who gets into office; 2) Eliminate the existence of CAREER POLITICIANS as a SPECIES; 3) Cause ALL political parties to WITHER AND DIE. My solution is simply this: eliminate elections, and replace them with drawing names out of a hat. Names of felons and other parasites on our economy would not be put into this hat. The only significant criticism of my idea that I’ve heard so far is that inexperienced people would get into office. My responses: 1) we already HAVE THAT IN THE WHITE HOUSE; 2) if the “drawings” were held in overlapping cycles, there would be people with over a half term in office to show the newbies around; and 3) no one would stay in office long enough to learn corruption. Couldn’t be any worse than what we have at present!

  36. I am not an attorney but I believe that one of the ways to properly file a quo warranto is meeting the qualifications as an “interested person.” As I understand, an interested person is one who has clearly and directly been damaged/harmed by the individual whose authority they now seek to challenge. So not just anyone can file quo warranto.

    For example, in the Donofrio blog discussions a while back it was stated that Gerald Walpin qualifies as an interested person because he was fired by Obama.

    1. What has been sorely lacking has been the will to properly file a quo warranto by plaintiffs and their lawyers who should have known better. This has been the major frustration of Leo Donofrio over the other lawsuits that have been filed, such as those by Taitz and Puzo, which I gather is one of the reasons why he has essentially shut down his blog and decided to work with the former Chrysler dealers in their lawsuit against the government. Taitz missed her best chance to do so with Barnett v Obama (pointed out again by Donofrio), and now nobody even pays attention to her anymore or her quo warranto which she filed after a string of losses. If Governor Brewer ignores this opportunity to file a quo warranto, then once again, Obama gets another reprieve and more time to further wreck the economy.

      1. I have sent an e-mail to Governor Brewer urging her to take advantage of this special opportunity. What could be a finer moment for Justice than to watch Obama writhing with his hand stuck into this hornets’ nest of his own creation! If Governor Brewer prevails, she ought to run for President right away. At this point, she appears to be more electable than Sarah Palin. There’s some talk about Newt Gingrich preparing for a run, but I don’t know if it’s going anywhere. I wholeheartedly urge everyone reading these posts to write to Governor Brewer and encourage her to “reward” Obama for his crafty, disingenuous frivolous lawsuit by helping to EXPEL HIM FROM OFFICE.

    2. Sarah Palin with 50+M votes is, without a doubt, an “interested person”. Interesting that she suddenly quit her job as Alaska Gov and ‘later’ went to work for FOX [one of the two majority owners is the UAE royal family]. It is beyond understanding why the 50+M that claim to support Sarah Palin do not ask her to explain why she refuses to discuss quo warranto, or anything having to do the the ELIGIBILITY issue. She has been contacted in writing, but does not respond. Further, it is appalling that her followers never ask exactly when she was recruited by FOX. It is valid to question if the Saudi Royal Family influenced the hiring of Sarah Palin?

    3. In the context of what you’re saying, it seems safe to consider Governor Brewer as an “interested person”. I would even add, perhaps the most legitimately interested person so far!

  37. Mrs. Rondeau, after following Donofrio’s blog from early Nov., 2008, including a great deal of discussion on Quo Warranto, it is also my understanding that the Quo Warranto demand has to be filed in the U.S. District Court in DC, but that anyone can do it.

    Is this what we have all been praying for for so many months?

  38. “…Why wouldn’t the Supreme Court of the United States have original jurisdiction to hear this cause?” **** Because the U.S. justice system, including SCOTUS, Holder and Fed judges, has been infiltrated by BO’s thugs. They have all been either threatened, sanctioned, bribed, paid off (or all of the above) to reject any challenges to BO’s eligibility.

  39. Orly Taitz filed a Quo Warranto in the U.S. District Court in DC back in January of this year

    If I’m not badly mistaken, then this was dismissed, just like ALL of the other law suits that have been filed by her and numerous other Attorneys in regard to Obama’s constitutional eligibility (or lack thereof) to be President.
    Governor Brewer might be our last chance to bring the truth to light.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I don’t believe anyone acted on her Quo Warranto. It was ignored rather than dismissed.

    1. “ignored” is quite right. It isn’t too likely in view of what we now know of AG Holder’s “proclivities” of abusing the law that he would take it upon himself to go after his boss (and protector) legally – and the same holds true for the DC Circuit. This was always the fly in the ointment in the early calls for QW.

      It is also why the QW embedded in the Kerchner et al suit is much more likely to be effective.


  40. “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    And the ongoing INVASION o the once-sovereign USA is but one of many tactics in that class war… a divide-and-conquer tactic.

    Obama is yet another figurehead assisting corporate America and an entrenched elite class desiring that the USA become an oligarchy akin to Mexico.

    TREASON!!!!!! So many USA citizens are engaged in treason against We, the People.

    How long can we tolerate this?

  41. OK folks, in the sweetest spirit and compelling request the fax # of Gov. Brewer is (602) 542-1381. We must submit as “we the people” a request for the quo warranto to slam this impostor barry soetero into the slammer by demanding his entire background of not only BC, but school records, student status, Selective Service (unaltered archives), Social Security # fraud, and every other piece of data that explains his mysterious past of non-information. We have had it! This liar extraordinaire has been in office way past any rule of law. The Nation demands his resignation, his arrest, and maximum penalty for treason to these United States as a Republic.

    To sue a state (AZ) protecting itself from FOREIGN invasion and proclaim that law profiling and discriminatory is over the top. This administration is sick in the head. So intoxicated with themselves and their Marxist agenda they are politically drunk with power. One more day of this nonsense is to much.

    We plead, we ask, to those that have authority (levels in place to hold the executive office in check) rid the good citizens of this beloved country of the scourge of obama and his minions in czarville.

    1. Right-On, 2discern, Governor Jan Brewer Governor Of The Year Has The Manchurian Pres Obama By The tail, Now Let Him Try To Spin Out Of This.

  42. I wrote to Gov Brewer just last week and suggested this. I hope she does. I reside in AZ by the way. There are so many illegals here it would make your head spin. At some home depots its like a party there are so many standing around waiting for someone to pick them up for work.

    1. To Dan;
      Interesting that you mention Home Depot as a gathering place for illegals to solicit work from contractors and/or employers needing temp help. Why wouldn’t the ICE authorities regularly show up to these locations and deport the illegals? Why is it we can’t do the LAWFUL thing?

      This is beyond foolish, so corrupt, absolutely dumb. You cannot tell me that if Immigration trucks just showed up at these locations each day (without even getting out of the vehicle) the illegals would scramble. Thus, not have a platform, to secure work that belongs to the citizens of the country.

  43. Article III, Section 2, Clause 2; “In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”

    Why wouldn’t the Supreme Court of the United States have original jurisdiction to hear this cause?

  44. This is a piece written by Leo Donofrio about Barnett v. Obama last year and is probably worth reviewing if Gov. Brewer does decide to explore the possible use of quo warranto to fight back.

    “Quo Warranto for ‘Interested Persons’
    by Leo Donofrio, 10/9/2009

    Section 16-3503 of the federal quo warranto statute allows an “interested person” to approach the DC District Court concerning a quo warranto trial (by jury) without requiring the permission of the US Attorney General or the US Attorney for DC.

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you for posting this important piece of information. In order to respect Atty. Donofrio’s copyright, however, I have truncated the posting but left the link for those who would like to read it in its entirety.

    1. The only problem with that is that Donofrio has removed links to his articles on the use of Quo Warranto on his website. I found that piece written by him from the Investigating Obama blog site (http://tinyurl.com/294yjkb). Donofrio has said previously that he doesn’t mind if people post his articles as long as they attribute it correctly to him.

      1. I have copies of many of Leo Donofrio’s blog pages (44 complete pages). Where can these pages — or at least the five pages with “Quo Warranto” in their titles — be hosted, so they’re available to the public, including Arizona’s legal department?
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I will make some inquiries.

  45. There is no question that AZ Governor Brewer does have unique standing in this case to question Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS in the DC District Court through a quo warranto. The only question is whether she would have the will to do it and brave the political fallout from inevitable accusations of racism from the Obamaphiles that have infiltrated the media and the Democratic Party. I hope and pray that she does, and I also hope that her press secretary Senseman simply doesn’t delete emails and trash letters from AZ citizens requesting that she demand a quo warranto.

    1. Governor Brewer has well shown that “she would have the will to do it and brave the political fallout …”. Her actions relative the illegal immigration situation which has precipitated the government’s suit against Arizona quite clearly shows she has “the will”. The real question – has our system of government been so corrupted that, even if she does authorize the suit, partisan politics will frustrate the law of the Land?

  46. Donofrio has always said that the Quo Warranto has to come from the locale Washington D.C. itself. If Brewer does this, is she considered to be located “in” Washington D.C.? It doesn’t seem to me that she would be.

    Anyone have any comments on this?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I am not an attorney, but I believe the Quo Warranto demand has to be filed in the U.S. District Court in DC, but that anyone can do it.

  47. Great letter, Abigal!

    “Keep It Simple Stupid” (“KISS”). Have Governor Brewer simply challenge Obama’s authority rather than his DoJ’s lawsuit.

    The truth will indeed set us free.