An Answer to Prayer

AND EVIDENCE THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL, ALWAYS by Sharon Rondeau, submitted by a reader (Jan. 6, 2011) — Some of you are aware that there has been a medical crisis  with my dad for the past several months which has torn apart the family.  A reader sent me the following last night which  renewed […]

Christmas Eve Letter to America from a Great-Grandfather

TO WHOM IS OUR ALLEGIANCE PLEDGED? by Walter L. Myers Christmas Eve, 2008 Dear family, friends and fellow Americans: In watching “Mary, mother of Jesus” on TBN tonight I reflected on how America, a nation founded on Christian principles, has morphed into one of the most ungodly nations in history. America was founded as a […]

Welding Helmet Philosophy

WELDING WORDS WITH METAL Editorial by Doug Cook (Nov. 27, 2009) — My dream as a young boy was to be a welder, there was something so mysterious and compelling about the monolithic structures of man and science fabricated from metal.  Something to aspire too. Everything around us is possible because we humans learned how […]