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March 23, 2010

Dear Editor:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia plans to sue over the health care bill, but he has the ability to demand that Obama prove his eligibility without a lawsuit

Please, please, please, take a minute and read all of the information recently posted at http://www.t-room.us. It is an open letter to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli asking him why he is going the expensive route of a lawsuit challenging the recently passed Healthcare bill when he has an ELECTION FRAUD COMPLAINT built on strong circumstantial evidence?

Why did Bob Bauer, Obama’s attorney, request that a FEDERAL COURT in Pennsylvania take judicial notice of a computer screen? It was not an official piece of paper you or I could hold and touch and feel in our hands of his “supposed” Certification of Live Birth issued by the state of Hawaii. Bauer actually had the nerve to ask a federal judge to take judicial notice of a COMPUTER SCREEN!  Thankfully, the judge denied his request.

I filed this complaint with our Attorney General’s office on September 21, 2009.  Why have I not heard a peep from his office? Better yet, why would AG Cuccinelli pursue an expensive legal case challenging the constitutionality of the recent Healthcare bill when he has a legitimate, strong, and factually-based complaint detailing election fraud perpetrated on Virginians in 2008?

Your answer is as good as mine. Read the post. Read the letter to AG Cuccinelli. Read the Complaint. It is all right there! The Commonwealth can ill afford taking on such an expensive lawsuit, especially since there is an easier and more affordable way to get to the bottom of Obama’s ineligibility.

This is not a birther issue. This is a US Constitutional issue. Download the complaint, add your contact info and slam the AG with it. We don’t need to be spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars on a lawsuit when we have the evidence we’ve put together in the Complaint challenging Pelosi, by asking her what evidence she had prior to her signing the Certification of Nomination forms in August of 2008 declaring Obama was eligible.


Send this email far and wide. All patriots need to know that we are getting ready to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars we can ill afford right now, all while the most expedient and strongest case sits at the AG’s fingertips. Just ask the question!!!

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  1. You touched on the question of the century. Why the State Attorney Generals, the GOP, Hillary, independent main stream journalists, avoid the eligibility route to rectify the damage?

    This major constitutional issue is treated as if it were a race related insult, not touchable. No one touches it with a ten foot pole except a handful of under-funded and harassed independently spirited attorneys.

    Hillary said in the campaign that her opponent has “no American roots” then accepted a nice job.

    Rush cracked a few jokes, then silence. He is spending all his energy on fighting the health-care legislation – has it ever occurred to him that he could use the eligibility to reverse it? Same with Hannity. Same with the state AGs. The GOP is dead or incompetent so one would not expect them to do rational action. But what about the Tea Party?


    The only logical explanation is “stick and carrot”. Used very effectively. Maybe also all or half legal also. If you have a better answer I would like to know.

  2. NO one has even mentioned that barry’s sister was born in indonisia and had gotten a bc in hawii , and is considered a nbc or naturalized , but that hawii does that all the time if born outside of the usa, someone I think should let those dummys know that his sister to is a foreigner .

    1. There never has been verification of Maya’s acquisition of a BC in Hawaii. I have looked high and low. I try to keep this all honest and verifiable because I think that helps this cause the most. I believe it is clear that he lied about being born at Kapiol’ani. This we know.

      What’s weird is that this is the most likely scenario:

      He can’t prove that he was born in Hawaii because affidavits signed by non-official people (Grandmother, etc. or “father”) will show that he wasn’t born at a hospital or with a licensed physician. That’s his first lie (which he would recant because he will say I never said I was born at Kapiolani).

      He was adopted by someone who is American (as a father) and is allowed to be considered to be born in Hawaii.

      OR BOTH.

      Stick to the basics people. How do we even know the guy is really 35? Why isn’t there a process that checks for Article 2 NBC status? That’s how all this crap got to where it is. Conspiracy theory and all this other mumbo jumbo stuff is just a distractor.

      We should DEMAND that all of our reps have Birth Certificates and other info on file in Washington. It’s required by the Constitution!

    2. “NO one has even mentioned that barry’s sister was born in indonisia and had gotten a bc in hawii…”

      I not only made that point, I emphasized it several times in my book The Obama Timeline. The book contains 638 pages of evidence against the thug-in-chief and should be submitted in a court of law to back of claims that the thug is not a natural born citizen. The Obama Timeline is the most complete chronology of the flim-flam man’s life, from his birth in 1961 through his first 100 days in office.

      Part II of The Obama Timeline, which starts where Part I leaves off, can be read at: http://www.colony14.net

  3. it is all “the plan” . They want us to be like Europe ! The UN runs us . Next is Illegal imigration ie make em all legal . Presto ! 15mil dem votes . Then we the working people , become the minority, Presto ! Slavery exists again ! We will catapult ourselves from the 17 th highest taxed country in the world to # 2 . 2nd only to France with this health care bs alone . Then cap & tax Presto ! We are # 1 . Entitlements rise from 49 % of the populus to 60% . Then they come after our guns ( already on the 2010 income tax returns , $50 per gun tax ) ps I dont own any and neither should you !
    Presto !

    1776 all over or 1860 maybe .

    1. I hope we have better plans than the Supreme court. If I remember right Lincoln said he would have kept slavery if it would have saved the union. I can see Obamas end game and so can the States. If I am right Obama has an ace up his sleave. We had better have five up ours. It could be 1860 all over again, right now it feels like Bastonge.

  4. lookie, a story from NEWSMAX…i’m sure you like that magazine:

    “Hawaii lawmakers are asking President Barack Obama to put his future presidential library in the state where he was born and raised.

    The state House Tourism, Culture and International Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution Monday urging Obama to choose Hawaii as the location for the library, which will serve as the repository for the documents, records and artifacts of his presidency.

    The resolution would be mailed to Obama if it’s approved by the full House, which appears likely because 47 of 51 representatives signed on to it. Even several Republicans are supporting the effort.

    Hawaii will likely have to compete with Illinois”

    1. Perhaps we can ajoin it to the Kenyan embassy, we can can move in all his relatives and provide them with free healthcare.

    2. I think as a prerequisite, The “I Won” should have to show his long form b/c before any appropriations are made to fund this farce. He isn’t even 450 days into his ONE and ONLY unconstitutional term and HI is already petitioning for his Presidential Library locale?? Also, what “documents” and “records” are they intending to hold here?

      From my afar view, it will be a pretty empty library…..HI must be really hurting for tourism revenue!

  5. Why not pursue both these issues. Lets keep him real busy. The universe of lies will soon collapse. Incidentally despite the crap thats being sold to people by the legacy media 54% (rasmunsen poll) dont want this health care crap.

    1. Have to read between the lines of that poll. There is roughly 13% of those that didnt like the bill for not being progressive enough……so the real issue to learn is that only 40% think its too liberal, 60% thinks its good enough or not liberal enough

      Of course republicans Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Dwight D Eisenhower, Bob Dole and Jack Kemp would all be considered socialists by this crowd Im thinking

  6. Obama is still a British citizen, to this day. Really, how simple!
    He’s a fraud, an illegal installed usurper.
    He has no business in our white house is illegitimately posing as authorized to sign a law.
    We do not follow laws brought forth illegally themselves.