by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(May 13, 2022) — Well, whatta ya know: crack pipes for junkies were, after all, included in the “safe smoking kits” distributed by the Goofball Regime.  This, of course, after the regime’s termites – including scarlet-coiffed, soon-to-be-ex press flak Jen Psaki – assured everyone that no such thing was planned or could happen. Would it be wrong to suggest that the label “Psaki the Pusher” be coined?  No, no Virginia, not that kind of a pusher.

The reality: Psaki pushed a lie, junkies died…, and many others just expressed gratitude for the drug paraphernalia enabling them to get high again.

Then we have that paragon of law enforcement at the Department of “Justice,” Merrick Garland, who assured Congress that counterterrorist tools were not – and never would be – used against American parents, particularly parents defending their kids’ rights to an “education” as opposed to a leftist “indoctrination.”  Oops: another lie.

Ironically, the DOJ motto is: “qui pro domina justicia sequitur,” with the most frequently cited English translation being: “He who takes legal action on behalf of Lady Justice.” And, by the way, how long do you think it will be before they declare the motto itself to be misogynistic: how dare we label justice as being gender-specific and pursued only by a “he”?  Oh, the humanity!! How about something like, “He/she/it who takes legal action on behalf of that individual who in pre-woke times held up some scales and wore a blindfold?”

And, continuing the discussion about lies, recall the Goofball himself assuring us that the inflation fireball now threatening to consume the entire economy would be “transitory.”  Right again: a lie.  Remember that lie when the recession hits…, not “if”…, “when.”

The lies of Psaki and Garland are more mendacious, of course, than those of the Goof since knowledge of the contrary truth and the prevarication nonetheless offered thereafter were conscious decisions on their part.  On the other hand – and in defense of the Goof (gasp!!), since it is unlikely that in his addled and confused mental state he could perform such elevated cerebral actions – his statement of “transitory” inflation could well be deemed just “bewildered misinformation.”  Nothing to see here…, move along.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a pattern here?

That is correct, Virginia: lying has become the hallmark fingerprint of the Goofball Regime.  It appears to be deeply embedded, not unlike DNA, in the collective brain of the regime.  It is a misnomer, even disinformation, to ascribe to the organism a “mind,” as that term suggests rational thought capability.  Indeed, one might even call lies the new cryptocurrency of the cabal, not unlike a fungible “coin of the realm,” that realm being the Goofball Regime.

Because fewer than one single proto-patriotic Democrat member of the House of Representatives has yet “stepped up” to put the good of the Republic ahead of partisan politics, as discussed here and here, we are now faced with having to wait until November to rid the lower chamber of its current dictator Speaker, the Wretch of San Crapcisco.  And even then, new House members won’t take office until January, 2023…, yikes. 

As warned, with each passing day that a bill of impeachment lies dormant in the House, a new Goofball outrage slithers out from its hole. 

These vermin include, most recently, (1) the providing of baby formula (and, apparently, applesauce) to illegal aliens pouring over the southern border, which commodities many American mothers cannot find on their neighborhood store shelves; (2) the creation of the truly Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security, headed by what can only be described as a lib ditz following her bizarre “Mary Poppins” TikTok flop; (3) the cowardly and feckless reaction of the Goof to the “leaked” draft Supreme Court opinion proposing to overrule Roe v. Wade, and (4) the cancellation of Alaska oil and gas leases which will drive the price of already record-breaking gas and diesel fuel exponentially higher.

It is no stretch to conclude that lying has, in fact, become the cryptocurrency of the Goofball Regime.  Much like hypocrisy – which if it did not already exist, would be invented by a lib at breakfast merely to survive until lunch – the regime’s operatives and apparatchiks cannot survive on facts and truth.

From the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC)

Democrats – and in particular, their leaders in the Congress, in blue states and blue cities – have forever forfeited any claim of right or competence to govern a free people.  That is why they fight so viciously to cling to power, even if it be fraudulently obtained.  If the FHDP Democrats in Congress lack the backbone to do the right thing now, vote GOP in November.

With Democrats in power, the crude adolescent Q & A comes to mind: Q.: Why does a dog lick itself?  A.: Because it can.  As long as Democrats remain in control of any governmental function, virtually without exception, look for a lot more lying.   And continued licking, too.

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