by Henry, ©2021

(Jul. 29, 2021) — “Ghost Riders in the Sky” (2:36)

Zyklon calling Earth. Henry, pick up.”

“O Benevolent One, how nice to hear your voice.”

“I bet. Daylight is burning so let’s have your report, please.”

“As you wish. Most of these Earthlings have what they call ‘common sense.’”

“What about the others? Are they stupid or what?”

“It is a derangement of the brain that a well-known psychiatrist has studied for years, and if you would like to hear the gist of it I’ll be glad to offer a synopsis.”

“Go for it.”

“Here it is:

A Brain is a Dynamo

by Professor Zorkophsky

Let’s define a thought. A thought is a series of electromagnetic pulses that result in a conclusion.  A conclusion is a collection of atoms arranged in such a way that is not scrambled and makes sense. If a row of atoms is scrambled, you end up with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’

If a group of people is really nuts — as they are in the enclave that we call Oregon – you end up with anti-cistern legislation, as unbelievable as it sounds.

And that’s the basics in a nutshell, Zyklon, Ruler of the Universe. It’s the same old story of insignificant nobodys who get a little power and become tyrants: the gnat of a Bureaucrat acting like Frodo Wearing the Ring!’ which is, quite obviously, unacceptable.”

“What’s this I hear about Pelosi, the Dems and the mask?”

“The mask is but a symbol of control. The mask is not an instrument of physical health but is rather a detriment to mental health. A person’s oxygen content drops by one-fifth wearing the mask. It’s as if everyone on the planet is taking a Quaalude so as to dumb-down the masses.”

“I heard that they cancelled some sports because of the Chinese flu bug.”

“Yes, that is true. In the town just down the road from me, they cancelled some high school sports because someone tested positive. So the games were cancelled, nobody got sick and nobody died, yet they cancelled the game. No graduation and no prom, and you wonder why the country is going to hell in a hand-basket.”

“But why? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“It does if you want to ‘fundamentally change‘ America from a Republic to a Communist dictatorship; then it makes perfect sense.”

“But why?”

“I’ll tell you why: because a lot of the atoms that are supposed to be in neat lines are scrambled beyond any hope of ever getting right, which means that the Pelosis and Schumers and the rest of the Dems of the world are forever relegated to the ‘Morning Joe’ segment of what is the end of their sorry and worthless lives. Sad to say, but true.”

“They never get it? You mean the ship has sailed and they’re not on it?”

“Gone, and that’s the end of my report.”

“You know, Henry, that you have Superman powers while on earth?”

“I think I’ll see if I can put a few magic words in the proper order and maybe put some sense into all the crazy people. That’s the end of my report.”

“It looks like the USA is a failed system in that the checks and balances weren’t enough safeguards to thwart a takeover. Make no mistake about it: the country has been successfully taken over by the Communists*; it is up to the patriots to take it back. As long as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Executive and the judicial branches of government are against the Constitution, the only avenue for the patriots to succeed is by violence because that is the only language that the enemy understands. Being nice, reasonable and logical is seen as a sign of weakness, so forget about turning the other cheek and go after them the same way they have gone after you: cheating, lying, violence. It is the only way that the patriots have a snowball’s chance of winning and you need to tell them that and to make it very clear that this is the end game: there are no tomorrows.”

“Thank you.”

[*Communists = Dems.]


Just Ask Your Heart” (2:32)


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