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by Sharon Rondeau

Was Obama born in Honolulu? How does it affect his claim that he is a "natural born Citizen"?

(Aug. 7, 2010) The Post & Email was contacted several days ago by reporter Mark Niesse of the Associated Press about “Barack Obama’s birth certificate” as indicated in his story published today.

Because we wish to report the news rather than be a part of the news, we declined a formal interview with Mr. Niesse.  However, he accurately reported our response to him, which stated, “No one here is requesting Obama’s birth certificate, since it is obvious that he doesn’t possess a valid one.”

His initial email is as follows:

I am a reporter for The Associated Press in Honolulu writing because I want to contact Sharon Rondeau for an article about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The article is about a new state law allowing the Department of Health to ignore repeated requests for Obama’s birth certificate.
Please call me at 808-536-5510, or e-mail me at
Thank you. –Mark Niesse, AP-Honolulu

And our response was:

Hello, Mr. Niesse, as the editor of the paper, I do not give interviews.  I am aware of the “Vexatious Requester” law, and no one here is requesting Obama’s birth certificate, since it is obvious that he doesn’t possess a valid one.  Thank you for your interest in The Post & Email, Inc.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

Mr. Niesse then asked if we could identify others who have requested information on Obama from the Hawaii Department of Health, but we declined, as The Post & Email does not divulge personal information to third parties, nor do we identify groups or organizations who may or may not be investigating the facts behind Obama’s birth.

The AP story was picked up by many websites earlier today, including here, here, and here.  The New York Daily News, an obvious supporter of Obama, wrote its own erroneous story here (h/t, source).

Other purveyors of the apparent misinformation campaign on the part of the Hawaii Department of Health and Associated Press are here, here, and here.  More media “followers” as opposed to investigative leaders are here, here, here and here due to the wide dissemination of AP stories.

The article claims that the “Department of Health has offered to provide hundreds of sheets of index data if requesters will pay for it. At 25 cents per page, the 1961 birth index data would cost $98.75. So far, no one has paid for the papers.”

The Post & Email can confirm that the Department of Health’s statement that “no one has paid for the papers” is patently false, and they know it.

For the record, The Post & Email has never requested Obama’s “Hawaii birth certificate,” as we are aware that vital records are protected by Hawaii state law.  Mr. John Charlton, Founder and Editor Emeritus of The Post & Email, had requested index data and been stonewalled by Hawaii Department of Health Communications Director Janice Okubo.

In his article, Mr. Niesse stated, “State Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino issued statements last year and in October 2008 saying that she’s seen and verified Obama’s original vital records. Obama celebrated his 49th birthday on Wednesday.”  While it is true that Dr. Fukino has made two public statements about Obama’s birth records, she and the Hawaii Health Department have refused to comply with their state’s UIPA law which mandates that public statements of public servants be backed up by presenting the accompanying index data used to prepare the statements.  Both Dr. Fukino and Janice Okubo are in violation of that law.

Moreoever, the eligibility of Obama to hold the office of president is not contingent on where he was born.  By his own admission, he was born a British subject and at best, with dual British-U.S. citizenship due to his Kenyan father.  A dual citizen does not meet the definition of “natural born Citizen” as put forth by the Framers of the nation in the U.S. Constitution.

The Post & Email recently interviewed a native Indonesian who affirmed that Obama’s school registration form from Indonesia stated that he was an Indonesian citizen. He also stated that the name “Soebarkah” was most likely bestowed upon Obama when he was officially adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, as an adoption and change of citizenship were required for Obama and his mother to reside in Indonesia at that time.

It would seem that this would further complicate his ability to meet the “natural born” criterion.

Compounding the doubts about Obama’s “natural born Citizen” status is the fact that highly-placed Kenyan officials claim that he was born there.  Several African newspapers reported it as fact long before the 2008 presidential election, and a British newspaper reported it recently.

Even left-leaning commentator Chris Mathews stated that Obama was born in a foreign country.

Not one U.S. hospital claims the birth of the “first black president.”  Why not?

Why won’t Dr. Fukino and Janice Okubo provide index data to support the public statements they have made about Obama’s birth records?  Why won’t Governor Lingle, who claimed several months ago that Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center?  Why do reports exist which state that he was born at Queens Medical Center from the time when he was a senator?  Why won’t Kapiolani verify Lingle’s claim?  Why did Kapiolani publish an electronic “letter” from Obama stating his birthplace there but remove it when confronted?  Why has the media previously reported that Obama was born in two different hospitals?  Moreover, Obama’s minions refuse to answer the question, or are unable to.

What the mainstream media fails to report is that there are five different ways for a person to obtain a Certification of Live Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health, including as an adult.  Particularly in the 1960s when there were numerous immigrants coming in to the new state, a child born in a foreign country could have been registered with the Health Department based on the statement of a relative with no supporting documentation required.

A very detailed report written by Dr. Ron Polland claims that the “document” originally published by Politifact, Factcheck and Daily KOS was a forgery.

Even Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) has described Obama as “an immigrant.”  Some staffers on Capitol Hill have reportedly stated that there is absolutely no evidence that Obama is even an American citizen.

Mario Apuzzo, who has a background in citizenship law, describes a “natural born Citizen” as one born in the country to two citizen parents based on the writings of Emmerich de Vattel, whose work provided a framework for the U.S. Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution.

The Post & Email seeks the truth about Obama’s birth, his childhood, on what passport he traveled when he visited Pakistan in 1981, his allegiance, and whether or not, given all of the questions which he has refused to answer, he qualifies as an Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 “natural born Citizen.”

It is doubtful that the Hawaii Department of Health can address all of these questions.  However, it is obvious that they have agreed to hide Obama’s records from the American people for an unknown reason behind their state’s privacy laws.  There has been no other occupant of the White House, the people’s house, who has denied the public access to his personal records.

Why the Hawaii Health Department and others continue to protect Obama should be the question on every single American’s mind as an 18-year Army medical doctor faces court martial over their obfuscation and lies.

The truth always comes out in the end.  Always.

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