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(Oct. 22, 2021) — “Theme from a Summer Place” (2:25)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I didn’t think it was even possible to have a more atrocious Attorney General than Eric Holder until, that is, Merrick Garland became a full-fledged member of the Deep State by following in the footsteps of Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s Chief Goon. With us today is Madam Shylock, who has some rather startling predictions for our country. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot.”

“Oh, yes, of course, but not to be too rude, I was under the impression that, even though we’re communicating via Skype, I was to receive some sort of compensation for my time.”

“The check’s in the mail.”

“I’ll turn you into a toad, maybe put you in a pad next to Henry’s; how would you like that?”

“Here’s my debit card number: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX.”

“So there was no ‘check in the mail?’”

“There might have been.”

“I’ll make you a ‘Toad for a night,’ teach you not to mess with Madam Shylock.”

“Wish you could do the same to Biden and his administration.”

“I already hexed them all.”

“You already ‘hexed them all?’ What does that mean?”

“It means, basically, that ‘won’t they be surprised?’


“So getting back to who are the domestic terrorists: they are the very people who we thought were on our side to go after the real domestic terrorists, but we don’t have anyone to go after the REAL domestic terrorists anymore because our government has turned against us.”

“That isn’t so clear; try again after this quick commercial break.”

My Rifle, My Pony and Me” (2:09)

“The people who are supposed to be on our side aren’t; is that clear enough?”


“Biden is the enemy; the Dems are the enemy; Fake News is the enemy; we are surrounded by enemies.”

“The solution?”

“Vote them out and let the fact ring loud and clear throughout the land that our government is not of ‘we the people’ anymore; that the election was a fraud; and that everyone who had their hand in the till ought to go to prison, starting with Pelosi who orchestrated Barry Soetoro’s (Obama’s) name being on the ballot back in 2008, besides cheating on the 2020 election.”

“Any names come to mind? I mean, any good guys out there?”

“One for sure, Jackie Toboroff, a city council candidate for District 1 in New York City, comes to mind. Actually, anything but a Dem or a RINO, okay?”

“Okay, and thanks for being on the show.”

“Excuse me, what about my prediction?”

“Go for it.”

“It’s all falling apart. The Pentagon, along with the DOJ and all the other government agencies, were well aware that Biden didn’t ‘win’ the election and that Mike Pence became the ‘Judas of the twenty-first century,’ yet they allowed the charade of an inauguration to take place, which means that they’re all in on it and it will take an extraordinary series of events to turn the tables around. What I’m saying – my prediction – the longer we wait, the more unlikely this nightmare of a Biden Administration will end on a positive note: Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Madam Shylock, and goodnight to all of you out there in TV and P&E land.”

[Here’s a reminder: The law of our land is the Constitution and everybody must follow it, including lawyers and judges, and that includes the Attorney General, Merrick Garland. Now, if the judges and their goons wish to follow illegal orders, for instance targeting school children’s mothers for talking against CRT, don’t be surprised if an opposite force is applied to those who follow illegal orders to go after us citizens who have committed no crime.

If a person robs a bank one could, and rightly so, expect that the cops, at some point, would possibly storm the hideout; however, if one spoke against CRT, one would not expect his home to be invaded; the innocent people inside would be well be within their rights to protect themselves by whatever means necessary.

Locking up those who protested the fraud of an election at our nation’s capitol in the name of “insurrection” doesn’t cut it with all of us who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and refuse to get The Jab; us Patriots who wish to Make America Great Again. We don’t like the direction the DOJ has taken, targeting the innocent while welcoming thousands upon thousands into our country who harbor ill intent against our way of life, our economic system and our Constitution. The government treats illegal immigrants and so-called Muslim ‘refugees and migrants’ better than our homeless Veterans, and that’s a fact you can take to the bank.]

What’s She Really Like” (2:18)

Roving Reporter

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  1. Hey Bob,
    The elections of the last two senators of Georgia and the governor of California aptly proves your point beyond any shadow of any doubt, and if the election process isn’t fixed, such as voter ID and signature verification from mail-in ballots, I wouldn’t waste my time voting for a dog catcher. The Democratic process will have been destroyed by delusional people who all drank the Kool-Aid and hate Trump more than they love freedom. The Dems are over the edge and cannot be brought back into the land of reason and common sense, and for proof just reference Omar for the ultimate in delusion and supporting any policy, no matter how whacked-out, that undermines the Constitution.
    Roving Reporter

    1. Hi,

      If Terry McAuliffe wins in Virginia after telling parents the schools should decide what their children are taught and not their parents, that will mean the cheating is still in full force……. or, parents agree they have no right to interfere with what their kids are being taught. I’m going with massive cheating……..still again.
      The flood of illegals Joe and his puppet master are importing, many from Afghanistan, (99.7% of the Afghan population being Muslim), will result in more Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s who hate America and everything our Constitution represents. Our enemies are very proficient at using our freedoms as weapons to destroy us. Muslim members of Congress being exhibit “B”………(Obama is exhibit “A”.
      Difficult not to be depressed…………

  2. I believe preparations are now underway for even greater voter fraud in 2022. The Dems and RINOs learned in 2016 to be prepared to cheat as much as needed to win. They are determined there will never be another, “Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton”, election and they are busy right now making sure their candidates win in 2022. Unexpectedly losing the planned in 2008 and critically needed after Obama cover president to Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, in 2016 sent both parties into a panic, culminating in a stolen 2020 election to insure President Trump did not get a second term. Many more illegals and much more mail-in voting are 2 ways they are insuring their victory again in 2022…………….
    Will elections matter anymore?