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by Rook Dunkin, ©2021

(Sep. 9, 2021) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Hello, I’m Rook Dunkin and have been asked to host this episode of ‘Pulse’ — to which I gladly acquiesced — so, here we are, at my church down on Hawthorn Street and, if you’re visiting our neck of the woods, please stop in and enjoy our congregation. It has been a ritual of ours to serve burgers and dogs out back after the proceedings, weather permitting, and if not, you are all welcome to join us in the basement.

“Before we start, I have been asked by ‘Pulse’ to remind the viewers that it takes many hands on deck to keep a successful news organization active, so when the plate is passed, please give generously. And to start the proceedings, please stand and feel free to join in with our delightful choir.

Oh Happy Day” (5:55)

“That was great. Thank you, one and all. Now that we’re all awake, let me start by saying that our country is in dire straits, and I can’t emphasis it enough. All you have to do is pay attention, even halfway, to realize that the turmoil that has been going on in Europe, ever since the so-called Muslim ‘migration’ started, is about to land on our shores, meaning in your neighborhood, if it hasn’t already.

“Jesus said to ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do,’ but what if they do know exactly what they do; what then? I say fry them, or at least do something. Look, I’m not going to spell it out for you; if you don’t get it by now, do us all a favor and get up and walk out and never come back. If you can’t understand the last 1,400 years of the needless and wanton murdering of Jews and Christians (and everyone else) by a bunch of psychopaths, then I feel sorry for you, but not here. I’ll feel sorry for you when you’re somewhere else, but not here, not in my church, or community, or country.

“The title of this sermon is, ‘There be Saboteurs Among Us,’ and it can’t get any worse than the Departments of State and Homeland Security teaming up with the Judicial and Executive branches of government, working hand in hand, to do us in. Life is complicated enough without being fearful of being blown up when riding a bus, going to the grocery store or attending a wedding.  That’s right: our government is actively importing thousands who want nothing more than, first, to deny us of our First Amendment and, second, replace our Constitution* with the opposite of freedom.

“I usually don’t talk about weapons; I mean, I mention David’s sling and an ass’s jawbone once in a while, but I don’t usually talk about modern weapons such as a lightweight .357 Magnum revolver or other weapons of self-preservation, but I will now.

“Starting next week, everyone who enters this church must be armed. There, I said it: simple but direct. In your program you’ll find the addresses of gun shops in the area that we trust. For those who want to make payments, that, too, can be arranged. Everyone in our church will go around armed, for we believe that the world is a very dangerous place, and that’s the bottom line. We take care of our own and don’t rely on the government, which has amply demonstrated that it is not on our side, in any way, shape or form.

“Also in your program are the phone numbers of our Veterans who will come to your aid any time, night or day. Why, just yesterday one of our teenagers was a little nervous while walking home from the store and called me, and I’m glad she did, because there were indeed some very suspicious-looking characters in the area. Better safe than sorry.

“So who are these saboteurs that we have to be concerned with? I already mentioned the president, Department of State and our so-called Homeland Security, but let’s get real: everyone is a suspect these days. We live in a country that is, basically, either pro-Constitution or they hate America. We have school boards that require masks (hate America). We have businesses that require masks (hate America). We have hate-America employers that require the employees to be COVID-vaccinated.

“We have television programs that lie to us and when they’re caught lying, they never offer a retraction. I’d like to hear everyone who pushed, for over three years, the Russian Hoax, to publicly apologize. Never happen, will it?

“We live in a world of lies, but what isn’t a lie is that those who believe in Islam do not believe in our Constitution. Think ‘oil and water’ and you’ll get the picture. Our government is not our government. Our government has been replaced by bureaucrats who have no allegiance to the Constitution, even though they took the Oath to it, but only to whatever their last order was, legal or not.

“One thing you learn in the military is that you do not, under any circumstances, follow an illegal order. I expanded that a tad to mean to not follow a stupid order that was sure to get me killed, and I didn’t, which is the only reason why I’m standing in this pulpit addressing you today.

“Being ordered to shoot Ashi Babbit or throwing the baby in the air and catching it with a bayonet are examples of illegal orders. Allowing people into our country that will, sooner or later, rape our daughters and wives (as they do in Sweden and everywhere else) and murder all of us (as they do everywhere else) is acting as a saboteur to our country.

“Now please pay particular attention to what I’m about to say. Importing people who follow an entirely different set of rules and standards into our country is a recipe for disaster on an unimaginable order. Let me just say that it will be the death of our country, meaning that our Constitution will be, at some point, null and void.

“Now what does that mean, ‘null and void’? It means the death of free speech, to start. No stating the truth; no calling corrupt and inept judges corrupt and inept. No Draft; no Federal Reserve audit; no free elections (forever-peat of the 2020 election: FRAUD). The military will be the same as the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ: WORTHLESS.

“They took an Oath to protect us, to protect the Constitution, but they didn’t mean it. The police in many parts of our country took the Oath to protect people and property, but they didn’t mean it. Our military, every single one of them, took the Oath to honor the Constitution, even the Joint Chiefs, but — the Joint Chiefs — didn’t mean it. Thousands of our bureaucrats took the Oath, and thousands didn’t mean it.

“But leaving fellow Americans stranded behind enemy lines (enemy: Muslims, get it?) has got to be the lowest our government HAS EVER SUNK. And so I leave you with this thought: our government is not our government. We don’t have a government; we lost it when they kicked Trump out. It was the beginning of the end. It was rendering all who gave all and all who gave some, limbs and PTSD, honoring their Oath, and made it into nothing but a totally worthless jest. It made my time in the military worthless; it made everyone’s time in the military worthless.

“Is their hope? Yes, there is always the eternal flame of hope burning in every soul of a PATRIOT. This is the truth: most of humanity yearns to be free and not exist as slaves. My advice is to arm-up. Amen.

“Please join our choir as we walk out the door.”

“Burgers and dogs out back. Goodnight.”

[*Replacing our Constitution: with Sharia Law.]

[Little People report: on a secret mission.]

This Little Light of Mine” (2:37)

Rook Dunkin

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  1. Quote from article:
    “They took an Oath to protect us, to protect the Constitution, but they didn’t mean it. The police in many parts of our country took the Oath to protect people and property, but they didn’t mean it. Our military, every single one of them, took the Oath to honor the Constitution, even the Joint Chiefs, but — the Joint Chiefs — didn’t mean it. Thousands of our bureaucrats took the Oath, and thousands didn’t mean it.”

    No better and more obvious example of taking the oath to protect the Constitution and not meaning it exist than taking the oath and allowing John Roberts, who also took the oath to protect the Constitution, to swear-in as America’s putative president the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created total fraud, Barack Hussein Obama, without objection. It was not difficult to see that Obama must have a real and through investigation into his background, actions and associates before he was allowed to get anywhere near America’s presidency. However, with 98% positive media coverage, the race card and once sworn-in the ineligibility card going for him, Obama spent 8 years weakening America in every way possible. Never has a crime been so open and easy to see yet ignored and denied by both political parties who ignored their sworn-oath to protect the Constitution, effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies, and now must protect Obama forever to protect themselves.

    Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose and certainly not to the birther, (that’s a compliment) Donald Trump. Trump’s presidency created a panic in both parties because of fear he would reveal and act on the truth about Barry. To prevent that from appending President Trump was kept under siege during his entire term and removed from Office in a blatantly stolen election. If Obama and The Obama Fraud remain off limits for both parties there is no hope for the recovery of our nation. Sore’s, Obama and others who hate America will have won forever.

    This is not even complicated………….