by Sarah Earlene Shere, ©2023     

(May 19, 2023) — I will long remember that night. It had just turned dusk when I went down to the threshing floor. Once there, I was careful to remain in the shadows. I prayed that the cool breeze would not spread the fragrance of my fresh washing and anointing. There, winnowing the barley, I saw him: my Boaz! How beautiful he was, even when hard at work. No task was beneath him as he made himself one with those in his employment. How was it that I should find favor in the eyes of such a humble servant of God? Sometimes I noticed his eyes upon me as I gleaned in his fields. Such a steady gaze, often without expression. I’d wonder what he was seeing. What was he thinking? I will be eternally grateful to God for bringing me into this man’s life; I have been blessed beyond my dreams to know him!

I backed further into the shadow of the wall where I was hiding when he turned away from his work. He sighed as he wiped his sweaty brow. My heart beat quickly, nervous about the task before me, as I watched him clean up and sit down to eat his evening meal. Finally, he was finished. He drank his cup dry with a sigh of satisfaction. Now that his strength was drained from work, and his hunger was filled, I had the assurance that sleep would come upon him quickly and deeply. I smiled as he picked up his cloak and made his way over to the end of the nearest heap of grain; there he lay down. Sometimes he seemed to me like such a little boy. How I longed to scoop him up in my arms and hold him, my boyish man!

I waited to be quite sure he had fallen sound asleep before I slowly and softly made my way across the floor to his side. Once there, I nearly forgot the purpose for which I had come as I felt hypnotized by the vision of this man lying in the moonlight. I was mesmerized as I studied his handsome, well chiseled face. Instinctively, I reached down to caress away some rebellious strands of hair that had fallen down upon his forehead. Almost as quickly, I pulled back my hand, having felt a sudden sense of awesome reverence, fearing I had almost desecrated something holy.

I then turned my attention to the reason for which I had come. Following Naomi’s next instruction, I went to the foot of my sleeping prince and, ever so slightly, lifted the cover to reveal nothing more than his feet. There, again, I paused, drinking in the beautiful curvature of his bare feet. Tears filled my eyes as I was suddenly overwhelmed by the incredible privilege and honor of loving this man! As I slowly lowered myself to the ground, a tear fell onto one of his feet and rolled on to the other. Tenderly, I cradled his feet and kissed the path my tear had made. In this position I lay. I felt no fear. I felt no animal passion. I felt no twittery giddiness. I felt quiet. I felt peace. I felt home; here is where I belonged. I yearned for him to awaken to me, to spread his wing of protection over me, his submissive, humble maidservant. Still, I trusted God above all else! I determined to wait patiently, treasuring every now until that great someday! It was thus I fell asleep.

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