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by Kathleen Gotto

George Pataki began his career in public office in 1981 as the mayor of Peekskill, NY. He served as a state assemblyman, senator, and later as Governor of New York for 12 years.

(Apr. 15, 2010) — Former New York Governor, George Pataki, announced the formation of Revere America, the goal of which is to promote “common sense public policies rooted in freedom and free markets.”

As his first order of business, Pataki plans to obtain 1,000,000 signatures “to repeal, reform and replace ObamaCare with the responsible reforms our healthcare system needs and that the American people want.”

Pataki sees the legislation as “a $500 billion burden” on American taxpayers, stating, “I can’t recall anything remotely like this in my lifetime.”

“We can’t just roll over and accept it as a fait accompi [sic]. That’s what I think the president, Pelosi and Reid thought would happen,” Pataki said. “We’re going to fight, mobilize and get this repealed.”

On Sunday, April 18, 2010, Pataki will be in Boston, MA to officially launch his effort to repeal the health care bill on the eve of the 235th anniversary of the “midnight ride of Paul Revere” which marked the beginning of the American Revolution, leading to independence from Great Britain.  Following the rally in Boston, Pataki will fly to Lincoln, NE for another rally Monday morning.

Other efforts to repeal the health care bill have been launched by the American Center for Law and Justice, (ACLJ); the lawsuit and petition drive launched on April 8 by U.S. Congressional candidate Van Irion, which was reported at The Post & Email here the case filed in Florida by a group of 13 state Attorneys General; and the separate case filed by the Attorney General  of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It would appear that Google or someone infiltrating its search engine is attempting to thwart the public’s ability to learn about Pataki’s new initiative, as almost every title which appears after asking for the search contains the “warning,” “This site may harm your computer.”  Therefore, the research for this article was completed using the Ixquick search engine.

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  1. I just got through instantly, without warnings, to revereamerica.org and to news articles about Pataki’s initiative via Google. I use Mac OS system and wonder if PC users are more susceptible to that sort of annoyance. This does not, however, allay my suspicions about Google.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, I have been told by a computer technician that Macs are much less susceptible to attacks, and they have their own software which takes care of these things. According to him, PCs are the ones always in the shop! However, Google has been acting very strangely. The other evening when I was doing some research with Google, what should have been a linked article presented a horrible display of pornographic material which was totally unwarranted. Google ought to be ashamed of itself for failing to monitor this type of behavior or even for perpetrating it, if that’s what they are doing.

    1. Eric Schmidt runs Google and is in the tank with Kenya boy. They are always messing around with Orly’s website. He’s another right piece of work.

  2. By the way, I back-up my previous statement in the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME I mention the radical left, George Soros, or visit ‘certain’ conservative sites, I get a multitude of trojan warnings (my antivirus goes ballistic) or dangerous spam emails. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  3. I, too, applaud this gov. and his efforts. Google used to be my favorite search engine, but not now. I believe it’s been taken over by the radical left and is now nothing more than true “SPY” ware.