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(Oct. 28, 2020) — Since Joe Biden recently bragged that they have assembled the most extensive voter-fraud organization in history, while repeatedly telling us that he is either running for the Senate or against George, his now weary-eyed-handlers thought he might have a problem with the proper pronunciation of a three-syllable word like Deplorables, so they decided to give him a simple, more guttural term, to call us — “Chumps”! which they told him would be best said with a loud cough in order to disguise it. But, seriously, with or without the fraud votes, they all know Joe’s campaign is in a serious crisis, as the number one Google search asks, “Can I change my vote?” while Kamala Harris can be seen behind a makeshift parking-lot stage, chomping at the bit to hurry up and make this all go away with her high hopes of still replacing him.

Somewhat lost in the abundance of fabrications and outright lies came the real game-changers in the last Presidential Debate

Somewhat lost in the abundance of fabrications and outright lies came the real game-changers in, thankfully, the last Presidential Debate. The exchange of words began when Lying Joe became the unquestionable loser and President Donald J. Trump became the unequivocal winner – by a virtual landslide. As it was in 1992, and as it is still today, It’s the Economy Stupid! And, then oil, as if gushing up from the ground, took the kill shot.

At the very moment when Sleepy Joe began explaining how he “would use federal power to require Americans to wear face masks in public” and return to more lockdowns based on new reports of increased Covid-19 numbers, as if waiting for this exact opportunity like a true gamer, Donald Trump said, “We can’t close up our nation or you’re not going to have a nation.” “We have to open our country… this is a massive country with a massive economy.”

The Donald, knowing he had worn-out Joe on the ropes, then asked, “So, would you close down the oil industry?” where Biden weakly replied, “I would transition [away] from the oil industry, yes.” To which Trump countered, smiling like a Cheshire cat, “So basically, what you are saying, is you are going to destroy the oil industry. Will you please remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio? “

Right there and then, Trump won and Biden lost. Last man out, turn off the lights. This party is over. End of the story!

Biden and Harris know they are about to be run over by the Trump Train

Don’t we wish it was that simple?  And, so we begin with my ‘educated guesstimate’ of what will eventually happen on November 3rd and in the immediate aftermath.

The problem for the Democrats has always been that they knew they didn’t have a candidate who was capable of beating President Trump – legitimately – so they had to change the rules of the game.

Disregarding Joe’s seemingly advanced stages of dementia, they decided to prop him up and began a war-game process with only four scenarios under the phony title of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), where ironically not an ounce of integrity was expended. But, the American people are not stupid and now know for certain that Sleepy Joe has been nothing more than a place- holder for the most radical person in the history of the Senate, his running mate, Kamala Harris.

In the meantime, TIP purposely never played out a scenario where Trump won the popular vote, because their goal was to begin getting the false narrative into the hands of their complicit journalists, that there is no way that Donald Trump can win reelection without cheating, which by the way is a classic tactic from their mentor Saul Alinsky.

Strategize they did, but one scenario that TIP planners overlooked was President Trump’s massive grassroots MAGA movement with hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic American loyalists coming together in almost every state in the country. And, based on the ground reports, not only are Trump’s 3-4 rallies per day overflowing with devoted followers, there are many more homegrown KAG rallies with hundreds, if not thousand of cars mile after mile, known as the Trump Train, with banners, flags and horns for Trump on highways and through many towns and villages in every state from sea to shining sea. Overheard this past Saturday, while in the dark-blue state of New Jersey, as a 250-300 car rally passed by, was one woman who turned to her friend saying, “If this is happening here in New Jersey, Biden is in real serious trouble.” And, the truth be told, you can feel it in the air, as Biden, aka: Harris, know they are about to be run over by that very same – Trump Train.

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  1. Fredy, Thanks for your article. I enjoyed it and made a copy of it. Also I have been
    aware of lots of other large rallies for Trump across our country. As for Biden’s rallies,
    they don’t match up…