by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 11, 2016) — On Tuesday, blogger, attorney and citizen journalist Mike Cernovich interviewed Corey Stewart, Virginia Trump campaign manager who was fired from the position today.

Cernovich interviewed Stewart on Periscope TV and posted it in his Twitter feed.

Stewart told Cernovich that he witnessed the RNC “not funding an ad campaign in Virginia” for Trump despite Stewart’s informed belief that the Commonwealth is crucial to whoever wins the presidency next month.  As a result, Stewart organized a protest outside GOP headquarters in Washington, DC against the RNC’s diversion of funds.  “Right after that, I was terminated by [Virginia Trump campaign co-chair] Dave Bossie as chairman of the campaign,” Stewart told Cernovich.

Stewart said he has been a Trump supporter and Virginia Trump Board member since December.  He maintained that the money Trump has been raising for the Republication National Committee (RNC) “is being siphoned off” for congressional races rather than being used for Trump’s campaign.

Over the weekend, following the release of a 2005 recording in which Trump and then-Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush had a private discussion about women which offended many because of its vulgarity, ZeroHedge.com reported that the RNC had decided to divert “victory ” funds away from Trump “to down-ballot candidates.”

Fox News’s Melissa Francis also interviewed Stewart on Tuesday.

When asked by Cernovich, Stewart said he does not know who released the recording to The Washington Post but that he “would not be surprised” if it were RNC operatives or if not, that “they knew” that its releases was imminent.

The Twitter hashtag #GOPSabotage appears to report that a 2012 Romney/Ryan poster is prominent in GOP headquarters in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.

Dan Senor

Stewart said that after the Republican “establishment” reportedly said it would work with Trump once he secured the nomination in July, “Essentially, Mr. Trump was betrayed” (9:32).

Dan Senor, an aide of Ryan’s, has not denied having leaked the tape.  Senor is a former Romney adviser and is married to former NBC and CNN reporter Campbell Brown.

Brown is now involved in a project involving education.  Tweets about the leaking of the tape have been directed at Brown.

Stewart has filed papers to run for Virginia governor next year against Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, who narrowly lost to Democrat and former Clinton campaign manager Terry McAuliffe.

At 18:08 in the broadcast, Cernovich called Charles C. Johnson of GotNews.com, who repeated Stewart’s claim that the “GOP has taken over Trump’s campaign and they’re sabotaging him,” to which Johnson said, “Oh, yeah, this has been in the works for quite some time…”

[Editor’s Note:  Johnson’s lanaguage is not family-friendly.]

Johnson said that “a lot of the neocons” and “NeverTrumpers” are behind “the strategy” to leak the Trump/Bush recording as “a vehicle” to “get Paul Ryan to come out against Trump.”

“This is a stab in the back; this is clear sabotage,” Johnson said.  “This is a clear betrayal.”

Ryan was one of the first Republicans to denounce Trump for the 2005 conversation, followed quickly by 2012 presidential nominee and strong Trump opponent Mitt Romney.  A considerable number of congressmen quickly joined them.

When asked, Johnson told Cernovich that the tape “comes from the Bush crowd.”  “I know for a fact that it did not come from the Hillary Clinton campaign,” he continued, identifying “GOP advisers and consultants” as the leakers.

For his part, Trump said on Tuesday of Ryan, “I don’t want his support, I don’t care about his support.”  Yahoo! News reported of Trump, “Declaring himself unchained from party strictures, the White House nominee berated Republican leaders for offering ‘zero support’ and promised a bareknuckle 28-day campaign against Hillary Clinton.”

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  1. Trump revealed the reason the GOP wants him to lose when he told Hillary that if he were president, “She would be in jail”. Being in jail, or worse, is the fear of many in both parties, especially leadership.

    Both parties did nothing to stop an identity fraud con-artist from being sworn in as the putative president back in 2009, in spite of massive evidence of Obama’s associations with America hating admitted Communist Frank Marshall Davis, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres, Obama’s radical “Black Liberation Theology” church preacher of “God damn America” fame, and a long list of others. Combine that with no vetting, (at least none which would be reported, for fear of being called racist), sealed school records, etc., etc., etc. and Congress, when they allowed Obama to be sworn in as the putative president, committed treason at the highest possible level. By refusing to act to investigate and stop Obama they literally gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. From that moment until today the number one job of Congress has been to insure Obama remains officially a legitimate president. This is why the Republicans have used excuse after excuse not to impeach Obama, no matter how many impeachable offenses he commits. Impeachment, no matter the stated reason, could reveal the truth about Barry and the crime to big to prosecute, which gave us an identity fraud enemy of America as her putative president. The Obama regime owns Congress, the courts and the media, and Hillary represents a continuation of that ownership, insuring all those complicit in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people stay out of prison, and the charade, the political theater for the masses would continue unabated. Obama knows he is being protected by both parties and why, and he does whatever he wants to do without fear of being exposed for the fraud he is.

    None of this is hard to understand if one looks at the actions and inaction of Congress, all of whom violated their oath to protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic, in order to protect there own treasonous and cowardly selves from the monumental mistake of allowing and then protecting the usurpation of America’s presidency.

    There no “mystery” about Congress inaction and protection of Obama, and that protection extends to stopping Trump from being president because his real Department of Justice could do to many what Trump says he will do to Hillary, jail or worse would be in their future and they are desperate to prevent that from happening.

    Trump is America’s last hope, please do everything you can to help him win.