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(May 30, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another exciting and, hopefully, informative episode of ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. As you can see, we’re back in Professor Zorkophsky’s rather nice office here at the university responding to an invite of some current importance. Hello, Professor, and what’s so important that you said to come right over?”

“Why, to hawk my latest soon-to-be bestseller: ‘The Yin and the Yang of a Rioter During Delayed Adolescence: the causes and effects of the Dems’ destructive education policies.’ Besides, I received a call from your Little People friends up in the Adirondacks asking me about that subject. And Roving, please address me as ‘Zork’ as long as we’re in my rather nice office.”

“Oh, sure thing, Zork. So who gives the green light to loot in the first place? What does burning out a business have anything to do with anything?”

“It’s a public display of drawing attention to oneself, as in ‘look how stupid I am and you can’t do anything about it.’ It’s blaming anyone other than themselves for believing in the childish philosophy of something for nothing, or it’s not my fault I don’t have a library card.”

“It all breaks down to personal responsibility, doesn’t it?”

“And that just happens to be the title of the last chapter, Roving. Burning a store and beating up an innocent bystander does not give anyone a license to behave like a two-year-old having a tantrum.”

“Could you break it down for us, at least within our time constraints?”

“Be more than glad to, Roving. First is who do you want on the front line? Do you, as a taxpayer, want an untested candidate to be your police officer or do you choose someone who has been vetted by the United States military to be mentally equipped to handle the job? You see, by the time someone receives an Honorable Discharge, they have passed the test of being who the public would want in the position of upholding the law. Democratic politicians, on the other hand, do NOT want someone who would put the Constitution and lawful orders first and illegal orders from mayors and governors not even considered.”

“Well put, Zork; I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

“Thank you. Okay, we have many officers of the court who have no business whatsoever to hold the jobs that they have. Case in point:  all the judges that OPOVV, represented by Doctor Orly Taitz, faced when asked to see the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of the usurper, the de facto president Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, only to be told he had no standing, yet OPOVV was vetted to the nth degree, starting with a legal birth certificate, parents’ birth certificates, Social Security number and Honorable Discharge from the military, besides a Good Conduct Medal.”

“I remember that; federal courts from sea to shining sea, only to be ruled he had No Standing. And you missed one.”

“What’s that?”

“OPOVV was a presidential candidate in 2012 and had a Federal Election Commission candidate number. By the way, to get that number he had to send a copy of his birth certificate to them. How come Obama didn’t?”

“Deep State striking again. Now the other side of the coin – from the killer cop — are the ignorant folk that seem to believe that looting is a normal human activity as a response from a provocation either real, perceived or a complete fabrication, such as ‘hands up; don’t shoot.’ For some reason violence is an acceptable problem-solving technique to some.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“Because it’s the only method known to get immediate results, that’s why. It all comes back to the undeveloped mind or you could say the underdeveloped mind. Look, Roving, you can only live so long believing in fairy tales; at some point you just have to grow up.”

“Yes, I’m sure the Little People couldn’t agree more. I’m sure they were curious as to why people would burn their own homes or places of learning and businesses, something that I’m sure all rational people wondered. I remember reading that during the Chicago riots some kid was shooting a gun and guess what? He managed to murder his sister. You ever see the stupid Muslims shooting their rifles in the air? Well, some of those bullets come down and kill people.”

“But we never hear about those deaths, do we?”

Commercial: “Lightnin’ Strikes” (2:55)

Justine Damond, Fair Use, to identify the referenced Minneapolis “unarmed lady”

“The Little People asked me why, when the Minneapolis cop killed an unarmed lady*, there wasn’t a hint of protest. Well, I’ll tell you why, starting with the quality of the law enforcement officers they seem to hire; and who among us are the real racists. And I’ll say one thing more: it wouldn’t have made any difference who George Floyd’s was: that cop still would’ve killed him anyway. Well, I guess there’s no reason to look any further than what we already know. I see you’ve been looking at your watch so I’ll show you my latest invention next time; it’s my own idea of a plasma propulsion engine.”

“Okay, that seems reasonable enough.  Okay, I see that we’ve run out of time and so, on behalf of the crew and Zork, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*killed unarmed lady: ever wonder how the world would be a different place if every Muslim woman was required, by Sharia Law, to be armed with a lightweight .38 revolver?]

Please Be With Me” (3:58)


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