by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 7, 2020) — The Post & Email has received a report that attempts to post links to our articles on Facebook resulted in a “301 Moved Permanently” message displayed on the page.

Strangely, “THEPOSTEMAIL.COM” appears above the error message; clicking the link takes the reader to the intended article and not simply to the home page, as might be expected.

Several weeks ago, we noted that Facebook removed content from two of our readers’ pages purportedly for its falsity as to Kamala Harris’s constitutional eligibility to serve as vice president or president. We received a third report without documentation.


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  1. I got a similar message when I tried to share your following article on Facebook:
    “Importing Muslims Results in Sharia Law (RR)”
    https://www.thepostemail.com/2020/09/08/importing-muslims-results-in-sharia-law-rr/ – 9/8/20 Professor Zorkophsky

    “305 moved permanently” In fact, every week more and more sites are being banned from sharing by Facebook. Twitter does it too but much more sneakily. After it appears to have posted my comment, should I try to post it again it will tell me I already posted it and refuse it. When it doesn’t do this and instead allows me to post another comment on the same article, it means Twitter never actually posted the first one.