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(Jan. 20, 2022) — “Viva Las Vegas” (2:37)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Henry just called to ask if we would like to listen in on his report to his boss, Zyklon, so let’s listen in after this short commercial.”

Kind of a Drag” (2:10)

“Henry calling, Zyklon; come in, ‘Ruler of it All.’

“Reading you five-by-five, Henry; what have you got for me? I’ve been hearing a lot of malarkey about masks; what’s that all about?”

“It’s the same as throwing gasoline on a fire, is what it is.”

“So masks don’t work?”

“Not for good; for ill they work. They work at reducing the oxygen content the human brain needs to grow and function, so it’s no good for children and adults.”

“But they continue to wear them.”

“That they do, the same one for days, weeks, even months at a time.”

“You mean to say that they wear used masks? No way.”

“I myself have worn the same mask multiple times.”

“What good is that?”

“Why, none at all. Wearing a mask has nothing to do with trying to keep a grain of sand from blowing through a chain-link fence. Wearing a mask is all about control; make people comply; jump through hoops; shut them up.”

“What’s this about a vaccine that is not a vaccine?”

“Here’s the thing, Zyklon: the Chinese biological weapon that they call COVID-19 is the flu, and that’s it. Do you know that humans themselves have killed more of their own than the actual flu has? It would be funny, like watching the Keystone Cops, if so many people weren’t kicking over. Heck, they have Ivermectin that works, but the hospitals won’t prescribe, because the United Nations and other governments wish to impose restrictions, especially Australia, the Chinese test-bed of compliance.”

“Let me see if I understand this: the CCP unleashed a flu strain upon the world and the world governments have responded to the crisis, some successfully while others not so, medical-wise; some governments saved people while other governments killed people, like that Governor Cuomo did in New York; am I right?”

“Oh-so-right, Zyklon. They even issued mandates for The Jab’ and use the GESTAPO playbook as their enforcement guidelines, as in, ‘Show me your papers!.’”

“This is true? Even their military?”

“Yes, but not the military of the CCP, or the goons of the Capitol Police or, for that matter, a select few in the American government, such as members of Congress.”

“Yet they still issue mandates.”

“That they do, by the — well, let me just say one mandate is one too many.”


“You’re telling me. They go to a restaurant and lower their well-used mask to eat or drink.”

“What good is that?”

“Why, none. It’s all about control.”

“But that’s ridiculous.”

“Nonetheless, It’s all about control, as in, ‘Go stand in line for the showers, but not all opt for the ‘Clot Shot.’”

”How many?”

“About half, Zyklon.”

“So half the population can be easily controlled while the other half knows the word ‘freedom?’

“Yes, Zyklon; half are really stupid, and it makes it doubly hard for the rest of them, sad to say.”

“This mandate for the military is especially disturbing, is it not, plus the fact that the government is hell-bent on pushing CRT.  So, do you think the United States military is nothing but another Third Reich army with modern uniforms and weapons? Didn’t the Empty Suit, aka Obama, wish that the Oath of enlistment be to him rather than the Constitution?”

“That is quite correct, Zyklon.”

“So we can expect a new Oath emerging, can we?”

“That’s a fact, Zyklon.”

“Are you safe, Henry? Do you have to wear a mask?”

“So far their cows, cats and dogs go around maskless because they are already easily controlled, all except the cats. Ever herd cats? A complete waste of time, like trying to explain the Constitution to a Democrat, that the Democrat Party is the Party of Jim Crow; complete waste of time. Like watching ‘The View’ with their endless ‘Trump bashing’ and ‘Russian Collusion’: the lies never end. But it gets worse.”

“Tell me.”

“The Americans continue to import people who want to kill them.”



“What are the chances of their next president deporting the Muslims and the illegal immigrants, of actually protecting the citizens?”

“Absolutely none, maybe one-half of one percent. They talk the talk but, for some reason, can’t seem to walk the walk. Years ago, in 2012, there was this presidential candidate who came right out and said that’s what he’d do. He said not one Muslim or one illegal immigrant within the borders of the USA, ever.”

“Too bad they didn’t elect him; think of all the trouble and lives he would’ve saved.”

“Well, when half the population is stupid you can’t expect too much.”

“This is a sad report, Henry. You seem to be telling me that the USA is at the brink of extinction, that the present administration is in compliance with its enemies; where does it end?”

“I’m afraid to say it ends when the Beacon of Freedom is extinguished, Zyklon. And that’s my report: they talk but, well, there’s nothing more to add, I’m afraid.  Here it is, a year later, and with all the cheating during the last election, no one has been placed against a wall and shot for treason or sent to prison, so I guess that says it all.”

“I guess it does. Americans say one thing but don’t do another; just hot air. Like in Germany: cops attack peaceful protesters with tear gas and water cannons. Thank you for your depressing yet accurate report, Henry. Bye.”

“Bye, Zyklon.”

“Thank you for sharing your report, Henry. And that’ll do it for this episode of ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot, so we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hard to ignore the truth, isn’t it? Burger time: my treat.”

[There is no Little People report.]

This Guy’s in Love with You” (3:52)

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