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by John Charlton

The Gouverneur Times has provided excellent coverage of the NY-23rd Special Election, documenting the fraud from day one.
The Gouverneur Times has provided excellent coverage of the NY-23rd Special Election, documenting the fraud from day one. Click the image above, to access their site.

(Dec. 15, 2009) — The corruption in the New York Board of Elections would be laughable if it were on TV, but today at 1:00 PM the Board actually did certify the use of electronic voting machines which one commissioner admitted, during the meeting, had been found to switch the votes between candidates during the recent election!

Howard Stanislevic, of the Gouverneur Times, decried the corruption of the New York State Board of Elections, in an article published just one hour ago:

At the hearing, Commissioner Kellner confirmed our worst fears about e-vote counting (see his testimony below). Kellner stated that in Erie County, during the process of entering ballot programming data, vote switching between candidates had been programmed into the computer (Election Management System or EMS) that, in turn, programed the county’s optical scanners. The scanners then proceeded to switch the votes at the polls as the ballots were cast on election day. This real-time vote switching was undetectable by voters, poll workers or other election officials.

Kellner said in this case the vote switching was detected later because the election results appeared to be implausible. The scanners supposedly failed their pre-election Logic and Accuracy test due to the vote-switching problem. That’s good, but county election officials ignored the results of their own tests and held the election using the vote-switching configuration anyway

Commissioner Kellner also stated that this county, which uses ES&S systems, was among the best in the 2009 “pilot” elections (held with real voters and candidates). We don’t doubt his word that the errors were eventually corrected. But if Erie was one of the best counties, we’d hate to see one of the worst counties that participated in this experiment.

Stanislevic included a link describing the vote-switching machines in detail.

Certified Election Results for the New York 23rd District Special Election, 2009

Official Tabulation of Results
Official Tabulation of Results: Click on image to read official PDF.

The official results as certified by the NY State Board of Elections were:

Bill Owens: 73,137 votes

Debe Scozzafava:  8,582 votes

Doug Hoffman: 69,553

Leading Expert Finds Statistical Signs of Vote Tampering in NY-23 Special Election

Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, in a previous article published by the same paper, described some of the other glaring irregularities found in the vote tally.  In 8 polling stations in St. Lawrence County, machines were locked and taken to a warehouse and counted in private; when NY law requires all votes to be counted at the polling stations, in public.  The illegal vote counting in those cases resulted in statistically impossible results:

An audit of the poll books and absentee voter lists for three of these eight polling places reveals that the preliminary hand count could not have been correct. In Louisville, there were 885 actual voters at the polls, but only 691 votes were counted for Congress on Election Night.  In Waddington, there were 754 actual voters at the polls, but only 347 votes were counted for Congress on Election Night.  In Rossie, there were 138 actual voters at the polls, but only 94 votes were counted for Congress on Election Night.  53 votes were counted later.  Bill Owens got 50 of them.

St. Lawrence County is the county where Owens got most of the votes according to earlier, unofficial tallies. But Dr. Phillips found cases where votes disappeared, more ballots appeared, blank ballots appeared, and votes were found, distributed in manners vastly different from the statistical expectations.  Errors which nearly always gave Owens a greater lead.

Dr. Phillips article deserves to be read in full.  He concludes his analysis with a condemnation of the election:

Each of these corruptions of the vote count can be attributed to electronic vote tabulation.  Together with the breakdown or freezing of the Sequoia/Dominion ImageCast voting machines at eight polling places, there is more than enough evidence in St. Lawrence County to show that the court-ordered “pilot” election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District was an utter failure, and that the time-tested lever machines were much more reliable.

The Gouverneur Times noted elsewhere, that the special election used electronic voting machines as per an agreement between the State of New York and the Obama controlled Justice Department.

The Post & Email has previously reported election irregularities in the NY-23rd District Special Election, which resulted in at least 4,200 suspect votes. Today’s report from the Gouverneur Times confirms our judgement that the election was rigged from the start, and that the Board of Elections has knowingly ignored the evidence and shirked its duty to uphold free and fair elections.

See our tags at the bottom of this article, for more reports on the issues mentioned here.

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  1. My mother worked for the NY board of elections

    when registering there is a small box at the bottom that asks if one is a citizen

    it’s basically an honor system since she old me that they were not allowed to verify the answer

    it’s the demise of a great system by attacking it’s foundation

  2. This is vital info but is only touching the surface if we take into consideration how the American military votes abroad have been disregarded or otherwise discounted for the past two nationwide elections that I can know of (or remember).

    The men and women who put their very lives on the line for our country and are sworn to uphold the US Constitution. That their vote is of no consequence is shameful and disgraceful and those who make this happen should be treated as traitors to the American way.

    NY-23 is bad but only an indication of big trouble in our political system. Remember that the success of the Democrats is fully contingent upon how well they hide their corruption. Therefore, the problem may seem bad but it is probably much, much worse.

    There will come a day of reckoning. Let’s hope that will not be the day that America looks back and sees what led us to catastrophe and, at that moment, we find it is too late to correct or reverse course.

  3. Due to the fact they held counting in private and as a result there is no way possible to correct this fraud, then the only solution is to hold another election and use the constitutional method of hand counting all votes. This should be the end of electronic voting machines!

    I guess it won’t matter for the 2010 elections since it will be rigged to elect whatever they want and the peoples vote no longer matters.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I don’t think most folks realize the import of what happened in the NY-23rd….the Dems are not going to play fair, and don’t want fair elections…the 2010 elections will be all rigged, and the WH will direct the effort, which I excpect is already underway through backhanded means…

    1. Am I mistaken, or isn’t that the very thing that triggered the orange revolution in the Ukraine? It could be time that we need to stand up and take some vigorous collective action…and sooner rather than later. Is no-one organizing protests and the like in NY now? Say it ain’t so….

  4. When a republican wins an election, we’re told it wasn’t fair because of things like a “police car was sitting beside the road a mile from the precinct, and that scared black people away from voting”.

    But when a democrat wins, we’re supposed to sit idly by while they certify elections that used voting machines that switched votes from one candidate to the other.

    This will not end well. This country’s going in the wrong direction.

  5. Good story. I wondered when NYS elections was going to get around certifying the election and if they were going to do anything about the irregularites. I understand Mr. Hoffman isn’t likely to make much hay over it as he is preparing for the 2010 primary.

    NYS voters should be outraged and everyone and I mean everyone who votes should express their outrage and demand that the voting machines be error-proofed by a non-partisan entity or else return to the old method of casting and counting ballots.

    Interestingly there was an article a few days ago on American Spectator about how a Soros funded group is working on identifying and supporting left leaning candidates for the state level Secretary Of State. The intent is to effectively change the outcome of close state wide elections in the favor of the Democratic candidates not unlike MN’s senate race between Franken and Coleman.


  6. When the citizens vote is cast out or credited to the wrong person or issue, there will be riots and civil war, sure hope it doesn’t come down to that, but Jefferson did say “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  7. So who is going to be charged with these crimes??!?!?


    Mr. Charlton replies: The bald faced truth of the matter is this: if the NY Attorney General does not investigate the election irregularities, and the people of the State do not protest en masse, then free and fair elections have come to an end in the Empire State. It’s just that simple.

    Indifference is the breeding ground of tyranny.

    1. i truly believe we can no longer have a true and accurate election in this whole country.. between chi crooks tied in with illegal practices and machines that can do what they crooks want and the fact that acorn too OUR MONEY to register anyone and everyone who could write (and some who couldnt)

      unless we go back to the methods of registering used in the 60s and throw away all registrations today we can forget about ever getting our country back…

      its time to fight for our rights and freedoms and kick the crooks out of our houses

  8. This is totally unacceptable for the U.S.,as a leading example of fair elections. In the world of Democracy, our Republic can not withstand the presumption of an unfair standard in elections. We must work hard to maintain the integrity of every single vote being counted fairly and representing the voters wishes. While there are so many votes I have witnessed, public and election officials, lower the value of each individual vote as just one. However, it is in the power of one, that “We The People” are counted..and our votes should be a priority.

    Thank you Post&Email for your informing story, and I certainly look forward to a recap of today’s rallies in DC.

    Cody Robert Judy
    U.S. Senate Candidate- 2010 UT.