Mourning in America

HAVE THEY BEEN DEFEATED, OR HAVE THEY DEFEATED US? by Joan Swirsky, ©2011 (Jan. 22, 2011) — Our entire country, indeed the world, mourns the victims of the savage attack in Tucson that left six dead, including an esteemed federal judge and beautiful nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green; 14 seriously wounded; and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords fighting […]

It’s Either Freedom, Or It’s War!

NEGOTIATE? COOPERATE? CAPITULATE? by Ron Ewart, ©2011 (Jan. 8, 2010) — Are you kidding?  For God’s sake, my fellow Americans, that’s how we got here.  Don’t you get it?  Sure!  While we negotiated, they regulated!  While we cooperated, they indoctrinated!  While we capitulated, they propagated. When they were in power, which has been for way […]

TSA, Youth Corps Now Officially part of Obama Gestapo and Marxist Senators vow to Create Official Dictatorship

THE WAR WAGED ON AMERICANS FROM WITHIN IS RAGING by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Dec. 30, 2010) — The problem with believing one is “safe” from the growing and increasingly  ravenous Obama & Co Police State if one embraces–or pretends to embrace–the anti-God/anti-American Leftist viewpoint, is that the belief itself is fallacious.  If you espouse these […]

Margaret Hemenway to Military Officers: Stop Using the Nuremberg Defense

“IT WAS AN ABOMINATION” December 21, 2010 From: Margaret Hemenway Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 12:42 PM To: ‘’; ‘’ Cc: ‘’ Subject: FW: Military families & LTC Lakin MG Horst & MG Hawley-Bowland:  My family is among the multi-generational military families that have fought for this country since the Indian Wars- my son is […]

European court imposes immorality on Russia

WHO IS THE BEAR, AND WHO ARE THE SHEEP? by Don Hank, blogging at (Oct. 24, 2010) — The European court, which has played the part of God to packed houses in continental political theaters for decades, is now trying to assert the same role in Russia, demanding that this sovereign nation yield its sense of moral […]

All the good things about America

DON’T DENIGRATE MY COUNTRY! by Dennis R. Roach (Sept. 18, 2010) — I am really tired of hearing the word “greedy” linked to my country. I think it’s about time for a reality check. For example, if it were not for the USA having the might that came with her prosperity she would not have […]

Treason charge against Obama has never been answered

SO HOW CAN OBAMA COURT-MARTIAL ANYONE? by Sharon Rondeau (Sept. 9, 2010) — On March 17, 2009, a criminal complaint was filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee against Barack Hussein Obama for Treason. While the complaint called Obama an “imposter president,” it focused on the violation of the Posse Comitatus Act committed by the […]

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