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(Feb. 27, 2023) — “Grieg, VI, op. 57” (2:34)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today’s guest is a retired border agent who oversaw a 300-mile section in Arizona who claims to have knowledge of an American cartel that works in conjunction with the Mexican drug/human trafficking cartels. Our guest wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll just call him ‘John.’

“No, don’t do that. Try ‘Lee,’ okay?”

“What’s wrong with ‘John?’

“Because that’s my name. Let’s try ‘Lee,’ okay?”

“No, pick another name. Calling you ‘Lee’ might upset a statue-toppler who can’t accept the truth.”

“Now I’m confused.”

“It’s simple. Stupid people believe in hype, the trend of the day, the concept of ‘free, equality, and sustainable.’ Now on paper it all sounds good, like, ‘to each according to need,’ as in ‘I “need” a 100-foot yacht but I don’t want to work for it.’ ‘Lee’ connotes slavery, and we can’t have that.”

“How trite; why, every family tree has at least one branch that was a slave at one time.”

“Yes, we know that, but there’re just too many idiots out there who watch The View. Let’s just forget the name, okay? Professor Zorkophsky says that people all over the world are uptight and on edge strictly because of Biden’s catastrophic incompetence. Zork — that’s what he likes to be called — explained today’s human condition as ‘collective tension’ that bodes ill will for all: worst-case scenario of collective tension is someone having his finger on the launch button. So, you were a border agent. What was the satisfaction of the job?”

“Catching smugglers, by far.”

“Any specific type of smuggler?”

“Without a doubt the human kind, basically young girls. Going after drugs was a bore for several reasons, the first being the ones you caught just meant that over the next ridge a lot more were getting through. Another reason was that, starting in 1970, the police started to set the price of the drugs they confiscated whereas previously they stated the amount, as in ‘one ounce of marijuana was discovered’ rather than ‘one ounce of marijuana was discovered with a street value of $30.’ The day before that same drug was selling at $15 an ounce. Very bad for the cops to raise the price because whenever they do, home burglaries, shoplifting and purse-snatching increase immediately. So, the police set the price for a reason, mostly so they can increase their budgets for more personal and additional surveillance, besides excuses for pay raises and overtime pay.”

“You’re talking Border Patrol cops, right?”

“Yes, of course, that’s all I know. Thirty-three years as a Border Patrol cop and I retired because, under Biden, I wasn’t allowed to protect the border. And, get this, many times we knew hundreds and even thousands of pounds of drugs were crossing, and we were ordered to be someplace else; same with caravans of young women. I expressed my dissatisfaction, and it was like talking to the cat, so I retired and I’m glad I did. Under Trump I was proud of what we were doing but under Biden I was ashamed. Look, each and every one of the border- crossers was breaking the law; they knew it and we knew it. These so-called ‘migrants’ have absolutely no respect for our laws, for us, or for our country. They view us people with no backbone who don’t give a hoot about our own country and if they think we don’t care why in the heck should they?”

“The Fake News doesn’t do a very good job of reporting the news these days, do they?”

“No, carjackings, attempted carjackings and home invasions are totally ignored, I mean, if they weren’t that’s all the news we’d ever be hearing, besides DAs and judges treating the criminals with kid gloves.”

“What’s your solution?”

“Number one is to start executing the bad guys, the rapists, child-molesters and the murderers, no matter where they’re from. The heck with our ‘Bend over backwards and be nice’ treaties. Our trade deals aren’t so good, after all, are they?”

“So, you don’t think our treaties are worth a hoot?”

“No, I do not. Trump was good about a lot of things but letting rapists, child-molesters, and murderers go free (deport them) so they can come back and do it all over again is not my idea of a successful treaty. The Mexican macho culture accepts drunk driving — causing injury and death — as no more of a concern than, well, nothing; that’s exactly how much they care about DUIs. With them it’s a way of life. You want to take your life in your own hands, try riding to the hospital in an ambulance in Mexico City after sustaining an injury in an auto accident. Even the residents of Mexico City will gladly pay for a taxi to the hospital rather than risk life and limb in an ambulance.”

“The Mexican cartels are said to be making a bundle; is that true?”

“The barometer of the Mexican cartels’ profit is directly proportional to the campaign coffers of some of our politicians and certainly the bank accounts of some of our government employees, from the Beltway to the border.”

“So are you saying that some of our politicians are being paid by the Mexican cartels for assisting the transfer of drugs and women across our southern border?”


“Do you have any proof of that statement?”

“The fact that it is happening should be proof enough for any rational person, wouldn’t you think?”

“Yes, of course.”

“The hosts and the audience of The View don’t get it and never will get it. To them two plus two does not equal four but some other number that they are happy with. If Trump is “4,” if Ivermectin is a “4” and the Bill of Rights is a “4,” then the Dems accept inflation, the ‘Clot Shot,’ and the incarcerated Jan. Sixers as a positive conclusion to a Russian Hoax that never happened. Come on, man, we talk about the CCP being nothing more than a criminal syndicate but we never seem to apply the same criteria to our own, homegrown corruption, starting with the 2020 stolen election.”

“I guess that makes you an ‘election denier.’

“By that I take it you mean that I accept the Constitution of the United States as the law of the land; then my answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes.’

“So, what, Biden and gang are nothing more than a cartel, a criminal enterprise profiting from drugs and human trafficking, which is a  nice way of saying that Biden and gang are slave- traders? The Dems are in the slave trade?”

“Don’t forget the fentanyl, marijuana, and heroin, the uppers and downers and, believe it or not, human organs harvested for transplanting to the highest bidder. There’s a thriving black market in kidneys, livers, hearts, and lungs.”

“And we’ve reached the end of the show so I’d like to thank our secret just-retired border agent for cluing us in on what is really happening on our southern border; thank you.”

“And likewise for letting the truth come out.”

“This is your Roving Reporter, on behalf of John, wishing each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

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You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often” (2:42)

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