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The Reign of Barrack Hussein Obama: Cognitive Dissonance and the Dinosaur Media

Political analysis by Doug Cook

The Courts, Congress and Media have by their failure to uphold the Constitution, violated it. This image courtesy of www.thebirthers.org.

(Nov. 29, 2009) — I suspect the mantra in the inner sanctums of the liberal media is see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil; if it is news fit to bury. This is a good analogy for “not wanting to see what I don’t want to see”, layman’s terms for cognitive dissonance. In this case “not wanting you to see what we don’t want you to see”. Topping of the list of subversion of the truth in news it is SOP to present things out of context.

Context, or Precisely Lack of It, Is a Form of Dissimulation of Facts and Truths

An analogy for this word is young children don’t dissimulate. You ask a your sweet little bug a direct question you get a straight answer. Little Kids thought processes don’t involve a dodging response to a question or deceptive answers. Deception comes from a need of some form of self-preservation; it is something learned through experience and example.

In simple terms it is the opposite of honesty. Creative deception. The Ying and Yang of principles.

Coming back full circle the question becomes, understanding the thought processes and motivation of the handlers and power brokers of the left, press included.

Leadership Starts at the Top, Divide and Conquer

Facing up to real world problems confronting us, as a nation, requires national collective honesty. The Dinosaur Media is neck deep in agenda; no redeeming principles remain among its rank and file.  The creation of lies and fabrications of issues and stigma starts at the top and is carefully crafted dissimulation.

This is the part of our society that wishes to politicize every more and paradigm that riles against their agenda. It is a tactic of divisive derisive distraction of facts and common sense way of life. Look no further than the hate and bigotry directed at Sarah Palin and the radar dish of tyranny swinging in Lou Dobbs direction. It is the symptom of the disease of dictatorship in action. The tactics of divide and conquer.


A tactic of gaining time; bury issues under a ton of divisive and or distracting garbage and know one can see the roots of tyranny on the move. Our great dictator is doing this in fine style. All this drama we are seeing in the media; the chosen one on long trips, putting Muslim psychopaths on trial in NY. Centralized take over of healthcare, manufacturing and banking, the upcoming Ponzi scheme to take over energy through the guise of saving the planet from humanity. (The only saving being done is for the benefit of the rich and powerful.) The con job of “Stimulus” and subsequent unemployment.

These and other pogroms of persecution of our national identity, wealth, resources and prosperity are time proven tactics of communistic and fascist rule. It is how dictators operate.  Look to the pinko commie pig running Venezuela, or consider Castro’s paradise; the same tactics and strategy is employed. Part the curtain of smoke and mirrors and dictatorial rule is seen in all its malaise.  The media is eating it up with a spoon, serving up a dish of excrement with sugar sprinkled on top to hide the taste. They think they are the chosen ones. Careful what you wish for boys, your on the list for liquidation, after you fill your purpose.

All the drama and controversy is carefully crafted camouflage generated to distract and divert the people of America from realizing the concealed dangers of the bloodless coupe in process in the United States. And the world by proxy. Keep eyes on the struggle of day to day, divert fears and concerns of Liberty and Freedom to the close at hand short term problems. Buy time.

The Gulf Between The Left and The Right

One part of our society wishes to resolve problems with common sense and practical remedies, with national vitality and resolve. Conservatism is noble and with great honor. It is a time-honored process with everything going for it; in certainty for its Citizens. Proof is in the simple fact that conservative constitutional government and way of life has thrived for 234 years. The 5000 year leap is a miracle of human spirit and freedom.

Communism, fascism, dictatorships and totalitarianism barely survive a fraction of this time; they begin to rot from the top down and inside out from the day of their inception. Total power corrupts totally. These forms of rule are essentially a virus that consumes everything in its path, the host a victim the virus eventually kills.

Liberty by its very design is not only self re-generating, its greatness lies within its ability to spread and grow through its grass roots. It is like open source software, no virus can infect it because it is constantly evolving.

Our Republic has faced many trials, as long as it remains a Nation of peoples enlightened and governed by the laws of Constitution it will survive. This is the hidden power our founding fathers and mothers gave to us. It is this power the treasonous ones are tiptoeing around. They know it is a sleeping giant. Before it wakes up fully to arise in all its fury, they have to act; weigh it down with the chains of loss of choice and self-determination. A true monster of retribution feared most by its foes.

Corrupt the Moral Compass, Subversive Tactics, Divide a People

The treasonous ones fully understand this, their strategy of undermining morals and culture, distracts from founding principles that guide our lives in Liberty and Self De-Termination; divide and conquer. This is the only strategy Dictator Obama and his Special Police have. It is the only strategy that can be successful for them. They cannot resort to out right bloodshed and police state tactics. There are just too many guns and people who will use them. Patriotic armed revolution is the 500 lb Gorilla in the room.

Police state tactics, white mice ministrations and political extortion are gently used probing for weak spots, testing the collective conscious, and setting the stage respectively. The Dictators minions are testing the waters and setting things up for the right moment.

The need for clandestine and backdoor tactics is the only viable battle plan. Crossing the point of no return prematurely is not an option for they would loose, and loose everything that has been implemented since the early 1900’s. They absolutely have to blindside the Constitution and American values. A veritable sucker punch.

The Legacy of Alynski

Dictator Obama is both the hatchet-man of the Soros string-pullers, and the figurehead of the Alynski tribe of barbarians and sycophants hiding among us. His natural born status is his personal 500lb Gorilla; it is where he truly comes from, his heritage, this is to be protected at all costs. It is this usurper con man’s tell. It is his true weak spot and the one thing that will reveal him as the great deceiver he truly is. It reveals all. Reveal this and the game is over.

The constant unrelenting hammering on Lady Justice’s door for redress of the broken trust of Constitutional law can only be oppressed for so long. There are not enough traitors in our midst to keep the rule of law at bay. Everything comes back to truths and facts. Who is the true father of Barry S. aka Barrack Obama. The chosen ruler bears striking resemblance to another community activist. There are no true coincidences in life.

Dictator Obama is a prodigy of Frank Marshal Davis and he is if not the appointed prince-decedent of Malcolm X, he may well be the blood of such. There being the coincidences of time and place for all these players, his birth mother included. The Brotherhood of Islam murdered Malcolm because he was not bloody and revolutionary enough for their agenda. But Malcolm had it right, he was on the right track in believing that in order to bring a new world order to fruition it had to be bloodless, from the inside out over the long haul. He was the Sarah Palin of the Communists; a true believer in the cause. Irony of it is Malcolm X became a true martyr. The corruption of total power corrupting from within is proof positive. Malcolm was a powerful threat to the inner circle. Politics does as politics do. It is about power, not principles. Communism has no temper for adversity in its realm of power. Totalitarianism of the many for the few.

Coming Full Circle

Cognitive dissonance is the capitol crime of the century, consciously committed by our press because they became corrupted by power. The travesty is of becoming self-enamored by their self-importance as the political and social elite and by the intoxicating power wielded through control of information. Many factions of the self appointed elite have followed suit, look to the scientific realm of human caused global warming, the entrenched good old boys of politics of all for me, whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine higher plane of society. The “press” set by example the abc’s  ofhow to rape and pillage a forgiving and humble people outright of every bit of their hard won and earned prosperity. Robbery and a crime on a scale unimaginable.

Freedom of the press is a joke and has become the tragedy of our times. Freedom of Speech is the gift Constitutional law reserved for the people, not the elite. This single aspect of usurping a prime governing tenet in our Charters of Freedoms has greased the wheels of the vehicle of the subversive movement to rape and murder America.

We are seeing the crescendo of these strategies today. It is but a tip of the iceberg of a behemoth aiming to break the keel of the good ship USS Constitution.

America is forged from the finest steel. Smelted in the furnace of Liberty. Its keel is fabricated from the good and right that is its people. In no uncertain terms Democracy is here to stay in this world. It cannot be stamped out by heartless Dictators. The trials and tribulations of today is a test of its mettle and intestinal fortitude. There is a fire in the belly of our Republic. This fire will reforge all that is so profound and so good about God and Country, Liberty and Freedom, and Self-Determination.

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