Kasich et al…The Pretense of Leadership

Kasich et al…The Pretense of Leadership

“NOVEMBER IS JUST A FEW MONTHS AWAY” by Sher Zieve, ©2016 (Jul. 21, 2016) — If ever a group of petulant old children posing as [now former] candidates for the presidency of the United States existed, it is those Republicans who ran against Donald J. Trump…and lost.  These are the angry “elite class” members who […]

Breaking: Trump: “We’ll Have to Work it Out Scheduling-Wise”

Breaking:  Trump:  “We’ll Have to Work it Out Scheduling-Wise”

WILL THE RNC MAKE TIME? by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 27, 2012) — Donald Trump told Neil Cavuto on the telephone earlier that he has returned to New York City but that the RNC is attempting to reschedule his “big surprise” at some point during the Republican National Convention.  “We will know over the next 24 […]

The New and Improved Birther Movement 2008-2012

COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT NEW HAMPSHIRE’S SUPREME COURT ELIGIBILITY COMPLAINT by Lori Grider, Western Regional Campaign Director, The Cody Robert Judy for President U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign (Dec. 19, 2011) — Before the New Hampshire Supreme Court is a case that could shake the political world clear through the Washington Monument. Delving into Taitz v. Garner one […]

Theresa Cao playing The Apprentice

AND MORE FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS FROM THE OBAMA REGIME by Sher Zieve, ©2011 (Apr. 14, 2011) — Update: I was contacted by Theresa Cao with reference to the recent meeting between Donald Trump, Arizona Rep. Carl Seel and a few others on 8 April 2011 in New York City. At the end of the meeting, […]