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by Dennis R. Roach

"Old Glory" was the name given to the American flag by Capt. William Driver of Salem, MA

(Sept. 18, 2010) — I am really tired of hearing the word “greedy” linked to my country. I think it’s about time for a reality check. For example, if it were not for the USA having the might that came with her prosperity she would not have been able to declare and enforce the “Monroe Doctrine,” thus keeping European monarchies from re-establishing themselves in the New World.

If not for the liberality of the USA, all of Europe would have fallen under a German dictatorship in 1918. If not for the American arms and American lives spent freely in the defense of the free world again in 1941, Hitler would have overrun Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia, and half of Germany would still be living behind a concrete wall. There would be no ECU.

If not for the USA, Tuvalu and most of the islands and countries that touch the western half of the Pacific Ocean would belong the the “Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.” Although she has but a little over 200 years of independence, the USA has shed more blood on foreign soil, defending the freedom of foreign nations, than any other nation in existence. Other countries tried to dig a canal to unite the Atlantic with the Pacific, but it was the USA and her economic might that were able to get it done.

I would never say that no other country has done good, but I am speaking of MY country, so please do not suppose that because I point out the good MY country has accomplished I am denigrating the accomplishments of other nations. I am just sick of hearing about how “greedy” America has been when the truth is that few nations in the history of the world has been as munificent and liberal as has the United States of America.

The technology that allows a beggar dictator like Hugo Chavez to even have a hearing on the world scene is due in a great way to the USA. Transportation on the land, in the air, and on the sea have all moved forward because the USA led in the establishment and protection of international trade routes. Communication by radio, telephone, television, and, yes, even the internet, was developed in a great part in the USA and shared freely with other nations. Who made the first intercontinental telephone cable a financial possibility? The USA. America has established more hospitals, orphanages, and relief societies than any three other nations extant. America sends shiploads of food, medicine, and aid all over the world even today. If America has profited by her industrial development, so has the world at large.

The United States of America doesn’t owe anybody anything and she definitely doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Any sincere observer, without a political ax to grind, would have to admit that this world is a much better place than it might be if not for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. So let the freedom-haters, the muckrakers, the beggars with their beggar bowls, and the rest of the scum of the earth that would play “Jerk My Tears in the South Atlantic” and defame MY country, try to live without any of the benefits provided by the USA and maybe learn a little gratitude. One billion dollars for rain forests? Negative, Good Buddy. Unless those forests are planted in the USA!

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  1. Re; AttilasDaughter explanation. If the understanding you wish to portray is that people don’t actually know who Hitler was and only use the name as a derogatory term I beg to differ. At 51 I am in the peak of the baby boomer generation and have a very good knowledge of WWII as I was both educated in its horrors and blessed to know men who’d fought. Given our generation not only had a lasting impression of the second WW generated by personal interaction with patriotic Americans, we also know Korean war vets and Vietnam vets. Those of us who know these wars and their participants also know their characters. WWII was fought against a socialist state whose leader was bent on dominating all who stood in the way of his financial gain. In Korea we paid the price for failing to recognize that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. That lesson was further burned into our blood in Vietnam.

    I can assure you that when those patriots of my generation, their children and grandchildren all know who our enemies are and they are among us, as failed immigration policy clouded by poor judgment and tolerance.

    I will agree to using any term when its use is competent even if the ensuing debate is merely educational for those who are open minded enough to learn from it. The debate is what is important not the idea that the term is offensive which only furthers the ignorant beliefs our educational system has become expert at creating.

    1. Since I moved here from Germany I have encountered the total stereotyping (all Germans are Nazis) and also very knowledgeable comments like the Versailles treaty is the reason for Hitlers rise. Or at least those conditions it created made it easy for Hitler to get to power.
      So I would not judge “the Americans” being this or that, it depends.
      What I mean is really much simpler.
      We here agree about the figure Obama and what he is and does.
      I personally knew from one of the first primary debates, when he was arrogantly talking down to Hillary, that this is a person with a low character who should never get into power.
      We agree that he is ineligible and incompetend.
      My comment was more towards people who still believe in the media spun fairytale.
      Whenever those people read things that might have a lot of truth in it, but uses terms like the name calling I mentioned or Nazi comparisons…..
      Many people just shut down and don’t let it sink in, because they think You are coming from a place of hate, personal hate for the person Obama.
      That’s why I said “why do You always have to mention Hitler?”
      Even though we understand the brainwashing that created this way of thinking.
      We should still avoid certain things.
      But we are all free to say and write what we want, still.

      1. When you criticize their party, Progressivism, or the guy they voted for, the Obots, at best, shut down, or at worst, go into rages. It doesn’t what language is used. The reaction of the Obots is like that of religious zealot whose god has just been insulted.

        Maybe what you’re saying was true a couple of years ago but not anymore. Now, after 18 months of showing the world how much worse he can make things, only the truest of believers are left in his corner. And true believers can’t be swayed.

        So, go ahead and say what you want to say. Compare him to Hitler or Mao or Marx. Refer to him as Resident, Oilbama or that squatter in the White House. May as well make the rage you’re about to hear worth your while.

  2. How about an OJ comparison?
    OJ got away and was convicted years later. For something else.

    Some people even say he was indeed innocent, but he was involved. But that’s only OJ. Not obama.

    1. LOL, OJ was tried in a court of law. A place some well known liars should be compelled to visit.

      That he was tried twice is what is remarkable. It proves our system is corrupt when a man can be tried for a crime and not be convicted yet penalized monetarily based on the possibility of being guilty.

      I had the misfortune of being able to watch that entire trial. There was no pursuit of truth only pursuit of guilt. Judge Lance Ito managed to turn a trial into an inquisition. In the end the jury was obviously left with too many questions where motive and opportunity combined with the evidence allowed at trial did not conclusively prove guilt. Had Ito allowed the testimony of the rehabbing drug addict to be investigated that question would have been answered. Then there was the Furman. A man who had spun so many tales that when impeached revealed a devious biggot with full knowlege of the system and how to work it, motive and above all opportunity and testimony showing a cunning attempt to decieve. Those avenues to truth are still is open in my view. Ito did not allow them to be closed. Why?

      Today we see a judiciary well versed in controlling the search for truth. That is power undeserved of any government.

  3. The one thing we owe is to share our system of government with any country that measures up to ours. To be clear, if the ends justify the means in your society you cannot be governed by law and therefore only authoritarian power can keep order. We expect people to honor their word, to be truthful in all matters and to accept the punishment due when you abuse the trust of your fellow man. There are common criminals who lie, cheat and steal in all societies, but here we place a high value on truth so even those who err may be free, just not so free as to govern or prosper from their bad acts.

    Obviously, when truth is shadowed, lies and deceptions may pass the public eye and become a real problem for government, and therefore the law may become useless and corrupted.

    As Hamilton wrote, “when human laws contradict or discountenance the means, which are necessary to preserve the essential rights of any society, they defeat the proper end of all laws, and so become null and void.”

    This is the people’s foundation to ensure they remain at liberty to be governed by the law they choose. We have spoilers entrenched who work to make laws and rules whose benefactors are not virtuous and respectful of the people.

  4. Folks! Let’s put it this way….do you like the idea that ALCOHOLICS should behold dominion over the earth? Or how about just America? This is what you have, alcoholics in government telling you what and what not to do with your body! This is a Constitutional Civil Rights issue plain and simple! If alcohol were treated the same as marijuana and just as illegal…fine then. Let all intoxicating substances be illegal! But that’s not the case! Somewhere in the history of American government, the alcoholics of government took it upon themselves to tell the taxpaying citizens how they should live. They started saying to people (not in words) by implication that if you want to retain 100% of your Constitutional Rights you had better then be a consumer of alcohol because if you don’t and exercise what you think is your freedom of choice and consume something other than alcohol….we are going to make life miserable for you! WE are going to take away some of your Constitutional Rights! WE are going to treat you differently in a negative way because you are refusing to become one of us! That can’t be tolerated by us alcoholics that you elect to serve and uphold the U.S. Constitution! Further more, the alcoholics of government have no credibility to tell you or me what to do! These sick alcoholics of government are the same ones who cry out loud for alternative sources of energy and fuel and yet they are pissing a source of energy down the sewer systems of America! A smart government would advise a company like Jack Daniels to stop the production of alcohol for human consumption and start making alcohol fuel to be used in small internal combustion engines such as lawn tractors, string trimmers, power washers etc. A smart government would tell liquor stores to convert their business operation to being a alcohol fuel station. If the government was to be sober up maybe it would see the error of it’s ways and redirect America into being a more efficient America and stop interfering with the Constitutional Civil Rights of taxpaying citizens who do not like alcohol!

    1. Thinking like you has put this nation in peril simply because you place intellect above free market choice. You invite government to go where it has no check on its powers. The idea that smarts is justification for authority is absurd. It begs social engineering over rewarding virtue. Take a look at the smart man who tells lies by omission, false representation and deceptions, he is among many friends as president. Is this an alcoholic? I think it is an evil far worse, tolerance of a liar by the people addicted to entitlements and careless living.

      A man may be tested with a drink to open his true self. Too many and he is a pane of glass. Hiding from the serum begs the question what are you hiding. That is not an infringement, it is an ages old truth. So, what are you hiding ?

  5. Love and Eligibility

    Parents are important to a child and not only to the shape of their bodies, their skin color, or facial appearance, but their inner nature. Children who grow up in a home where a parent has left them, may spend a good part of their lives trying to connect to the missing parent and determine why they are alive and were given birth. This is true even if they have adoptive parents. The missing parent is a forever void for some. They can travel and research, even write books about the missing parent to come to terms with their inner nature. A child’s instincts and drives are natural and passed from their natural parents.

    Children look to parents to provide love, protection, guidance, and knowledge of God. A father and mother provide the emotional and intellectual needs of a child and the knowledge the United States is exceptional.

    The country where a child is born also affects their patterns that will set their course for life. But this is an outer inheritance. Something that a child learns from the culture, be it community, neighborhood, and laws. But even here the parents train up the child to love the United States and provide a living example of that love by loving other citizens of the U.S.

    I believe these are the components of a “natural born citizen”.

    Just like the parents and country protect the child, so the eligibility clause of the Constitution protects the United States by placing some restrictions on those who aspire to be President. To be a natural born citizen a person’s parents must show their love for the United States by being citizens and love living here. Thus in their love for each other and their country, their children will have living examples of natural born citizenship.

    1. Because he was real and he came to power with the consent of the people by way of the media propaganda playing with the peoples lives for their own piece of the power.

      History is one teacher that is always right and does not have an opinion.

      We could use Atilla or Ghengis but just to be clear it can happen in modern times, Hitler is simply well documented. We could use Mao too but he has a place on Obama’s holiday tree. Lenin has his bust displayed here as a hero too so he’s out even though an equal to Mao. Lest I forget, Hitler was a socialist. Care to rewrite history?

      1. I actualy came from another angle.
        There are absolutely lots of similarities between Hitler and Obama regarding childhood, personality and also rise to power. Obama is probably even more shallow and self absorbed. Hitler seemed to have some kind of passion for Germany, even though he was an Austrian and it all ended very bad. Obama doesn’t seem to like America. Strange as it is.

        What I meant was that many articles who bring up this comparison will be seen as hate and not be taken serious.

        The same with calling him names like “Obummer” or “the Resident”.

        It is just used way to often (the Nazi comparison) and whatever You say will be seen in a certain light, if You use that.
        That’s what I was trying to say.