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by Sharon Rondeau

President Donald Trump speaks at a September 7, 2020 press conference on the North Portico of the White House

(Sep. 7, 2020) — In a Monday-afternoon press conference, President Trump promoted the “vaccine” for the coronavirus which he said “will be very safe and very effective” and “delivered very soon.”

“The people will be happy; the people of the world will be very happy,” he said of the anticipated arrival of a vaccine, two of which are reportedly in final stages of clinical trials.

Speaking unaccompanied by aides or cabinet members, Trump touted the gains in jobs seen since May, when the U.S. economy began to reopen after a 6+-week substantial shutdown from the coronavirus.

If re-elected, Trump said, his second term will focus on more job creation, maintaining and growing America’s energy independence, and promoting economic growth.  “We’re going to be expanding opportunity zones,” Trump said, thanking Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) for “coming up with that whole concept.”

He predicted that if elected, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will collapse the economy and lose ground in energy production, among other areas.

He said Biden would “lay off tens of millions of workers” in a second national “shutdown,” which Trump said would bring on increased numbers of suicides, drug and alcohol addiction, mental-health issues, and a negation of the “gains” Trump’s administration has accomplished.

As to economic growth, “Third-quarter numbers are coming out before a very special day, November third,” he said, referring to Election Day.  “You’re going to have a good third-quarter number coming out,” he said.

“Biden wants to surrender our country to the virus” and “wants to surrender our jobs to China,” he claimed.

He said that he has transferred wealth gleaned from new trade arrangements with China to farmers and the U.S. Treasury.  “We get nothing from China,” he said, and that China has been using its financial gains from the U.S. to strengthen its military over the years.

Trump said he has benefited the U.S. by prodding NATO countries to pay more in dues.

Of Biden, he said, “In prime time he wasn’t good, and now, it’s not prime time…”

Of the military, Trump said the Pentagon’s top commanders do not “love” him due to their commitment to fighting wars.  Conversely, he said “the soldiers” approve of him.

He said withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord was a positive step and that the pact is an attempt to “basically take away your wealth.”  Biden, he said, would re-enter the U.S. in the accord.

Of China, he said, “They didn’t play by the rules…that’s why they became a rocket-ship…they cheated; I made a great trade deal with China, and they’re buying it…”

He included Biden in a group he called “stupid people.”

“If Biden wins, China will own this country, and hopefully you’re not going to be able to find that out,” he said curtly.  If re-elected, Trump said, he will “hold China accountable” for the release of the coronavirus.

“So, happy Labor Day, everybody,” he ended his soliloquy abruptly at 1:49 p.m.

He took the first question from the AP’s Jeff Mason, who declined to remove his mask after Trump said he could not hear the question. Mason, instead, spoke louder, after which Trump said it was “better.” Mason asked Trump for a statement on an article in The Atlantic claiming that Trump disparaged servicemen killed during combat during a trip to France in November 2018 marking Veterans’ Day.

Trump denied the report, invoking the names of former military officials who have denied it.  “It was a phony story, just like the dirty dossier…and there’ll be more phony stories,” he said.

Trump said that “15 people” have denied the story, “…so, that’s enough of that,” he concluded.

As for recent riots in American cities, Trump said they are taking place in locales governed by “all Democrats, and it always will be.”

He specifically mentioned Rochester, NY, the former home of Eastman-Kodak and Xerox Corporation, and praised U.S. marshals for their law-enforcement in Portland, OR last week.

In response to another question, he decried the Obama regime for “spying on my campaign” and circulating the “dossier” compiled by Christopher Steele whose allegations were never substantiated.  Had a Republican sitting administration done the same to an opponent, he said, convictions and jail terms would have quickly ensued.

The claims that the 2016 Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia consumed the country for close to three years but were not corroborated by a $40 million Special Counsel investigation headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Trump described the actions of those who “spied” as “treason” and worthy of substantial imprisonment.

To a reporter’s questions on a coronavirus vaccine, Trump said he wants no credit for himself for the speed at which its development has progressed, but rather, that he wishes it to benefit all Americans.

He decried “cancel culture” specifically as it goes to the “1619 Project,” promoted by The New York Times Magazine and which reportedly is being rolled out in some public schools.



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