by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 10, 2021) – An article dated October 2, 2021 at The American Report falsely claims that former Obama birth-certificate investigator Mike Zullo worked for former CIA Director James Woolsey.

The American Report is published by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, who claim to be “investigative journalists” and have promoted for more than four years the unsubstantiated claims of former government subcontractor Dennis L. Montgomery, most recently about the 2020 presidential election.

Their claims, made not only on their own website but also on national broadcasts and other forums, include that China orchestrated a massive “cyberwarfare” attack on the election, successfully changing millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. That claim became the basis of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s “cyber symposium” held in August and for Lindell’s request to the state of Idaho to conduct an audit of its election results last month.

A recount of three small counties, which were included in Lindell’s claims of under counts for Trump, did not support Lindell’s figures, which were supplied through Fanning from Montgomery. As a result, Idaho Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck has said his office plans to bill Lindell for the costs of the effort.

In the course of their meandering writings, Fanning and Jones have claimed on multiple occasions that Zullo was affiliated with Woolsey without providing any evidence. On October 2, they wrote, “Zullo previously stated that he worked under the direction of James Woolsey, and has also demonstrated non-public knowledge of Woolsey’s activities.”

Fanning and Jones have repeated the false assertion in their book, “The Hammer is the Key to the Coup,” which also contains defamatory information about Zullo and labels him a “deep state” operative.

In response to their connection of him to Woolsey, Zullo told The Post & Email in February:

This is so deranged I almost hesitate to even give it the dignity of a response. I don’t know James Woolsey.  I don’t know where this came from, but it is another attempt to injure my credibility. Think about this logically, trying to draw some type of inference that I work with the CIA or take direction from them. She wants you to believe that I would tell this to Jones and her. That would make me a terrible covert operative, wouldn’t you agree?  Like I would just tell this to these two meatballs. Why go to such lengths to discredit me?  To falsely accuse? What is she so afraid of?

Fanning has dedicated a full chapter to defaming me with falsehood after falsehood.  The day is coming where she is going to have to back up all this garbage with true facts. The truth is not on her side.  

The question needs to be asked:  Why would someone go to such lengths and expose themselves to legal jeopardy as she and Jones have? Just who are they working for?  What do they have to gain?

On Saturday this writer reached out to Fanning and Jones requesting evidence of their claim as to Zullo’s affiliation with Woolsey but received no response.

Since last November, shortly after issuing their initial claim that an alleged government supercomputer, “The Hammer,” and software Montgomery allegedly invented, “Scorecard,” changed the election results, Fanning and Jones have been frequent guests of Brannon Howse’s WVW-TV, which provided their connection to Lindell. Since 2017 and more frequently of late, they have been appearing on John B. Wells’s “Caravan to Midnight.”

In recent interviews Fanning and Jones have again altered their narrative that China was responsible for the election outcome to include local ballot fraud as having contributed significantly to the “stealing” of the election.

Prior to their move to Howse, Fanning appeared frequently with Dave Janda of “Operation Freedom.”

A lawsuit filed in February by Dominion Voting Systems and its affiliates against Lindell alleging defamation dedicates an extensive section to Montgomery’s history of unsubstantiated claims and Fanning and Jones’s backgrounds lacking in “cybersecurity or intelligence” (p. 35).

Information The Post & Email has received from a highly reliable source indicates that Fanning herself may be a former CIA operative. When conducting interviews, she declines to show her face.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Wow, confusion reigns.

    I remember what a theology professor said only one time in my hearing, and I’ve never forgotten it. I hear it like a megaphone in the mind as clearly as he said it in class: “We need to know everything about everything to know everything about any one thing”.

    Who’s right?
    Who’s wrong?
    Who’s truthing?
    Who’s lying?

    One thing we can know for sure is that the anti-aircraft flack is flying hot and heavy because somebody is telling the truth as they know it and somebody, or many somebodies, are lying.

    Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are either truthing or lying. Right?

    Mike Zullo is either truthing or lying. Right?

    I remember when I read on Sheriff Arpaio’s web page many years ago that Dennis Montgomery was a credible source, and then not so credible, and then he was thrown under the bus by Detective Zullo for misrepresenting facts and events.

    Although the article referenced Detective Zullo, he is not the focus of the The American Report of October 2, 2021, so I went to the Amazon page for the book The Hammer is the Key to the Coup to read a few public pages.


    As I said above, wow, confusion reigns… for now.


  2. With Allen West running for governor of Texas it might be a good time to read this.
    Years ago Allen West told Mike Zullo he could not help with the investigation of Obama because, “he might want to run for office someday”. It’s all about priories and West puts his election to a lucrative office ahead of his country and exposing the imposter in the White House.

    The Allen West information at that website is from Carl Gallups…whatever you may think of his credibility………………

    The only member of Congress who agreed to help Zullo was Steve Stockman, and he wound up being sent to prison by an Obama judge.
    Here are the trumped-up changes:

    Speaking of Trump, he commuted Stockman’s prison sentence…………..

  3. A typical tactic of such clandestine operatives is to accuse the target of being what they themselves are. I have heard too over the years that Fanning may have connections to the CIA. And now her being in tight with Montgomery, I am even more suspicious of her motivations and activities. Why is there no picture of her ever been found anywhere?

  4. It is all about protecting the lie of the non natural born, closet sodomite muslim, bath house Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama. Mike Lindell has lost credibility by believing the lies of Obama operatives like Jones and Fanning. Thank the Lord for those that have integrity and honesty like Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and Det. Michael Zullo. Their labor hath not been in vain before the Lord of hosts.

    1. Montgomery also went after the credibility of Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio. Could that be why some reports on the Arpario/Zullo investigation have not been released?

      1. Can you elaborate? How would Montgomery’s attacks on Zullo prevent Zullo from publicly releasing reports that he almost five years ago claimed to exist.

      2. It is quite revealing to me that the face of the common denominator public operatives for both the Arpaio/Zullo targets of false information and discrediting operation and the Lindell target of false information and discrediting operation is Montgomery, et al, and those who do his bidding. Arpaio and Zullo eventually saw through the false information and what the operatives were up to. But so far, Lindell has not. It will be interesting to see what course of action Lindell takes once he realizes he was the victim of a targeted false information and discrediting operation. He has the funds to act on that new view of things, when he awakens to what was done to him.

    2. Montgomery provided information about Obama to Arpaio and Zullo. Are you. suggesting Montgomery intentionally fed Arpaio and Zullo false information about Obama to protect Obama?