by Tom Arnold, ©2022

(Mar. 30, 2022) — This is a part of my life’s story (senior citizen short version).  It has become a pretty disappointing one, or maybe I should call it a failure?  Nevertheless, I want to share a bit of it with you and others, in case anyone cares or thinks there is any hope at all left for us.  Bear with me.  I realize that the following little scenario (a favorite of mine) may seem like an unusual way to begin (especially coming from a military veteran and retired law enforcement officer), but here goes.  There is a knock at the door and an officious-looking man (or woman, I am not a biologist!) presents him or herself, and states, “I’M WITH THE GOVERNMENT, AND I’M HERE TO HELP YOU!”  Depending on your perspective, this is either a stroke of good fortune or, as I am wont to call it, A SICK JOKE.

For me, it all began in 2007, when, ostensibly out of nowhere (Chicago!), BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA announced he would run for president and eventually became the Democrat Party’s nominee.  At first, I admit, Obama had me fooled, and I thought that a so-called “Black” presidential candidate of his apparent caliber might be someone I could support.  I did my “due diligence,” however, and it did not take me long to learn that Obama was improperly if not unlawfully nominated (at Nancy Pelosi’s direction) and also was most likely constitutionally ineligible (not a natural born American citizen as required to run for or become elected president pursuant to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5).  I did not vote for Obama, as I did not really know much more about him at that point than what I’ve already told you.  Little did I know then that Obama was the textbook “poster boy” of a Manchurian Candidate (please feel free to look up the definition yourself).  Also, I did not know that a few years later in 2012 Breitbart News would make public that a bio of Obama had been printed in 1991 by Acton & Dystel.  Obama was in law school at the time (1991) and president of the Harvard Law Review.  The bio stated that he, Obama, was “BORN IN KENYA AND RAISED IN INDONESIA AND HAWAII.” The bio remained intact and uncontested for over sixteen years until 2007, and most of us are well aware of what happened then!  Does anyone really believe that for sixteen years, Obama did not proofread his own bio, or that he himself was not the one who wrote it in the first place?  Or, maybe his Weather Underground buddy, Bill Ayers, wrote it.

Once Obama won the election and was sworn in by activist Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in January 2009, IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END.  I believe Roberts knew all about Obama.  How could he not!  Obama’s announced intention was to “TRANSFORM” our government and society.  Actually, what this meant was that our country was to be taken over, the people’s wishes notwithstanding.  Another sinister reality was involved, i.e., the takeover and transformation of our country would be FROM WITHIN. 

I think our own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had chosen Obama, groomed him, paid him, and, in a conspiracy with others, orchestrated his unconstitutional run for the highest office in our land.  These days, we like to call something such as that a “coup,” or ELECTION FRAUD (which, by the way, he was convicted of in two separate citizens’ jury trials!).  IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WHO THINKS THAT THE CIA HAD THE AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT I BELIEVE IT DID OR THAT IT WAS WITHIN THE GUIDELINES OF THEIR “MISSION?” 

Former Obama presidential advisor and later CIA Director from 2013 to 2017, John Brennan, headed up the ensuing various un-American activities.  You did know, didn’t you, that Brennan, like Obama, was once a Muslim and is said to have associated with The Muslim Brotherhood?  If anyone could find Brennan today, we might be able to ask him questions about all of this (and, since he was Obama’s “fixer,” about many other things equally or more serious in nature, if you know what I mean).  

Obama is likely to have committed a number of high crimes and misdemeanors.  In his run-up to the presidency, he may have forged or conspired with others to forge a Hawaiian birth certificate. It has also been reported that he committed identity theft by using a dead man’s Social Security Number and approximately one dozen other different SSNs and falsified or had falsified official government documents such as a backdated Selective Service Registration form (draft card). If his documents are, in fact, falsified, he perjured himself, and, as noted, committed election fraud

Most of these alleged crimes were carried out so that he could fabricate an identity as an American citizen eligible to seek high office.  Then, while in the presidency for eight years, Obama is alleged to have committed dozens of additional crimes.  To save time, only a few will be mentioned.  He allegedly committed bribery, election meddling in Israel and other countries (Obama was an anti-Semitic racist), gave aid and comfort to America’s enemies and terrorists, was involved in gun-running and money-laundering schemes, and INVOLUNTARY CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT MANSLAUGHTER by failing to perform the duties of commander-in-chief in Benghazi, which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of four American heroes, including the Libyan ambassador on September 11, 2012. 

Coincidentally, Benghazi occurred only two months prior to our country’s next general election, and incumbent candidate Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others covered up and lied to the public, even the victims’ families, about what actually had happened.  We must not let it go unnoticed that throughout the eight total years of Obama’s administration, Joe Biden was Obama’s vice-president.  Does anyone ever wonder why Obama chose Joe “The Big Guy” Biden as his running mate? 

Throughout all of the time above and afterward to the present time, this writer unapologetically made thousands of attempts in person, by email, FAX transmissions, telephone calls, and written letters, often with supporting documents such as those compiled by Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse charged with investigating Obama’s long-form birth certificate at the request of constituents.  PRACTICALLY NOTHING EVER BECAME OF MY ALMOST DAILY EFFORTS!  And, it wasn’t because I had NO STANDING (a common excuse by our Supreme Court for not hearing controversial cases).  I am a law-abiding American citizen, a veteran, taxpayer, and a voter (for what that’s worth).  Even the Department of Justice (its Inspector General’s “Hotline” which supposedly is used for the reporting of federal crimes) wrote back to me and told me that “The Investigations Division of the Office of the Inspector General has thoroughly reviewed the material and concluded that THE ISSUES RAISED DO NOT WARRANT AN INVESTIGATION” and “WE DO NOT INTEND TO EXCHANGE FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH YOU REGARDING THIS MATTER.”  The missive was unsigned by the sender.  For the last two or three years, my emails to the USDOJ Inspector General’s Hotline have been returned to me with the message “YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO SEND IT.”  Well, there go my First Amendments rights!  And, I also believe, my victim’s rights!

Before closing, permit me to emphasize that our country, its government, and society as we once knew it are being destroyed from within.  I don’t have to tell most of you how ridiculous most things “WOKE” are.  This movement includes Critical Race Theory, “systemic racism,” vandalism of historically important monuments and sites, violence in the streets, hatred of police, re-training our military to conform with all of the above, teaching school children about these things and introducing them outside the home to “sex education,” intolerance of different religions (often replaced by atheism), and recognition of and praise for LGBTQ+ (courtesy, I am convinced, of real-life experiences of Barack and Michael). 

As a project that you may find not only interesting but informative, I ask you to compare the beliefs and activities of the Obamas beginning in 2007 (or earlier) with the woke ideologies and behaviors embraced today in our society.  You might see a remarkable parallel and pattern with the Obamas of previous years.  It thus is my contention that the downfall of America began with and has been exemplified and controlled by Barack Hussein Obama and company.  Almost mimics a RICO criminal enterprise, doesn’t it?

That, my fellow Americans, is the part of my latter life’s story (and presumably, many of yours, too).  We have become DISENFRANCHISED.  It seems that very little or none of this matters anymore (especially to our “we’re here to help you” government!).  Fewer and fewer offenders are being held accountable.  “No one is above the law” apparently is just another sick joke.  IT LOOKS AS IF OBAMA AND HIS RADICAL MARXIST AND SOCIALIST CO-CONSPIRATORS ARE GOING TO BE HOME FREE!  DOES THE CRIME OF TREASON NO LONGER EXIST?  Has the fact heretofore that there is no statute of limitations on TREASON become meaningless?  And especially, what about our one-of-a-kind exemplary constitution, under God?  Unfortunately, it may not be too long until many of us have nothing to remember but a life in the 21st century full of disappointment and disenfranchisement.  I’ve been there.  And, I may be down, BUT I’M NOT OUT!  YET. 

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  1. “We the People” must be “ever vigilant”., “Freedom isn’t free” reads the sign in front of my local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Many people now know that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and many others are criminals, anti-American, treasonous miscreants. The powers that be are not doing their sworn duty. We have our work cut out for us. It’s been 14 years now since Obama usurped the Presidency with the help of Nancy Pelosi. It was done during a time when our nation was at war. Obama’s usurpation of the Presidency during time of war constitutes treason and espionage against the United States. I don’t see Obama escaping the consequences of his crimes if we stand our ground, don’t give up and if we continue to petition the government for redress of our grievances (That provision in the Constitution gives anyone the RIGHT to send information to the Government). One does not need “Permission”.

    More importantly, continue to pray to God for resolution of this matter. “In God we trust”.

  2. How about another ugly incident, of which I was the victim on May, 17, 2012? Could have just as easily been you. On that date, Breitbart News published a bio of Barack Obama which they found had been printed by Acton & Dystel in 1991 and which said that Obama had been born in Kenya. The bio remained intact and unchallenged for over sixteen years until 2007, the year of Obama’s first presidential run. Surprise, surprise! It is noted the bio also included bios of other up-and-coming authors and celebrities. To repeat, Obama nor anyone conspiring with him objected to the accuracy of the dio’s contents until 2007! Anyway, on the date of the incident, May 17, 2012, I telephoned FOX (Faux) NEWS and told them that I had a “breaking news” story. Astonishingly, I was put through to the “news manager’s” office and ended up speaking to a man, who refused to give me his name (after I willingly had given him my name: Thomas Arnold). When I told him the subject matter of my phone call, this man immediately began addressing me as “Benedict Arnold!” Every time that he spoke to me! He even asked me if I was familiar with my family tree and knew who my ancestors were! And, did they “come over on the Mayflower!” A few exchanges like that, and I hung up on the person whom I now prefer to call a “chicken ____.” I have never forgotten this, and usually email FOX management on every May 17th anniversary of it. To date, I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED AN APOLOGY. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL. This certainly does not represent corporate good will (to say the least). I have many bones to pick with FOX (FAUX) NEWS, among them are cover-ups and lies committed by Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, Bill “No Spin” O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Trey Gowdy, Paul Ryan, etc. But, for now, let’s just say that the incident I have described still is hurtful, but WHO CARES?

  3. Spot on Tom Arnold. I share your frustration and thank you for your efforts to reveal the truth. Choosing Obama to destroy America from within was a perfect move for those who hate America. Immediately, Obama was untouchable because he is black, (black leadership had a meeting and decided Obama was black enough). Obama’s second level of protection was stronger that his race. As I have said many times, once Obama was sworn-in by John Roberts in 2009 every member of Congress who said and/or did nothing to try to stop his usurpation became guilty of giving America’s government and her military to her enemies, and of violating their sworn-oath to protect the Constitution. No one was going to expose Obama and send themselves to prison… Obama was and still is protected from the truth, and from anyone who is a danger to reveal the truth. If that person is also in a position to act on the truth, i.e. President Trump, both parties panic and do everything possible to prevent that from happening. Obama is ineligibility protected.

    When Trump beat the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama president, Hillary Clinton, both parties revealed themselves as the “Uniparty”, which they are correctly called. Repeated efforts, based on total lies and fabrications were made and failed to impeach Trump. The next step was to deny President Trump a second term by stealing the 2020 election. To be certain the steal did not fail, as it did when Trump defeated Hillary in 2016, the cheating was made instantly adjustable, as needed. The result is America’s leadership consists of Joe Biden, a corrupt career politician with dementia, and a chosen by Obama V/P, the dingbat, ineligible; satisfy the, “black female”, requirement, Kamala Harris.

    I would like to believe the next election will save America……..but what has been done to insure one vote per one legitimate voter, and that those votes are counted and reported accurately?

    1. Bob68, well said. Your analysis of the Obama years and subsequent times is right on. You’ve explained things so that the rest of us can understand the events which occurred and the motives which were in play. There has never been a time in our country’s history of more immorality, lawlessness, and actual EVIL. This is primarily courtesy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his co-conspirators, some of which have been the CIA, DNC (and elements inside the GOP), CPUSA, the so-called Deep State, super rich money changers, left-wing radicals and socialists, NWO fanatics (by the way, what would a “New World Order” look like and how could it possibly be implemented and succeed?), the mainstream fake news media, recently popularized and imbued with power “woke” practitioners , etc. Ironically, the etching on the walls of the CIA HQ entrance reads: “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Oh. really! Anyway, Bob68, keep up the good work. We may be down, but we’re not out yet! Tom A.