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by John Charlton

Gov. Sarah Palin speaks to a reporter

(Nov. 17, 2009) — A good number of American voters, Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats have been looking to Sarah Palin for the past year as a sign of hope and inspiration for continued decency and normality in American politics.

For this reason Rush Limbaugh interviewed Palin by phone, today, as she sat in her New York Hotel room, preparing a national tour to promote her recent book, “Going Rogue.”

You can read a transcript of the entire interview at Citizen Wells’ Blog, as well as watch the interview on Video there.

The Post & Email will only highlight the more important points of what former Governor Palin said.

First, Palin clearly affirmed that the Republican party leadership has rejected her future political candidacy for President:

RUSH: Do you consider yourself one of these unanointed ones within your own party?

GOV. PALIN:  Well, to some in both parties, politics is more of a business.  It’s not so much a commitment to an agenda or a person or values or issues.  It’s more of a business — and, no, I’m not a part of that.  So if they’re going to keep using that way of thinking in their decisions on who they anoint, who they will support or not then, no. I’ll never be a part of that. But hopefully we’re going to see a shift with independents, with the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, and we’re going to get back to what the issues are, what really matters, and then hopefully we’re going to go from there, which will be much fairer to the electorate.

Second, Palin thinks a 3rd Party alternative would not work:

RUSH:  All right, independents, slash, third party.  A lot of people — mistakenly, in my view — are looking at New York-23 as evidence that, see, a third party could actually do well. But that’s not a good example because there was no primary there.  As you said, the party bosses chose Dede Scozzafava on the Republican side and a Democrat.  Had there been a primary, New York-23 would not have been constituted as it was.  So what are your thoughts now on the viability of a third party if the Republican Party can’t be brought around?

GOV. PALIN:  You know, to be brutally honest, I think that it’s a bit naive when you talk about the pragmatism that has to be applied in America’s political system. And we are a two-party system. Ideally, sure, a third party or an independent party would be able to soar and thrive and put candidates forth and have them elected, but I don’t think America is ready for that.  I think that it is… Granted it’s quite conventional and traditional, but in a good way that we have our two parties, and I think that that’s what will remain. And I say that, though, acknowledging that I’m not an obsessive panther, I understand why people — good people like my own husband — refuse to register in a party. Todd’s not a Republican and yet he’s got more commonsense conservatism than a whole lot of Republicans that I know because he is one who sees the idiosyncrasies of the characters within the machine and it frustrates him along with a whole lot of other Americans who choose to be independent.  But in answer to your question, I don’t think that the third party movement will be what’s necessary to usher in some commonsense conservative ideals.”

Palin’s responses will certainly disappoint her followers and supporters, who hoped that she would either be the next Republican Presidential candidate, or break loose and form a new party, more centrist on social issues, and more conservative on financial issues.

The Post & Email previously reported that Palin had spoken to international financiers just days before the Tea Party in D.C. brought out 1.7 million patriots.  On that occasion many voters wondered why Sarah Palin did not attend, as it would have been the perfect venue to launch a political career (Not to mention that the 1.7 million voters probably could have donated more to her campaign that the financiers did in fact do!). For more about Sarah Palin, click here.

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