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by Sharon Rondeau

This image was uploaded from a known computer to the White House server on April 27, 2011 and has been declared a forgery by a law enforcement entity in Arizona.

(Aug. 27, 2012) — Donald Trump told Neil Cavuto on the telephone earlier that he has returned to New York City but that the RNC is attempting to reschedule his “big surprise” at some point during the Republican National Convention.  “We will know over the next 24 hours,” Trump said.  “I have to get there, and getting there isn’t as easy for me as it is for other people.”

Cavuto asked Trump what he planned to divulge during his presentation, and Trump said “It has nothing to do with ‘The Apprentice,’ his reality television show about the high-stakes corporate world.

The Post & Email posed the question earlier that perhaps Trump had not left Florida after the awards dinner he attended on Sunday in Sarasota, either due to the hurricane or to a decision to attend the convention.  Trump is currently not listed on the “Order of Business” released by the RNC.

Trump had promised that his revelation at the convention would be “amazing.”  It was canceled because of Hurricane Isaac, which delayed the official start of the convention until Tuesday.

One the announcement was made, the mainstream media had reported widely that Trump’s appearance would not take place because of the weather.  One source said Trump was “rained out,” while another said his appearance was a “wash out” [sic].

In previous comments about Obama’s history, Trump has indicated that he is “not satisfied” with the long-form birth certificate image posted on the white House website on April 27, 2011.  An investigative posse from Maricopa County, AZ determined that the image is fraudulent and said it has traced the computer which was used to upload the image.

Trump spokesman Mchael Cohen told the AP earlier today to “stay tuned.”

In recent weeks, Fox News appears to have lifted its apparent moratorium on discussion of Obama’s birth certificate and hidden college records which Trump has said he wants to see.  Obama has stated that a presidential candidate’s life should be “an open book.”

On Friday, Mitt Romney told a crowd in Michigan, his home state, that no one had to ask to see his birth certificate, after which the Obama campaign attempted to label him with the pejorative “birther.”  Many people do not believe that Obama was born in the United States, which raises the question as to whether or not he is a “natural born Citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution to serve as president.  Instead of remaining neutral, the mainstream media offered its opinion about Romney’s statement, claiming that it was “unhelpful” to hiss candidacy.  How do they know?

Romney reportedly asked Trump to give a presentation at the convention. At the Sarasota award dinner on Sunday evening, Trump told the press that the matter of Obama’s birth certificate is “far from settled.”

Obama’s supporters have ridiculed anyone questioning Obama’s origins, birthplace, history, educational achievements, or qualifications for years, although there might be fewer of such supporters than previously believed.  One article called Trump “a loon,” but did he speak too soon?

Will the media now report that Trump’s plans have changed again?

At 10:13 p.m. EDT, Donald Trump has been announced as an upcoming guest on Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record.”

Does the media know what is coming?

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  1. Google “Fellowship of the minds” by DR Eowyn,and click on the British National Archives article. I think this is the surprise Trump has!