by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021

(Jul. 23, 2021) — The plot of horror and Vax consequences thickens into what feels like concrete around the feet. One of my neighbors and friends said she got the vaccine so she could fly and see friends. What so many didn’t get or realize is that pilots and airline personnel have been forced to take the vaccine and now the problem really begins.

According to a source at least five Jet Blue Airline pilots who took the vaccine have died.  At least four have reportedly died from British Airlines.  I have been told that more than ten have died from United Airlines and Cargo Airlines following their getting vaccines.  I was told that as they compressed and decompressed in the air, they all got blood clots which killed them.

Now, doesn’t it make sense to run out and get one of the experimental vaccines so you can fly?  How wonderful that you are now on a plane, going to see your friend, with a pilot and co-pilot who could drop over dead from blood clots while in flight, or not. 

Maybe instead, you should consider not getting the “killer” vaccine that is killing many, now pilots. 

The real threat put upon Americans and the world is the lies about Covid-19 and the reach of it.  Death rates are only 1-2%, hardly making it a killing machine.  Most heal from it, including my husband and me.  Pushing experimental and deadly vaccines on pilots all across the world will only destroy the travel and tourist industry.

Think, people, think.  Don’t line up and be killed with a vaccine or even worse, fly on a plane where a pilot could die in the cockpit with a blood clot, crashing your plane in a Cincinnati suburb.

We will get through this, but you must stand.

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  1. Excuse me while I attempt to ‘inject’ some levity into this covid catastrophe. Did the aircrew have the steak or the fish?

  2. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) provides rules, directives, policies, and guidelines for the airworthiness of aerospace vehicles and pilots. Is this three-letter agency asleep at the control yoke/stick, complacent, or just bought-off in the same manner as politicians?

    The FAA’s windsock is tattered.