by Sharon Rondeau

(May 29, 2020) — In a Friday evening edition of the daily White House newsletter, “1600 Daily,” the administration reported that in response to an anonymous “complaint” about Trump’s early-morning tweet which Twitter, in fact, obscured with a warning that it violated the company’s policy against “glorifying violence,” Twitter wrote in a second response:

We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules (>https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311<) or German law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time.



The complete White House message reads:

Check out this absurd email Twitter just sent us

Dear 1600 Daily subscribers,

We are forwarding you this email that the White House just received from Twitter. It’s so absurd, we just had to share it with you.

This morning, the White House Twitter account reposted text from a tweet sent by President Trump. A short time later, Twitter censored the tweet, claiming it violated Twitter Rules about “glorifying violence.”

That is completely false. As the President just explained again, his tweet was CONDEMING violence and pledging federal support to keep Minnesotans safe.

The email we just received, presumably sent by a different team within Twitter, admits that the very tweet they are censoring does not violate any Twitter Rules.

Yet the tweet is still censored.

Twitter’s own staff just made this much clear: Twitter is a publisher with an editorial viewpoint, NOT a platform.

See the email below for yourself:


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