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(Nov. 6, 2021) — “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You” (4:11)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Before we replay another one of Zorkophsky‘s PTSD sessions, let me say that this ‘white privilege’ nonsense is just another nothing on top of many other nothings, such as ‘Russian Collusion.’ I think that it is beyond obvious that the Left – Deep State – will never listen to reason. You may well ask why I make such statements, and I ask is there even one illegal immigrant or one Muslim within our borders?”

“Do you want me to answer or was that a series of rhetorical questions?”

“If you think you can handle it, go for it.”

“Very well. I think that even the most jaded of us has to admit that masks don’t do anything except make one compliant, as a way of submission, a method of waving the white flag of surrender.”

“Are you going to mention the size of a virus compared to the size of the mask? Are you going to compare a mosquito to a chain-link fence?”

“No, but I will make a connection to those who subscribed to the NAZI ideology to some of us pushing the jab: same mindset.”

“No way; in what way?”

“Some people have the need to comply even if compliance results in a diminished capacity to exercise the same amount of freedom they once had.”

“Try in English, if you could, please, Professor Zorkophsky.”

“Only if you call me ‘Zork’; I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“Okay, Zork; answer the question.”

“Let me explain it this way: for the sake of this discussion, let us begin with a human baby and give that baby a ‘Freedom Rate’ of 100. Later on the baby must learn that walking is a way to satisfy some desires rather than have someone bring them whatever it is they think they may want, so the ‘Freedom Rate’ goes down to, say, 90.”

“Okay, I see where you’re going with this. So a responsible American adult has a ‘Freedom Rate’ of what, 70?”

“Okay, 70 is good but maybe they pass a law that says you are not allowed to save whatever rain that falls on your roof – cisterns outlawed – so your ‘Freedom Rate’ just went down to 62. Now millions of illegal immigrants and migrants just plowed into America and someone has to pay for their Welfare and Food Stamps – that would be you – so your ‘Freedom Rate’ just slid another three points to 59.”

“And then we have BLM and ANTIFA.”

“Another name for lawlessness, more rapes and murders, carjackings and home invasions: take away another 5 points and now we’re down to 54.”


“Every mandate erases more freedom; remember that. Every law that Congress pushes through is more subtractions. The Jab? Take 20.”

“Golly gee, but now we’re less than 50. What’s a slave’s ‘Freedom Rate?’”

“A big fat zero.”

“And we’re approaching zero?”

“The Dems want your ‘Freedom Rate’ to be zero. Look, Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) was known to be a fraud but the FBI, CIA and the whole government saw an opportunity to get more power, so they backed the fraud (Obama) and blackmailed him to let them spy on us. There is no ‘pandemic’ but there are governments completely out of control; Australia, for instance.”

“So what’s it about? Please answer after this short break.”

Alfie” (2:38)

“It is all about control; that’s all there is to it. The same brain waves that followed Hitler are following the same road again to the same horrible conclusions. If you haven’t spent a lot of time in one of our public libraries in the last few decades, this may come as a surprise: the shelves are being swept of books that warn against the Deep State. Kafka and Dostoyevsky are disappearing, along with Orwell and Huxley. They say knowledge is power; well, on the other hand, ignorance is slavery, and for proof look at the George Floyd joke: a three-time loser revered at the altar of ignorance.”

“People can’t think.”

“Rather, people can’t reason. Look, it isn’t reasonable to get the jab, okay? It isn’t reasonable to wear a mask; am I right? And it isn’t reasonable to let the government run roughshod over the people they work for, right?”


“These are NOT trying times, and if they are, they are caused by unelected bureaucrats on purpose; are we clear on that? Trash the masks, trash the jab and go outside and live a life, for goodness sake. Take each and every COVID mandate and trash them: end of story. We don’t like government restrictive guidelines and we’re not going to go to the showers like dumb sheep; let the Dems go to the slaughterhouse, but not us. Let Pelosi lead the way.”

“I agree with that.”

“The Second Amendment lets us own weapons, not to hunt with, but to protect ourselves from being hunted by an out-of-control government.”

“Any comments about PTSD?”

“Cigarettes and beer are just as serious as marijuana and opioids; if the VA has given you any pills, do me a favor and flush them: they want to keep you comatose so you can no longer think for yourself, so you don’t notice the Deep State creeping up behind you. Goodnight, Roving.”

“Oh, yes, you caught me by surprise; I guess we’re wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[Last thought: As plain as I can make it, I took the Oath to defend the Constitution. I feel that a stolen vote or a vote that is falsified is like a bullet aimed for my heart and, as such, I have a right to defend myself, to protect my country by any means necessary.

Nothing will change until people start going to jail and others are deported.

We can elect Trump until the cows come home but until the rule of law is followed, we will continue to slide into a Totalitarian State.

Even after all the blue states turn red, unless illegal immigrants are deported, as long as we allow the rule of law to be flagrantly violated with no repercussions, we will end up as in a Third World cesspool dominated by roving Goon Squads stealing, raping, and killing just as they did in NAZI Germany and are doing in Venezuela.

The weak link: judges who fail to follow the rule of law. To paraphrase what Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI: ‘The first thing we do, kill all the judges.’ The weak link in our whole system of government is the morally weak judges* who often use the excuse of ‘no standing’ to circumvent a ruling that supports the Constitution.

Think about it, if all the judges were honest there wouldn’t be any stupid ‘vaccine mandates’ and ‘masks required.’

And while I’m on the soapbox, let me remind you all that the Draft is a benefit to our country and, furthermore, I believe that everybody should be required to serve in some capacity for two years, even if it is as a hall monitor at one of our schools or counting the squirrel population at one of our parks. And like the Swiss, after you’re separated from active duty you get to take your piece (gun) home with you so you are always able to protect your family and your country.]

[*Judges: It takes two; it takes not only judges to rule illegally but also goons (police) to follow illegal laws. Let me say something about the illegal arrests and incarcerations for the January 6 protesters in Washington, DC: to the judges who issued the warrants, to the District Attorneys who ordered the goons to arrest the protesters and to the jailers: you are acting as enemies of our country. Stop it.]

Such a Night” (2:59)

Roving Reporter

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