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December 1, 2009 A. D.

Dear Readers of The Post & Email,

I ask your pardon and beg your patience.  The unexpected, nearly-simultaneous surge of patriots pouring into our site to view our new e-newspaper on the day of its inaugeration overwhelmed our server and caused it to go-off line many times today beginning as early as 8:30 AM Eastern Time.

Our Webmaster has been working all day to move the site over to a faster server and upgrade our services. This move was completed just about 2 hours ago.

If you could not reach us earlier today, you should have no problems now.

The upgrade to our sever will cost us an additional $200 a year, but the cost to maintain a webmaster on-call at all times to respond to future surges in readership will be much more.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank our current donors whose generosity in the form of $825 worth of donations made this new glitzy site a possibility.  However these added costs to keep it up and running put us in urgent financial need.

We are seeking advertisers for our site, and our very reasonable rates could provide us with a montly income of about $600.  As the number of our readers increase, our rates will too. We also off those who make a tiny donation of $1 the opportunity to post a Political Placard at our site, and that too will generate a small income.

We are also offering licensing fees at very low rates to bloggers (forums) and newsletters who wish to republish our content. these fees will also provide some income.

Please note that we must enforce our intellectual proptery rights, or ultimately we will go bankrupt.

Many patriots love to repost reports. We ask that they do not do that with our content, but rather post links.  We need patriots reading our site, so that Advertisers will buy our ad positions.  If you steal our content, you steal our income.

Nevertheless, since at the beginning these sources of income will not kick-in, there is an urgent need for  to seek new donors and new donations of at least $1,000 to cover our upgrade and the costs to incorporate.  Once we incorporate we shall seek authority to undertake a private stock offering, and use the capital raised from that to expand our services.

If you would like to make a donation to help us get off the ground, please go to our Donations page.  Donations can be send by surface mail, paypal or credit card.

Thank you!

Mr. John Charlton

Editor & Founder

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