Update: Ohio Secretary of State Directs Election Boards to Investigate Reports of Election Fraud


by Sharon Rondeau

Ohio Secretary of State maintained that the use of an invalid Social Security number should not have kept Barack Hussein Obama’s name off the ballot in 2012. Now he has directed the 88 county election boards in his state to investigate credible reports of election fraud in the wake of several people’s admission to voting multiple times.

(Feb. 21, 2013) — In a recent appearance on Fox News, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted reported that he has ordered the 88 county election boards in his state to investigate allegations of voter fraud in the 2012 election.

In Hamilton County, multiple cases of people voting twice or more have been given a hearing, with those admitting to have voted multiple times invariably saying that they had done nothing wrong (see second video).  An election official admitted to voting for Obama six times, using the name of her granddaughter and voting both by absentee ballot and in person.

During early voting in the state, first-hand video reports of apparently non-English-speaking immigrants being bussed to polling places and receiving instruction in how to “vote [Dem. candidate Sherrod] Brown all the way down” the ballot were reported well in advance of Election Day.  As of September, Ohio had been identified as a state with outdated voter rolls and statistically highly unusual voter registration percentages.

Directly after the results of the election were announced, the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had called for a forensic investigation and CPA audit of the vote in key swing states, all of which except one reportedly “swung” to Obama and to many Democrats in Congress.  A Maryland legislator asked for a formal investigation of at least one touch-screen voting machine after several constituents reported seeing their vote for Romney “flipped” and registered to Obama on the screen, although Rep. Aftzali reported back to The Post & Email that investigators were no able to replicate the error.

The website for the Ohio Secretary of State does not readily appear to have announced the mandate for election boards to hold hearings on reports of election fraud.

Private investigator Susan Daniels had become a candidate for president in Ohio, where she lives and conducts business.  Daniels filed a lawsuit named Husted as the defendant, challenging the placement of Obama’s name on the state ballot based on her allegation that he is using a Social Security number issued in the state of Connecticut, where Obama never worked or lived.

During an interview with The Post & Email in May 2011, Daniels explained how she reached her conclusions about the Social Security number Obama is using.  Another private investigator who formerly worked for Scotland Yard found similar information in the databases he searched.

The Secretary of State’s office contended that “Plaintiff somehow equates use of an improper social security number as a disqualifying event in that the candidate has thereby violated ‘any other requirements established by law.’  However, no where [sic] is it clear that use of an improper social security number is a ground for the Secretary of State to reject the candidacy of President Obama, or any other candidate for office.”  He therefore stated that Daniels had no claim to make against his office.

Obama’s use of what has been termed a “stolen Social Security number” is one of numerous claims of identity theft made against Obama.  Last March, a law enforcement investigation announced that it had found probable cause to believe that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card were “computer-generated forgeries,” and in July, the same investigators stated that the birth certificate was “definitely fraudulent.”

A recent announcement indicated that the investigation into Obama’s documentation or lack thereof is continuing and points to identity fraud.  Since 2008, many Americans have questioned Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief because of his claimed foreign fatherArticle II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen.”

Attorney Orly Taitz met with members of Congress in September 2011 to discuss evidence of identity fraud on Obama’s part, but neither Congress, the FBI nor the Department of Justice has launched an investigation as far as the public is aware.

The mainstream media has ridiculed and marginalized anyone seeking the truth about Obama’s inconsistent birth narrative and refused to launch its own investigation into the claims, leaving bloggers, internet media and unpaid investigators to perform the research to reach the truth for the last five years.  Some media have attempted to convince their readers that election fraud did not occur in Ohio, citing the Obama-supporting “fact-checking” website Politifact.

Reporters questioned about “astronomical” voter turnout for Obama in some Philadelphia wards did not respond to emails.  At least one writer posited that “there won’t be a presidential recount.”

The Post & Email examined official election results posted by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in November which indicated that entire precincts showed no votes for Republican president candidate Mitt Romney.  A comparison to the 2008 returns showed the same phenomenon in some of the same precincts.

Elections forecaster and analyst Larry Sabato stated early on that such results were “worth looking into.”  Results in Ohio were announced with only a fraction of the votes having been counted.  Political pundit Karl Rove had taken issue with Fox News’s call of Ohio for Obama which he perceived as “premature.”

Hamilton County elections official Alex Triantafilou was aware of voting irregularities before Election Day 2012 resulting in approximately 200 “presumably fake voter registration cards.”  A left-leaning publication had claimed that minority voters were disenfranchised because of “early voting cutbacks.”

Husted is now saying that it is his job to “make sure the system runs effectively, that it has integrity.”  Husted was quoted by Fox News as having said:

Most attempts [at voter fraud] are caught by the system. But there are cases that do slip through, as this one does, and we need to make sure that we really send a strong message, that if you do this, you are going to be held accountable. It might mean fines, it might mean jail time.”

On Thursday, The Post & Email asked Husted’s office for comment on his mandate to the election boards in his state and received the following response from Alexis Zoldan, Constituent Affairs Liason/Deputy Press Secretary:

Unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and suppression serve only to undermine confidence in our elections system. That’s why I have directed all 88 county boards of elections in Ohio to investigate and hold public hearings on any legitimate allegations of voter fraud or voter suppression from the 2012 election. We want to gather the facts and hold violators accountable.

The Post & Email contacted Susan Daniels for comment on Husted’s move to investigate voter fraud, and she told us:

Republican Jon Husted is another political phony. He claims that there is going to be an investigation into Ohio voter fraud but he is just another poseur. I handed him everything he needed to go after Obama. When I filed my lawsuit against Husted last year to keep Obama off the ballot, he had all the ammunition necessary.

When a Republican judge dismissed my case immediately (time-stamped only three days after the hearing-which is way to quick for a judge to act), I finally understood that there is no longer a difference between Republicans and Democrats and it is now “us against them.” It is disheartening to realize how the politicians are working to their own advantage and how little we can do to stop them.

Husted is nothing but another RINO who wants to be the OH governor. He is a phony who has had a series of problems, including remembering where he was born. He is loser who deserves no respect.

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  1. gigclick   Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    They will probably cover up any hanky panky as usual with everything dealing with Dem or Obama smut. I know the county that Alan West tried to run in and the Dem he ran against was a rich kid jail bird that daddy bought his election for and they crushed West with phony counter ads on how bad West was when Murphy was the loser but now Murphy is in and even though they called for investigations, I doubt that anything will happen, as usual. We know Obama had those vote machines programmed through his loyalists, but how can you prove it and what good will it do at this point with TRILLIONS already stolen that can never be recovered and a complicit corrupted judicial that will do anything for a paycheck, forget sworn duty to the Constitution?!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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