Violence in Charlottesville, VA Leads to One Civilian Death

Violence in Charlottesville, VA Leads to One Civilian Death

TWO VIRGINIA POLICE OFFICERS DIE IN HELICOPTER CRASH by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 12, 2017) — Clashes between protesters in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday led to the death of a 32-year-old female pedestrian when a car barreled down a side street filled with people.  At least 20 others were injured and are being treated at the […]

Report: RNC “Wants Trump to Lose”

Report:  RNC “Wants Trump to Lose”

“ESSENTIALLY, MR. TRUMP WAS BETRAYED” by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 11, 2016) — On Tuesday, blogger, attorney and citizen journalist Mike Cernovich interviewed Corey Stewart, Virginia Trump campaign manager who was fired from the position today. Cernovich interviewed Stewart on Periscope TV and posted it in his Twitter feed. Stewart told Cernovich that he witnessed the […]

A Vote Away From A Convention to Propose Amendments

A Vote Away From A Convention to Propose Amendments

THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA COULD BE THE DECIDING VOTE by Montgomery Blair Sibley, ©2015, blogging at Amo Probos (Jan. 30, 2015) — Among the seventeen States which have not yet called for a Convention to Propose Amendments, is Virginia. Notably, the Richmond Times-Dispatch recently reported that: “The [Virginia] House Committee on Rules on Tuesday passed House […]

Governor Scumbag

Governor Scumbag

“FLAGRANT CRIMES” by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2013 (Nov. 16, 2013) — In the days leading up to the gubernatorial election in Virginia, Politico quoted political insiders in Virginia as saying that Republican attorney general Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign had a “stench of defeat” about it. On Tuesday, November 5, Virginia’s low-information voters, Barack Obama’s Virginia base, went to the […]

AG Spokesman: Report on Virginia Attorney General False

AG Spokesman:  Report on Virginia Attorney General False

BUT WAS IT A PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE? by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 7, 2013) — On Thursday morning, The Post & Email was made aware of an article published at a website called which stated that “A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on current legislative actions being considered and/or proposed by the individual States […]

Anyone Who Witnessed Election Fraud in VA Needs to Call This Man

Anyone Who Witnessed Election Fraud in VA Needs to Call This Man

WAS THERE ENOUGH FRAUD TO SWING THE ELECTION? by Sharon Rondeau (Nov. 30, 2012) — In an interview with two hosts from WMAL radio, Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Elections Secretary Donald Palmer stated that individuals who witnessed voter fraud during the 2012 election should contact him directly. The two interviewers promised to put those […]

Nullifying Judicial Overreach

HAVE THE FOUNDERS’ FEARS OF A TYRANNICAL JUDICIARY COME TO PASS? by Jim Delaney (Jan. 16, 2011) — Especially since 1895, the federal judiciary’s role has shifted from that of ensuring “constitutional supremacy” to that of “judicial supremacy,” surely, an irreconcilable role shift which must be remedied. Originally tasked with reviewing federal and state laws […]

Judge grants request to file Amicus Curiae Brief claiming health care bill null and void due to Obama’s ineligibility

“THIS MOTION IS GRANTED” by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 8, 2010) — Last March The Post & Email reported on an “Admission of Ineligibility” declared by a Florida man after he charged Barack Hussein Obama with “negligence” for failing to answer his request that Obama prove he is a natural born Citizen and therefore qualified to […]

Hearing set for Virginia Health Care Lawsuit

HOW WILL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE HENRY HUDSON RULE ON FED MOTION TO DISMISS? by Debra Mullins (Jun. 6, 2010) — The first oral arguments in the Virginia health care lawsuit have been scheduled for July 1, 2010. During a pre-trial conference held on June 3, U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson, for the Eastern […]

Obama Regime Fires at Virginia Health Care Lawsuit

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FILE MOTION TO DISMISS BRIEF; AG CUCCINELLI VOWS TO FIGHT BACK by Debra Mullins (May 26, 2010) — As expected, the Obama regime is challenging the Health Care lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Eastern Virginia by VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. On behalf of Health and Human Services […]

Judge Orders HHS Secretary to Respond to VA Lawsuit

STATES FIGHT BACK AGAINST EXPANSION AND POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by Debra Mullins (May 9, 2010) — On April 30, 2010, the Honorable Judge Henry E. Hudson of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued an order to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to respond by May […]

Former New York Governor takes on Obamacare

CALLS IT A “HORRIFIC” AND COSTLY BUNGLE by Kathleen Gotto (Apr. 15, 2010) — Former New York Governor, George Pataki, announced the formation of Revere America, the goal of which is to promote “common sense public policies rooted in freedom and free markets.” As his first order of business, Pataki plans to obtain 1,000,000 signatures […]

Florida Attorney General promises lawsuit against unconstitutional health care bill

AG BILL MCCOLLUM LEADS CHALLENGE BY STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL AGAINST  OVERREACHING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 21, 2010) — Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has written a letter to Jon Bruning, President of the National Association of Attorneys General, inviting him to “join me in preparing a legal challenge to the constitutionality of whatever […]

Virginia claims Tenth Amendment right to reject national health care

COMMONWEALTH PASSES HEALTH CARE FREEDOM ACT by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 15, 2010) — On March 5, the Virginia House of Delegates voted to pass the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, effectively nullifying any federal health care measure that might be passed by Congress.  The bill, HB10, is expected to be signed by Governor Bob McDonnell.  […]