by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 22, 2021) — In his “War Room” broadcast on Thursday morning, host Stephen K. Bannon told his guest, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, that the FBI has identified Lindell in a “leak” as “the most dangerous guy in America.”

The assertion came just after the 28:00 mark as Lindell was detailing his “cyber symposium” to be held next month at which he plans to release evidence he claims to have demonstrating that foreign “cyber” interference changed the outcome of the November 3, 2020 presidential election to falsely show Joe Biden the winner.

Lindell claims to have “packet information” showing how tens of thousands of votes were allegedly switched.

On Thursday, Lindell announced an offer of $5,000,000 to anyone in attendance who “can prove that this is invalid data from the 2020 election or that it’s not from the 2020 election.”

Bannon did not cite his source(s) of the claim about the FBI, and an Internet search yields a single Bloomberg article containing a reference to the FBI and Lindell, along with followers of President Donald J. Trump who believe he, and not Democrat Joe Biden, won the election.

“It’s the latest baseless prediction from conspiracy theorists on the fringes of social media: Donald Trump will somehow be reinstated as president as soon as next month,” the article, titled, “Conspiracy Theory About Trump Comeback Puts FBI on Alert for Violence,” begins. “Yet the claims — pushed by QAnon adherents and MyPillow CEO and pitchman Mike Lindell — are enough to put FBI Director Christopher Wray and other top national security officials on alert for the risk that the former president’s most ardent supporters might again resort to violence.”

The article then draws a parallel to the January 6, 2021 “insurrection” from which the FBI has reportedly arrested more than 500 people who may or may not be Trump supporters but entered the U.S. Capitol that day as the counting of the electoral votes to determine the winner was under way.

The article continues with generalizations of signs law enforcement must heed in order to prevent similar threats from materializing.

Reproduced under a different title by The Straits Times, the Bloomberg column clarifies that Lindell “hasn’t personally suggested violence to put Trump back in the White House.”

As The Post & Email has reported, Lindell’s “cyber” gathering is expected to promote information provided to the businessman by The American Report‘s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones arranged by an intermediary, WVW-TV host Brannon Howse. Fanning and Jones initially sourced the “evidence” to former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery, who was identified in a 2010 Playboy article as “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon.”

In more recent interviews with Howse, Fanning referred only to “the source” without saying Montgomery’s name.

In 2016, U.S. District Court G. Murray Snow wrote in an opinion that Montgomery committed “fraud” against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

Lindell’s symposium is planned for August 10-12.

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  1. Thomas Arnold, your remarks are “on target”. Thanks for all your service, efforts, and insights. Indeed, many of our officials willfully neglected to adhere to their oath. Years ago, Martha Trowbridge shared with me about “The Deep State” in our government and after WW2 our government brought Germans here. Is it any wonder that our government is comprised. Mike Lindell just might be “The Most Dangerous Guy In America”. He is going big, and he may deliver on his statements.

  2. If Mike Lindell (a pillow salesman with an inspirational biography and a lifestyle characterized by straight talk, fearlessness but not aggressively, and patriotism for our country under God) is, according to the FBI, the “most dangerous guy in America,” THEN WHAT DOES THAT MAKE JAMES COMEY, CHRISTOPHER WRAY, BILL BARR, AND COUNTLESS OTHERS LIKE THEM? You know, the ones who interfered in and made a mess of our country’s recent political campaigns, presidential elections, and administrations. I doubt that you will find this public corruption anywhere in their mission statement! Or, their sworn oaths of office. I know that this is the TRUTH, just as do thousands of other well-meaning and law-abiding American citizens, because THEY BLEW ME OFF WHEN I REPORTED HIGH CRIMES TO THEM (THE USDOJ IG) SEVERAL YEARS AGO AND THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY DID NOT WANT TO HAVE ANY FURTHER COMMUNICATIONS WITH ME (a military veteran and retired law enforcement and criminal court officer). Can we say “failure to carry out ones lawful duties?” On the other hand, though, has all of what I am saying become a 1st Amendment free speech problem for me? Will I be “cancelled?” I’m 77 years old and counting. Bring it on.

  3. This fighter, Mike Lindell, is armed with the pillow of truth.
    The lying FIB is armed with satan’s sword.
    It’s definitely a fair pillow fight.

  4. The point is, did we have a free and honest presidential election? Moreover,
    will we have an honest/sincere investigation? If the fraud was massive, will justice be served, and adjustments made? For the republic, let’s hope so. As for Mike Lindell’s efforts to expose the fraud, I got too give him credit. His cyber symposium
    just might expose the fraudulent usurpation of the prior election.