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by John Charlton

Judge David O. Carter, ex-marine
Judge David O. Carter, ex-marine

(Dec. 1, 2009) — Yesterday, Judge David O. Carter, of the Federal Court in Santa Ana, California, cancelled the court hearing to be held on Dec. 7th, which he had ordered to be scheduled back in early October. The hearing would have been to consider Dr. Orly Taitz’s Motion for Reconsideration of the Judge’s dismissal of the Plaintiffs’ First Amended Complaint in the case Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al..

Judge David O. Carter became a national sensation at the end of October for the ruthlessness of his opinion against plaintiffs seeking a judicial determination of Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency. Plaintiff’s argued on various bases: candidates for president and vice-president, that Obama’s presence on the ballot was fraudulent and therefore injurious to them; military oath-takers, that they duty obliged them to seek a judicial determination, for conscience’s sake; and tax payers who wanted the same to know if the man in the White House had the authority to spend their taxes.

Carter’s ruling was sternly criticized from coast-to-coast, and even overseas, for the rancor and injustice of his logic, which was in fact nothing more than a “shut up and obey the Dictator” mandate. The Post & Email published several analyses and editorials about Carter’s Ruling.

In response to the vicious, unfounded, and gratuitous insults hurled at her in Carter’s official court ruling, Dr. Tait filed a Motion for Reconsideration accompanied by affidavits defending herself and laying out the facts of the case.

That Judge Carter received affidavits against Taitz and issued a de facto judgment against her character, made it all too obvious that he was never honest with the Plaintiffs in his promises to them in July, that they would get a fair trial before his bench. Many spectators who attended the hearings in Santa Ana remained convinced that he had been mortally threatened in some manner before the October hearing, since on that occasion the entire tenor of his voice and character were noticeably weakened.

That Carter does not even have the decency to face the woman whom he so cruelly and underhandedly maligned in an official court document will remain the penultimate blow against his good name and character: utterly emptying them both of all substance and firmly establishing Judge David O. Carter as one of the most infamous justices to sit on a Federal Bench in the History of the American Republic.

Judge Carter’s in-chamber Order cancelling the hearing on Dec. 7th, is very short, and can be read in PDF format through this link.

Carter’s appointment of Siddharth Velamoor, an attorney employed by the same law firm as Obama’s personal lawyer, Robert  Bauer, caused a sensation in mid-October.

For extensive coverage of this case, see the tags at the bottom of this article.

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  1. I think people in Southern California should assemble and hold a citizens’ grand jury to investigate evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Judge David O. Carter. The presentments could then be served to a prosecutor, and, if one honest, God-fearing one can be found, a traditional grand jury could be convened to hear the evidence. This needs to be done in every single jurisdiction in the nation where a judge has violated his or her oath to the Constitution.