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by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2020

ParentRap, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 28, 2020) — “When the Saints Go Marching In” (0:37)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today we’re visiting the City Zoo where we’re meeting with an animal behaviorist, Major Sweeny. By any chance, are you in the Army, Major?”

“No, I’m not, now why would you ask that?”

“Oh, I don’t know; just wondering, I guess. So, congratulations on your new book. I remember my first book but I remember opening the envelope with the first check even more. Would you please explain your new theory about animals knowing about death?”

“Up to a point; I mean. if I tell you what my book is all about no one would buy it, now, would they?”

“Good point, so how about telling us why we should be interested enough to buy it in the first place?”

“Now that I can do. The first hurdle of my research was to communicate with another species, so I took it upon myself to learn mosquito language.”

“I didn’t know mosquitoes even had a language.”

“Neither did I, so let’s forget the mosquitoes; no, I learned to communicate with cats.”

“Cats? You mean like lions and tigers?”

“But smaller.”

“House cats?”

“That’s what we call them. They call themselves animals that humans build shelters for to live with.”

“I don’t believe this. Now I know why Roving took off. I think we’ll break for a commercial.”

“But I’m telling you the truth.”

The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (2:41)

“We’re back, but the cat person isn’t, so I’ll just fill in the empty air with what I think is going on. I think that the United States is divided into two exclusive parts: those who are aware of their own mortality and those who don’t have the slightest idea what a generation’s responsibility is to the succeeding one. Put another way, some have what I call ‘The Hillary Void,’ named after the architect of the Benghazi murders, and the ‘Dewey Decimals,’ named after the man who made it easy to find information.

“Right now our nation is fighting the last battle, and there won’t be another one unless Trump wins. This is it, kids; the real thing; all or nothing; we win or everybody loses. And that’s the point: those who vote for Biden are ushering in the end of Western Civilization. They are under the illusion that the United States will always be around ‘to make it better.’ Guess what? This is as good as it gets, giving us the opportunity to make it better. Giving out free stuff to freeloaders is not in the best interest of those giving nor those receiving.

“And that’s the whole point of the Constitution: to give everyone an equal chance to live without government infringement, as if we don’t have enough already. Abolishing our rule of law will result in the only law left being that of the State: we won’t have any; goodbye, checks and balances; their way or no way because we’ll have given up our way; trading our freedom for despotism; giving to the State freedom of choice while we’ll have no choice.

“So you ask yourself, ‘Why would anyone want to fundamentally change the Constitution?’ and our way of life, our values? Do we want to make women second-class citizens; do we want separate considerations for different people, maybe based on their income, net worth, accent, eye color?

“The question before us is not ‘Where does it end?’ but rather, ‘Where does it start?’ I think it already started with those infected with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ I was anti-Obama and spent thousands of dollars trying to expose the fraud, the cheap suit that Obama is, but I never went bananas by running onto lawns and ripping up Obama-Bidensigns. I never shared sign language with a car that had an ‘Obama-Biden’ bumper sticker.

“We all know that nothing lasts forever, although we do know that some civilizations have lasted for thousands of years, such as the Egyptians and, more recently, the Roman Empire. Usually the end comes through conquest, but wouldn’t it be a crying shame if ours came through pure ignorance born of stupidity, as in opposing Charter Schools? Just remember this: reality is stranger than fiction.

“And so, in conclusion, each of us must make a life choice: are we to be a scattered brain by succumbing to ‘The Hillary Void*’, a mindless existence where reality is determined by those who wish to control us, or are we to exercise the full limit of ‘free will’ and live a life where the belief of freedom of speech is not a pipe dream but based on a reality that can be pinpointed; looked at; shared without fear of retribution; studied by the enlightened?  It is we who are the ‘Dewey Decimals.’ Thank you for listening: Goodnight.

“I guess I’m supposed to say, ‘Good show.’ Very well: good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[* Hillary Void: aka, ‘The Murderess of Benghazi,’ Hillary Clinton, the failed nominee of the Democratic Party because she supported open borders and  leaving the citizens defenseless from an intrusive government by admitting planning to abolish the Second Amendment.]

The Long and Winding Road” (3:38)

Professor Zorkophsky

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