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by Sharon Rondeau

There are many reports that Barack Obama was born in Africa and is not a "natural born Citizen."

(Sept. 9, 2010) — On March 17, 2009, a criminal complaint was filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee against Barack Hussein Obama for Treason.

While the complaint called Obama an “imposter president,” it focused on the violation of the Posse Comitatus Act committed by the U.S. Army acting under Obama over the deploying of U.S. troops in the town of Samson, AL on March 10, 2009.

Filed by Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick, III, the complaint has gone unanswered.  Obama has not taken steps to disprove the claims, nor has Fitzpatrick been arrested for mutiny.

Another criminal complaint filed in the Western District of New York was similarly ignored.  Other public officials have been served with presentments which declared Obama guilty of fraud and treason.

One complainant stated:

The U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee also ignored my process serving of a Grand Jury Presentment for treason and election fraud against Obama and Pelosi on December 4, 2009. The Western District in Memphis pretended never to receive my process service and as we know Judge Campbell in the Middle District in Nashville regurgitated Judge Lamberth’s ruling from my Grand Jury Presentment in October 2009.

A criminal complaint with over 3,000 signatures has recently been filed with the FBI.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is awaiting court martial on charges of “missing movement” and “disobeying a direct order” after he questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.  A hearing held on September 2, 2010 produced a denial of access to Obama’s records  from Col. Denise Lind, who declared that something in the records could prove “embarrassing” to Obama.

Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret.) has called Obama a liar, and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore said, ““Lt. Col. Lakin has every right to question the lawfulness of the orders of the commander in chief. He’s not only the commander in chief, he dictates the whole war effort, as shown by the recent firing of [Gen. Stanley McChrystal].”

Obama’s team of attorneys have quashed every effort to obtain his records so that the American people might know whether or not he is constitutionally qualified to serve and not a foreign usurper.

The generals serving under Obama have taken the law into their own hands by denying a criminal defendant the right to discovery so that he might defend himself, thereby violating the U.S. Constitution.  They have reportedly even threatened the defendant with bodily harm.

Because Obama will not release his school records, original birth certificate, passports and travel history, and college records, a majority of Americans now believe he is hiding something significant.  Other retired military members are calling for him to resign or be removed from office immediately.

If Obama cannot prove his eligibility under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution due to his being a dual citizen, foreign citizen, or “anchor baby,” are any military actions lawful at present?

Have Obama and his “military-political criminal assistants” effected a military takeover of the United States and her citizens?  Isn’t that what happened in Nazi Germany with Hitler commanding his army to “Have no pity!  Act brutally!?”

From a retired military commander:

  • In order for a court martial or any other military hearing to take place, the convening authority must show that it is a legal assembly.
  • Punishment power is derived only from the Commander-in-Chief
  • Admirals and Generals receive their convening authority from the Commander-in-Chief
  • The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, not an arbitrary ruling by a career military politician taking orders from a usurper to the office of President
  • Lt. Col. Lakin’s defense must demand proof that Obama meets the constitutional qualifications to serve before any hearing can take place
  • Absent a legitimate Commander-in-Chief, there is no authority to convene the court martial
  • The criminal complaint filed against Obama 18 months ago has never been answered
  • The military takeover of the U.S. must be stopped and the perpetrators tried for treason.

One congressional candidate stated that there could be as many as 10,000 people within the government deserving of jail time, and “probably 100 should be facing capital punishment.”

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  1. You might want to do a main article on this. Will any of the Muslim’s who have burned The Stars and Stripes in front of the TV cameras, recently, get a visit from the police and a ban from visiting The USA? I doubt it. By the way, has Obama even criticized the flag burning?



    Published: 12/09/2010 08:01 – Updated: 11/09/2010 21:13
    Teen is banned from USA over Obama hate email
    A teenager has been banned from entering America for sending ONE ‘threatening’ and ‘abusive’ email to the White House.

    Luke AngelBedfordshire Police have confirmed that an individual was visited by officers after they received information that he had sent the telecommunication.

    On Friday, Luke Angel, 17, from Silsoe told Bedfordshire on Sunday that he had sent one email about a month ago.

    He said he couldn’t remember exactly what he had written as he did it when he was ‘drunk and high’ but said he had expressed dislike for President Barack Obama and the US Government.

    He said that he had called President Obama a ‘p***k’ but when asked if the action taken to ban him from going to America ‘forever’ was extreme, Mr Angel said he had been more abusive than that.

    The teenager added that he had been watching some conspiracy theory programmes such as the ones about 9/11 and had been researching the Illuminati – a lot of which he believed in.

    BoS understands that the American FBI had been involved and had instructed police in England to take up the matter.

    Sarah Wilkinson, a spokeswoman from Bedfordshire Police said: “The individual had sent an email to the White House which was full of abusive and threatening language.

    “We were informed by the Metropolitan Police and so we went round to see him.

    “He said ‘oh dear’ it was me.

    “He was told that he wouldn’t be able to go to America.” She added that it was basically a boy ‘being silly’ and nothing more sinister than that and said that there was no criminal action being taken against the individual.

    When asked about the action taken, Mr Angel said: “I don’t really care. My parents aren’t very happy about it.

    “The police who came round took my picture and told me I was banned from America forever.”

    US Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Joanne Ferreira said: “Due to privacy laws, US Customs and Border Protection is prohibited from discussing specific cases.”

    She said there were around 60 reasons why an individual may be refused admission to the United States.

  2. NUTN2SAY is spot on! He quotes the Constitutional requirement to be elegible to hold the office of the presidency and be Commander in Chief of our armed forces. He then lists case history that clarifies the meaning and intent of the Constitution to establish interpretation of the meaning of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and separate it from the other forms of citizenship. There is NO need for any citizen to be demanding that Soetoro aka Obama produce a valid Birth Certificate as he, aka, has already told us and the world that “… my father was a foreign student who was born in Kenya…!” That’s ’nuff said! The Constitution requires that BOTH parents already be citizens of the USA! Here’s the link where you can hear and see Soetoro aka Obama clearly state that he is ineligible to hold office of POTUS! <<>>

    IMO, EVERY incumbent in Congress — Senators, Representatives as well as the members of the Supreme Court, were and ARE well aware of the fraud that is being tolerated — and, indeed, promoted, by our government. EACH and every one of them are in viiolation of their Oath of Office: “… to honor, uphold and defend our Constitution from enemies from without and within…” ALL of them should be replaced with new blood of patriots who WILL be true to their sworn oath of office. FIRE ALL the INCUMBENTS!

    1. With the lies told on the tv last night of where O was born and the schools he attended, lie after lie was retold. A so called professor said O was so smart that he knew he should be a great one. No records, no grades, no proof. Only a pro O film to flim flam the masses.

    2. And Obama tells us even more why is ineligible to be President, due to the foreign citizenship of his father, with this statement on his Fight the Smears website:

      “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire.  As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948.  That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

      How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain? Note that this question has nothing to do with the birth ceritificate or where Obama was born. Obama was born subject to a foreign power due to his father being a foreign citizen.

  3. It still amazes me that there is no lawyer in the entire United States of America that is knowledgeable of Obama being in violation of ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 and doesn’t perform their patriotic duty of initiating a CLASS ACTION, let me say that again to be clear….a CLASS ACTION—-PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES that is filed in a lower federal court on behalf of the class action clients and knowing and expecting rejection by lower court federal judges…..is followed through all the way to the SCOTUS top! Once there what is the SCOTUS going to do….deny that all examples on the U.S. historical record that say Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Founding Fathers is being born to a mother and father both of whom are U.S. citizens including, including I might add, the 1874 opinion of Chief Justice Morrison Waite the the case of Minor v Happersett where he acknowledges that is what the Founding Fathers meant! It’s amazing! Over 100 million voters in the U.S. and not one person with a lawyers license it seems has read the U.S. Constitution and or U.S. History! It’s really looking like that all these complaints about Obama’s records and birth certificate are turning out to be scams or diversions because those records and birth certificate are really not necessary at this time to bring Obama to justice!

    1. There is a lawyer, Dr. Orly Taitz, who has
      filed against Obama and the judges either
      declared no merits, no standing and/or
      fined her, as one corruptible judge did,
      Judge Land, $20,000 for filing a ‘frivilous’
      lawsuit. She is attempting to pay off
      this scam/fine, which is entirely

      The judges are corrupt. Congress is corrupt.
      SCOTUS is corrupt. It is up to the people
      to instigate justice.

      1. I am fully aware of Orly Taitz. But she has not filed a CLASS ACTION PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. She goes the quo warranto route which I’ve always thought suspicious. The petition is Constitutionally protected as per the 1st Amendment while the quo warranto is not.

  4. Another excellent article by Sharon Rondeau although I suspect the number of those involved in the government that have been significant players in this tragedy and deserve capital punishment is notably greater than 100.

    Don’t forget, there are a number of state officials heavily involved also who have committed crimes (and perjured themselves also) as Dr. Ron Pollard showed in his video series “Fraud in the USA”. Felony criminal document fraud is a very serious crime even among all the other crimes that we’ve been infected with.


    1. We agree with you, but it isn’t that simple. It has to be done though the courts, (no standing), or by Congress, (Nancy Pelosi). All 535 members of Congress are repeating in unison, “Obama’s online COLB is backed up by the Hawaii DOH and therefore Obama is eligible to be president”. As absurd as that is, it’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

      1. Bob1943, All 535 members of Congress are repeating what you said and also adding the 14th amendment in for good measure, which has absolutely nothing to do with Presidential qualifications, it speaks to citizenship. To the ignorant of the Constitution, their reasoning sounds plausible but we know it is a bunch of BS. The entire Congress is complicit in this deception, they are all in on it and all treasonous. Obama is a 14th amendment citizen, AT BEST. It has been their agenda (on both sides of the aisle) for a long while to re-write the Presidential qualifications (Article II), the last time to possiblly get a naturalized citizen ( specifically for 14th amendment citizen Arnold Schwarzenegger) eligible. At the time Congress seemed fully aware of what article II meant, what selective memories they have.

        It would be interesting to question the Hawaiian DOH on exactly what they consider the eligibility of a Presidential candidate and natural born citizen to be? Amazingly on what authority have they made the proclaimation on Obama’s eligibility?? Since when does a State Department of Health decide Presidential eligibility? So much so that the entire Congress gives them the weight and authority??? It is just beyond ridiculous. Who knew a State Department of Health had so much power?? Maybe the Hawaiian Department of Heath or another States DOH’s should rescind Obamacare and other bills recently voted on by Congress, since Congress seems to have abdicated their power to State DOH’s.

      2. And the proof that the 14th amendment does not redefine or do away with the natural born citizen clause came with the 1874 Supreme Court case of Minor v. Happersett, which said this:

        “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

        The 14th amendment became part of the Constitution when it was ratified in 1868, and so if this amendment had any bearing on the term “natural born citizen”, the Supreme Court could not have said (in 1874) what they said in the first sentence above.

  6. Sad but true-our Nation has been hijacked. Recently “dr.kate” and a small band of Patriots took the issue to Washington for a demonstration focused on that issue, unlike the other recent event where in the guise of “honor” even the mention of the Constitution was forbidden. This is what we have to do-more than ever-is to take it into the streets-to expose the issue that the MSM and the Congress and officials nationwide have failed and refused to address. At some point the pot has to boil over-we have to raise the temperature.

  7. On notice…

    President Obama has been named in dozens of civil lawsuits alleging he is not eligible to be president, with one man even filing a criminal complaint alleging the commander-in-chief is a fraud, and now a citizen grand jury in Georgia has indicted the sitting president. The indictment delivered to state and federal prosecutors on March 30th, 2009 is one of the developments in the dispute over Obama’s eligibility to be president under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that presidents be “natural born” citizens.

    Georgia resident Carl Swensson, whose work is detailed on his Rise up for America website, says he got tired of the issues over Obama’s eligibility, as well as his performance in office.

    “I took it upon myself to find as many patriots as I could across the state, for the purpose of seating 25 for a grand jury,” he said.

    Jurors took sworn testimony from several sources, including Taitz, and then generated an indictment that later was forwarded to the U.S. attorney, the state attorney general and others in law enforcement across the state.

    Swensson cites as authority for the grand jury the Magna Carta, the bill of rights that formed the foundation of British common law on which U.S. law is based. He said the members were chosen, sworn in and observed all of the rules of procedure.

    “If the government does not amend the error within 40 days after being shown the error, then the four members shall refer the matter to the remainder of the grand jury,” it says. “The grand jury may distrain and oppress the government in every way in their power, namely, by taking the homes, lands, possessions, and any way else they can until amends shall have been made according to the sole judgment of the grand jury.”

    Swensson said the indictments were delivered to the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, state officials and leaders of the Georgia Senate and House.

    1. How would he enforce this? I know we are all frustrated but let’s be real, people in this country have been brainwashed about our goverment. If he intents to get a militia together I would question its effectiveness. They view militias as crazy wingnuts with a gun. The media will be all over this and squash it like a bug.

  8. The U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee also ignored my process serving of a Grand Jury Presentment for treason and election fraud against Obama and Pelosi on December 4, 2009. The Western District in Memphis pretended never to receive my process service and as we know Judge Campbell in the Middle District in Nashville regurgitated Judge Lamberth’s ruling from my Grand Jury Presentment in October 2009. All avenues of peaceful redress of grievances have been blocked. So now I wait… until my fellow Americans get angry enough or hungry enough to do something about it.

  9. “One congressional candidate stated that there could be as many as 10,000 people within the government deserving of jail time, and “probably 100 should be facing capital punishment.”

    Trying all the options to effect constitutional adherence is commendable yet so far completely worthless other than being a frightening reminder of how tyranny develops its grip.

  10. Since November 2008, I have been blogging daily on Topix (23,000 comments to date) and other forums such as The Post and E-mail. I am a member of the American Grand Jury and have participated in two Presentment hearings. I have served those presentments on all 100 US Senators,one NY State Senator,The US Attorney for the Western District of NY, the Chief Judge, WDNY, the Attorney General of the US,all (9) SCOTUS Justices, several Mayors,a councilman,and several others. I have been interviewed by the three major network affiliates in Buffalo, NY and have written letters to several editors of worldwide newspapers. The USA is in a state of usurpation. The nation has become lawless. As I said before, there are many traitors inside our government. We MUST take our nation back.

    1. “The USA is in a state of usurpation. The nation has become lawless. As I said before, there are many traitors inside our government. We MUST take our nation back.”

      Well summarized. This is the reason why I believe we must return state sovereignty to the states and have the states solve the federal problems. The federal government no longer serves its masters the states and the people, and either needs to be fixed or disbanded, and replaced with a federal government that is smaller and lawful with better checks and balances.

      This document argues for state sovereignty from an historical perspective:


      And this document (a comparison of the USA and CSA constitutions) reflects some changes suggested by the CSA that are rather appealing:


      Under any circumstance, the states are a HUGE secret weapon that can be used against federal tyranny. This is how the people need to fix the federal problems.

      In my opinion.

      1. I agree, and this is why I am supporting and voting for the Libertarian candidate for Texas Governor, Kathie Glass, instead of incumbent Rick Perry. Glass states the following with regard to Texas state sovereignty:

        Texas 9th and 10th Amendment Sovereignty: Use nullification and interposition to refuse enforcement by Texas of unconstitutional federal laws like EPA Cap & Trade and Obamacare, and United Nations power grabs like the Law of the Sea Treaty and the Small Arms Disarmament Treaty.

  11. I filed a Criminal information against Obama and Pelosi in March,2010 alleging Treason and Election fraud. See Tonawanda Police Department complaint number 10-002-896, Tonawanda, NY.

  12. Another great summary of the facts, Sharon Rondeau, especially and including your last paragraph about the involvement of so many people in this severe criminal fraud against America. Lets hope that we never again slide back into such complacency, that is if we are ever so fortunate enough to even overcome this. This fraud has been very well planned, by very evil-greedy people, for a very long time, is well executed and every Democrat seems to be involved. Even to the smallest of details such as with the cratering economy, and out of control increasing debt (which is truly what obama wants to see happen) obama makes a couple of statements supporting the Ground Zero mosque, and then makes a plea to some obscure preacher “not to burn the quran”, and all of a sudden obama and his worthless press get everyone jawing away crazily about that, and totally forgetting about what is really happening to our Country, including all the criminal activity and debauchery being orchestrated every day by them. We really have to man-up, start thinking for ourselves, protect that which we hold valuable, and stay alert, and on guard at all times – and even with all that we will still require “Divine Intervention” for us to ever get back on track. BETTER WE START PRAYING NOW- with great urgency.