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by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

(Apr. 11, 2021) — “Sweetheart Tree” (3:28)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Madam Shylock, of fortune-telling fame, has asked if she could make a declaration on ‘Pulse,’ to which we readily agreed. The airwaves are yours, Madam Shylock.”

“Thank you, Professor Zorkophsky, for allowing me this opportunity to speak directly to your audience. The other day, as I was gazing into my crystal ball, I spied a theme that is looming large. As the facts unfolded, the picture diverged into two entirely separate outcomes, one being favorable to us patriots and the other not so much.

“What I’m talking about is the fraud of an election. It is immensely upsetting that the military would sit by and watch 200,000 more votes added to the total number of Pennsylvania registered voters. In a normal situation, if those who have the responsibility to uphold their Oath to protect us from domestic enemies don’t, they deserve to get court-martialed and kicked out with Dishonorable Discharges.

“But we don’t live in a normal situation; we live in abnormal times, for isn’t it abnormal for us to accept lies as truth? Isn’t it abnormal for Americans to settle for second best? And just look at us now; look how far down the ladder we’ve fallen since 9-11-2001. It’s really pathetic, especially since we had a window open, with Trump, to set us back on track, which is why the crooks (Deep State) had to kick him out.

‘Well, the crooks kicked Trump out but we elected him to serve another four years, so the way I see it, Trump has a contract with the us that we must make him honor. Not only does he owe us, but we owe him; we owe our love for our Constitution and we owe our love for our country to make it happen.”

“Excuse me, Madam Shylock, but we must pause for a quick commercial.”

96 Tears” (2:57)

“Please continue,  Madam Shylock.”

“The forces of Light vs. the forces of Darkness, as it was in the past and, I fear, it shall ever be. There will always be those who take advantage of whatever system may be in place; there will always be sloths and naysayers, people just like Biden and Harris, going through life on the sweat and toil of others, gaming the rules to benefit family and friends at the cost of those who trusted them.

“Well, now, let me tell you something: we didn’t trust Biden-Harris then and we sure as heck don’t trust them now. There is so much evidence of cheating and corruption it’s over the top. We have cops and judges on the take; we have District Attorneys who fail to prosecute the guilty but railroad the innocent, such as LTC Terry Lakin. We have branches of our government who treat us citizens as the enemy when it is they themselves who have been spreading the seeds of destruction.

“What once was a stalwart organization has turned into the laughingstock of the worldwide law enforcement community. They lied to spy on their fellow citizens, especially on Trump and family, even before he got the nomination; they lied when they got caught; and they’re still lying through their teeth. But it’s not only the FBI; it’s the whole conglomeration of ALL the alphabet soups conspiring to trash the Constitution and turn the USA into a Third World Gulag.

“No country can borrow on their future forever; at some point our make-believe Monopoly money will be recognized for what it is: worthless. As it is now, it’s a ‘promissory note,’ a piece of paper backed by nothing but hot air. Used to be our greenbacks were backed by silver, which were known as ‘silver certificates.’ You could actually take your paper money and go into any bank and walk out with a pocket full of silver.

“So what has happened to us? Why do many embrace the words ‘free’ and ‘entitled’? Why do some of us see no danger in letting illegal immigrants in among us? Don’t we know that the laws that we live under are not the laws that they live by? And haven’t we learned one darn thing since 9-11?

“And how out-of-touch is our military? Haven’t we learned anything since we tucked our tails in between our legs when we got chased out of Vietnam? So, after twenty years we’re still in Afghanistan; why? At this stage everyone has come to the conclusion that there is  ‘no common ground’ between Islam and the rest of the world. All this talk about ‘peace,’ ‘changing hearts and minds’ and ‘a better future’ has been nothing but lie after lie after lie.

“The problems are caused by those who wish to appease, to see ‘peace in our time.’ They are the ones who take the bribes, who sell out to lord over us because they have nitwits who do their bidding who act as their private GESTAPO.

“So one side of my crystal ball shows us moving into a future that is safer than yesterday, while the other side shows more rapes and murders, more shoplifting and home invasions, more illegal searches and seizures, more wailing and more despair.

“Our military supposedly took an Oath to uphold the Constitution; our judges also took an Oath; our law enforcement took an Oath, but it all comes to naught if they let Biden continue to destroy our country. And here’s the honest truth: there are more of us than them; there are more Patriots than traitors; and there was a lot more votes for Trump than Biden ever dreamed of.

“The crystal ball did not show me the conclusion, only the two possible avenues of direction: either we save our Republic or sit back and watch Biden-Harris run it into the ground. End of my declaration: take it or leave it. And I thank you, professor Zorkophsky, for letting me air my grievances against our corrupt government.”

“You’re most extremely welcome, Madam Shylock, but please, in the future, you can call me ‘Zork’; I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“One last comment, Zork: Trump’s picks to the Supreme Court were as bad as his pick for vice president and Attorneys General, but that doesn’t carry over into our belief to fight back to keep our guns, understand?”

“Perfectly, and with that we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.:

Devil Woman” (3:32)

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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