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(Jul. 1, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. We received a message from Madam Shylock saying that she has stumbled upon some pretty important information and so, via Skype, here she is. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ Madam Shylock. How do you wish to proceed with the payment?”

“I’ve never revealed information without prepayment, but if you promise to send me a cashier’s check I’ll proceed.”

“You got it.”

“Very well. Things were a little slow yesterday; I only had one client, a Veteran who had this idea that his wife was cheating on him, so I told him if she disrespected him that much, he should pack it up and leave.”

“And then what?”

Henry came for lunch – fresh fly on a pat of unsalted butter – and then we played a game of Parcheesi – Henry won, he always wins – and then he went to his pad. So there I was, all alone, so I decided to gaze into my crystal ball just to pass the time and there it was, right in front of me, in full color, from the beginning to the present, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, then The Killing Fields of Cambodia, followed by The Decline of Venezuela, and then I saw the Ignorant Mobs of the United States doing the bidding of our sworn enemies, from the Communists of Russia to the Draconian Islamic State.”

“What did you see?”

“First, I have a joke for you: the Russians were paying the Taliban for killing Americans. Pretty funny, don’t you think? As if the Taliban needed any extra incentive to kill Americans. Give me a break; it’s a Muslim joke, get it?”

“Yes, of course I get it. Let’s take a commercial break.”

Moody River” (2:41)

“Okay, we’re back.”

“This is very serious, Roving. The Communist Party has won the first round. They have taken over Hong Kong and our statues are still falling.”

“So there’s a connection?”

“A direct connection, just as there is a direct connection between Iran, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Omar and Tlaib, the left-wing Deep State, those who kneel and those who think it is American to disrespect our Veterans, Old Glory and the Constitution.”

“You don’t have much hope, do you?”

“What do you expect when you, one, have people such as Pelosi and, two, have people who keep voting for her? So let me ask you this, Roving: who is worse, the voter or the politician; the corrupt leading the blind or the stupid not giving a hoot?”

“I take it that, on the whole, Americans know that wearing a mask means you’re a stupid Democrat. Is that a correct observation?”

“On the whole, you are right. But then maybe you actually have a cold; maybe you have other medical issues that are entirely unrelated to China, so you wear a mask. Maybe there’s a million and one other reasons; who knows? It’s all about defeating Trump; forget the virus.”

“What else?”

“I saw even more parallels with the 1965 Cultural Revolution of China, or, in reality, pick any year since 1949 when China did not have one year of utter chaos. We have American citizens intimidated by the question, ‘Do you believe in BLM*?’, and if they answer that they believe in all lives matter they are immediately and forever banned as a racist. I saw parallels with the Khmer Rouge where they would murder you if you, in my example, wore a MAGA hat.”

“Just curious, but who is better armed?”

“Without question, the Republicans are better-armed by a ten-to-one margin: Republicans, besides leading in the handgun category, lead in all the other categories, such as shotgun and rifle; BB and pellet gun; and bow and crossbow. Republicans also lead in duck decoys and deer stand purchases by an even more overwhelming margin. In short, the likeliness of a Republican being armed in a GUN-FREE ZONE is so astronomical that even Professor Zorkophsky would be at a loss for words.”

“Speaking of rifles, what is the ratio of ownership between Dems and Trump supporters?”

“Unbelievable; let me continue: the level of education between the Dems and the Trumpsters is yet another drastic divide, which explains a lot, doesn’t it? Republicans make more money, live longer and have fewer traffic tickets and are more likely to have served in the military.”

“So what’s the bottom line?”

“The bottom line is if the Republicans don’t get down in the gutter with the Dems, Trump will lose the next election due to ballot fraud, such as two days later finding ballots in a trunk of a rental car or some other such nonsense.”

“So what is your prediction? What would you suggest?”

“First, I would restore each and every statue and flag that has been tampered with in the last half-century; last twenty for sure. Show the ignorant who the boss is, that education is always preferable over ignorance. And that’s about it. Right now, we’re in a war of knowledge; the ignorant vs. the educated; the reader of books vs. those indoctrinated by Hollywood; the emotional vs. those who reason. And like what happened in Cambodia, it could happen here just as well and just as fast.”

“Why do you say that?”

“If you allow the destroyers of statues to get away with the destruction of the past, the next step is destroying the present, and that’ll be the end of our great experiment in the Republic of Freedom.”

“Well-said, Madam, and with that we must sign off,* and so, on behalf of the crew and Madam Shylock, this is your Roving Reporter (RR) wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*BLM: a racist and anti-Constitution/American movement that has no place in our country, as dangerous as Socialists, Communists and Muslims.]

[**Signoff: ‘Pulse’ is a local television show that is brought to you by the supporters of President Trump. The show was designed to get the views of everyday people on their way to the big city via a commuter train. The transcript is transcribed at the office by our secretary, Miss Molly, and is then sent to The P&E where it is further edited for content and grammar. In lieu of actual commercials, songs that our secretary chooses substitute the time allotted.]

American Trilogy” (4:15)


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  1. Excellent comparison. Reminded me of The Red Violin movie where it was illegal to own or play a violin or other western instrument and music in Mao’s China. BLM is also talking ‘land redistribution” that has been going on for generations in Africa where the white people’s farms were stolen, and continue to be stolen and the owners tortured and murdered in South Africa where Obama praised that president on his last visit! https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/20/south-africa-begins-seizing-white-owned-farms/