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by Sharon Rondeau

The Commonwealth of Virginia motto is "Thus Always to Tyrants"

(Mar. 15, 2010) — On March 5, the Virginia House of Delegates voted to pass the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, effectively nullifying any federal health care measure that might be passed by Congress.  The bill, HB10, is expected to be signed by Governor Bob McDonnell.  After passing the Senate in February, the House of Delegates’ vote was 80-17.

According to USA Today, 34 states have proposed similar legislation.  However, Virginia is the first to pass it.

Last fall, that number was reported by the New York Times as “more than a dozen.”  Arizona will be voting on a constitutional amendment this November to opt out of any national health care program.  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) puts the  number of states planning to discuss resolutions against federally-mandated health care at 38.

One of the Virginia bill’s sponsors, Delegate Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), made the following statement after its passage: “It gives the state of Virginia the right to intervene on behalf of individuals should they decide not to pay for insurance and they refuse to pay the fine or they refuse to pay the fee or the tax or whatever you call it.”  Marshall claimed it is a Tenth Amendment right for the Commonwealth to reject government-run health care but that he expects the matter to be challenged and eventually be decided by the Supreme Court.

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