I’ve stuck by my beliefs, I’m not going to change.

—Mike Lindell

by JR Nyquist, jrnyquistblog, ©2021

(Jul. 22, 2021) — Since last November the country has been divided about the election. Roughly a third of the population believes the election was stolen from President Donald Trump. About 59 percent disagree with this assertion, with 9 percent saying they do not know. This division of the country is no ordinary one. If this question is not settled by rational inquiry, America could break into two countries – or revert to a one-party dictatorship – a regime of threats and punishments.

An inquiry of such importance requires great diligence. It should be about evidence. We do not need, on the one side, federal officials decrying state election audits as bogus. We also do not need a well-meaning pillow salesman, like Mike Lindell, pushing a false narrative like Absolute Proof – supported by an echo chamber of true-believers, grifters and yes-men. It is my belief that Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof is an “absolute swindle.” And Lindell is the victim of this swindle. His intentions are good, but he does not understand what proof is. Consequently, Lindell has been tricked into supporting a narrative that could derail the election audit process.

An election fraud narrative emerges

After the election, from November to January, I was interviewed by Brannon Howse on several occasions. Brannon was then very excited by information he had picked up from Mary Fanning, a “journalist” whose site is called The American Report. According to Fanning, a computer technician named Dennis Montgomery had acquired “proof” of a massive cyber-hack against computers used to tabulate the November elections. Brannon wanted me to climb aboard, and join the campaign to “stop the steal.” He advised me to buy and read a book titled The Hammer is the Key to the Coup, “The Political Crime of the Century”: How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA spied on President Trump, General Flynn … and everyone else, by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones.

I downloaded the book and began to read. It was like one of those bad advertisements in which you are told, again and again, how great a product is; but you never get to see the product. Every conceivable side-issue is rehashed and regurgitated in that book. It was, in the end, a bootless series of assertions. Okay, there is a lot of illegal surveillance and computer skullduggery out there. Who doubts it?

I called Brannon to learn more. Okay, I said, this Dennis Montgomery guy is supposed to be a heroic whistleblower. What has he got? “Montgomery knows how the election was stolen,” Brannon replied, “and everything has been confirmed by other sources.” What other sources? Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (retired) was one source. A shadowy (former?) intelligence official was alluded to. Well, I said, if it’s true then what are they waiting for? All was to be revealed in short order, Brannon promised.

Montgomery either had proof, or he didn’t. The election was then almost two months in the past. What was the point in holding onto vital evidence? The whole thing made no sense. Release it immediately. Let the whole country see it; but that was not to happen. Instead of anyone heroically proving election fraud, the events of January 6 brought images of citizens breaking into the Capitol. President Trump was de-platformed and discredited, the election fraud narrative was declared a threat to democracy. A chill ran through the conservative right as dissenters were kicked off Twitter, Facebook and Youtube).

If he had proof, why didn’t Montgomery come forward earlier? What had he been waiting for? I did a google search on Montgomery. There was a great deal of derogatory information about him. Why hadn’t Brannon mentioned this? I found several well-researched articles by a writer named Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email. I found her phone number and put in a call, but did not get an immediate response. Oh well, I thought.

In the days that followed, I appeared one last time on Brannon’s evening show. Mary Fanning, Alan Jones, Lt. Gen. McInerney and Kirk Wiebe were also guests. They were promoting Dennis Montgomery’s alleged evidence of an election hack from overseas computers, published online for the first time. At last, we would see the proof that Brannon had been promising for two months. But all I saw was a chart filled with numbers. When you see something like this, you have to scratch your head. There was no way of knowing what you were looking at. Later, a computer expert told me those numbers were bogus.

After the show of that evening, there followed a group telephone conversation that lasted more than three hours. Mary Fanning and Alan Jones seemed amiable enough. Mary was flattering me, saying how much she liked my work. Should I be holding fast to my wallet? I mentioned Sharon Rondeau’s articles. Mary said Sharon’s work was a pack of lies that came from Mike Zullo, who had famously investigated Barack Obama’s birth certificate. “He is an agent of the deep state,” said Fanning. “He works for Jim Woolsey, the former CIA director.” This statement by Fanning was an outlandish claim on its face. Was Mary a crazed conspiracy theorist? I then mentioned two friends with intelligence background who had told me Montgomery was untrustworthy. “They are both deep state operatives,” said Fanning. “Bad actors.” What?! She was talking about two of my friends. What was I to make of this woman? The entire thing was baffling. These folks – Fanning, Jones, Wiebe, Howse and General McInerney – acted as if definitive proof had been presented that evening. Yet the proof was entirely invisible to the discerning eye. It was like a scene out of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen:

One day, two fellows calling themselves weavers came to town. They said that they knew how to weave cloth of the most beautiful colors and patterns. The clothes made from this wonderful cloth would be invisible to everyone who was unfit for the job he held, or who was very simple in character.

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  1. Your editorial reminded me of the scene in the movie “The Best Years of Our Lives” department store’s lunch counter where this guy comes in and starts commenting that the sailor who lost his hands was a sucker.

    You, sir, are that slick dude who got thrown out of the joint. If it weren’t for people like Mike Lindell, we’d be in pretty sad shape.

    Chief New Leaf

  2. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”
    ― Rahm Emanuel

    Try as hard as they did, Donald J. Trump-despising (P)resident Obama, CIA Director John Brennen, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey, FBI agents/lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and mainstream-media failed to prevent Donald J. Trump from being elected President in 2016. And THEN, try as hard as THEY did, President Trump-despising Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chairman of House Impeachment Committee Adam Schiff, Democrat Majority House and mainstream-media failed to remove President Trump from office.

    COVID-19 was the serious crisis that provided Democrats, along with their cohorts the mainstream-media, the opportunity for them to do something they had failed to do before. They used COVID-19’s nation-wide “lockdowns” as a guise to coerce state officials to loosen existing absentee and mass mail-in ballot policies, add mass mail-in ballot policies in states where none existed, increase the number of ballot drop-boxes even if unsecured, not require voter ID or signature verification, accept mail-in ballots received and even post-marked after deadlines, etc., etc. That, despite the fact that such action on the part of state officials violated every state constitution and the U.S. Constitution as well.