2010 Election Chicanery – What’s Next?

BARNEY FRANK’S PROPOSAL OF UNIVERSAL VOTER REGISTRATION APPEARS TO BE WAY TO THROW 2010 ELECTIONS By Libbie Belle (Jan. 18, 2010) — In 2008, the Democrats showed their true colors and resorted to whatever measures necessary, no matter how unscrupulous, to increase their majorities in the House and Senate and elect a Chief Executive who […]

NY Board of Elections certifies fraudulent NY-23 Election Results

COMMISSIONER OPENLY ADMITS MACHINES IN ERIE COUNTY WERE PROGRAMED TO SWITCH VOTES by John Charlton (Dec. 15, 2009) — The corruption in the New York Board of Elections would be laughable if it were on TV, but today at 1:00 PM the Board actually did certify the use of electronic voting machines which one commissioner […]

Indiana Police go to Supreme Court against Obama’s theft at Chrysler

“REORGANIZATION” OF AUTO COMPANY CLASSIC CASE OF MARXIST PHILOSOPHY OF REDISTRIBUTION-OF-WEALTH by John Charlton (Dec. 8, 2009) — On Friday of this week, the Supreme Court of the United States has scheduled a hearing conference for the petition made by the Indiana Police Pension Trust against the theft of their nearly $6.5 billion dollar investment […]

Election irregularities in NY-23rd too great to be ignored

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS CERTIFIES NEGATIVE NUMBERS by John Charlton (Nov. 27, 2009) — The news out of New York State bodes ill for the survival of the American Republic.  The widespread fraud involving voting tallies the night of the Election has given way to reports of election-machine tampering via a virus, consistently […]

Rules in Madison County explain Election Fraud

INDEPENDENTS EXCLUDED FROM BEING ELECTION INSPECTORS New Analysis & Commentary by John Charlton (Nov. 20, 2009) — There used to be the saying, “It’s a one party State!”, to signify that one of the major parties, Democrats or Republicans, controlled the entire state government.  Usually this was applied to states controlled by the Democrats, like […]

Palin disses RNC machine & says a 3rd Party wouldn't work

REVEALING COMMENTS MADE IN RUSH LIMBAUGH INTERVIEW by John Charlton (Nov. 17, 2009) — A good number of American voters, Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats have been looking to Sarah Palin for the past year as a sign of hope and inspiration for continued decency and normality in American politics. For this reason Rush Limbaugh […]

Looks Like Bill Owens' Campaign orchestrated Election Fraud in NY-23

IMPOUNDMENT ORDER SOUGHT BY OWENS’ CAMPAIGN ENABLED HIS HOUSE APPOINTMENT News Summary & Analysis by John Charlton — © 2009 (Nov. 16, 2009:  3:40 AM ET) — Even before a single vote was cast in the special election in the New York State 23rd Congressional District, the Times Union and Associated Press were reporting warning […]

Massive Election Fraud threw vote count against Hoffman

WIDESPREAD FALSE REPORTS GIVEN TO PRESS, ALL TO DEFLATE HOFFMAN VOTE COUNT (Nov. 12, 2009) — It looks increasingly that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her zeal to get the Health Care Federalization Bill passed, may have sworn in an unelected candidate for the NY-23 Congressional District, in violation of the U.S. Constitution and New […]