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(Jun. 23, 2021) — “Theme Song to Wagon Train” (0:55)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Our guest today is none other than our favorite intrepid explorer, Professor Wert.  Welcome back home, Professor, and tell us of your latest expedition. The scuttlebutt is that there’s a book or movie deal in your near future; did I hear that right?”

“Yes, Chief, that’s right: a book deal that may be made into a movie. It’s about my expedition to Seattle, the hotbed of the crazy people, I mean, the real crazy people. It seems that the American spirit never made it to the northwest, not like it did in Tennessee, for example.”

“So how was Seattle?”

“In a word: dangerous. The whole West Coast is dangerous and getting more out-of-control by the day.”

“Why is that?”

“A combination of bad decisions have created the perfect storm, is what. First, you have uneducated Americans, who we call ‘Dems’ and ‘Obots,’ then you have the illegal immigrant population coupled with the Islamic invasion, and well, there you have it: the perfect storm.”

“But there must be more to it than that; I mean, it seems as if America is imploding, just what the John Birch Society was warning us about in the 1950’s.”

“That unfortunately is true. But there’s certain similarities of destroyed countries that follow a pattern, and that’s what I want to talk to your audience about.”

“Okay; let’s hear it.”

“We humans share a lot of traits, besides the obvious, like hands and feet. We abscribe what we don’t understand to a higher power, like us humans didn’t invent the Lion, so what did? Or those twinkling lights up in the sky at night.”

“I never heard it put quite like that, but those lights that we see at night are what we call ‘stars.’

“Oh, how quaint. Now, to go on: another trait that we humans share is the psychological need to belong to something bigger than ourselves, like identifying with a larger group. They say they can take the person out of the country, but they can’t take the country out of the person. Let’s take that one step further by saying that the totem of a geographical area is of a Lion.”

“You mean like Detroit?”

“Yes. And also Tigers.”

“They like ferocious beasts in Detroit.”

“Apparently, but that’s not the point.”

“Well, what is?”

“The point is that people, whether they think about it or not, are identified by the totems of the area in which they live. Maybe you live in Chicagoland and the Cubs win the pennant; well, that makes you a part of something larger than yourself, whether you are a baseball fan or not.”

“Okay; now what?”

“The ‘now what’ is someone comes along and disrespects the totem, or a bunch of people move into a particular totem area that have no interest in that area’s totem. Maybe they moved from Mexico and still are – mind-wise – affiliated with some Mexican soccer team, or what they call ‘football.’ They are not of the ‘Dolphin’ totem, for example, even though they may live in southern Florida, the Dolphin totem area.”

“But there’s got to be more than people not being of some totem tribe. Keep that thought while we take a short commercial break.”

Please; Mr. Custer” (3:04)

“A lot more. How about a member of the totem tribe displaying contempt for his own tribe, in public?”

“That’ll do it.”

“And to add insult to injury, how about having the big cheese of all the tribes siding and supporting the insult?”

“No way.”

“Yes-way, because that’s exactly what happened when a derelict football player (Kaepernick) knelt during the National Anthem and the football commissioner (Roger Goodell) turned the other cheek.”

“What else?”

“The programmed dumbing-down of Americans through public schools achieved its end by the resistance of voter ID requirements which, in turn, opened the door for mail-in ballots. Another obvious form of mind control is the attempt to rewrite history by removing evidence, such as the belief that if all the Pterodactyl fossils were destroyed then, ergo, there were no Pterodactyls; if all references to Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee were destroyed, ergo, the history of the American Indians is that they were always treated with kindness and respect; if nobody questioned the fake ballots of the 2020 election then, obviously, we would never know the extent of the criminal behavior of our fellow citizens with the help of greenback bribes via China.”

“Besides toppling statues.”

“Truly childish behavior; college students displaying the behavior of two-year olds — temper tantrums – in public, and in full view, acting as dumb as the viewers of The View who, by the way, have yet to apologize for THREE YEARS of the ‘Russian Collusion Hoax’. These nitwits cheered as the Confederate Battle Flag was lowered from the State Capitol of South Carolina. Talk about a diminished comprehension of life: toppling statues and rioting over the death of a two-time loser (George Floyd) was a good display of lowlife.”

“Well put, but there must be more to it than what you just told us.”

“Always, and it’s this: the concept of ‘hope’ is the most perishable ever since the landscape of the Southwest has become nothing more than a landfill; the cities are nothing more than petri dishes ripe with strife; and many doubt that we have the willpower, let alone brains, to deport all those who are dangerous to our way of life: Muslims and illegal immigrants.”

“What about Trump?”

“You can’t have a dedicated portion of the population that hates the Constitution and is working overtime to replace it with Sharia Law; you can’t have millions who won’t learn English and want to secede to Mexico, all the while collecting Welfare and voting the Democratic ticket. It won’t work and something has got to give.”

“So how much hope do you have for our country?”

“Rather than cheer for ‘America First,’ I would first hope for ‘America Survive.’ Once we deport each and every Muslim and each and every illegal immigrant (and DACA freeloaders and anchor babies), and every ‘student’ from China and all the other countries in the world who are our enemies, we start to ‘Make America Great Again.’

“So you support Trump?”

“One hundred ten percent.”

“So if a baseball team represents someone’s totem, how is baseball a metaphor of life?”

“Work it backwards; start with the totem and go to the sport. Humans need to belong to a group, at least geographically-wise.”

“Anything to add?”

“Bring the troops home from Afghanistan; let them assist in the deportation of the enemy from within, because if we don’t (and do it now), we will have lost and then China can deal with them.”

“Okay, one last question: what is America’s totem?”

Old Glory, flying high and waving proudly.”

“Thank you, Professor. Well, that’ll do it and so, on behalf of the professor, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[Little People update: The paratroopers are camping at Shrewsbury Neck Park, near Kennedyville, Maryland. The word is that the Pentagon placed rows of barbed wire on the roof so an amphibious landing is now in the works; will keep you informed of the type of landing craft being considered. The operation is not an insurrection nor a mutiny; it is patriots acting within the parameters of the law. The objective is to replace the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Oath-takers who didn’t have their fingers crossed as they raised their right hand and took the Oath to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Think of the Joint Chiefs as traitors and you’ll be on the same page as the paratroopers, just ordinary citizens going to great lengths and with great sacrifice to save the Republic. People will go to great lengths to keep the gravy train of ‘freebies’ alive and well, from Welfare checks to members of Congress receiving large cash donations to their campaign funds from lobbyists, so don’t be overly surprised if and when you are asked to join the Revolutionary Army of yesterday to save our country of today.]

You’re Looking at Country” (2:25)

Chief New Leaf

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