Dominoes, Anyone?


by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

erik_stein, Pixabay, License

(May 10, 2020) — A long line of dominoes is beginning to fall.  As more and more documentation emerges from the catacombs of the Justice Department and the FBI, confirmation gels that a seditious coup d’état was conceived, designed and implemented against President Trump.  With the release of each new unredacted domino, the more obvious it becomes that one person knew all about it, and seemingly orchestrated – sans fingerprints – much of it.  All roads – and in this case, all tunnels – seem to be leading in the direction of the Second Usurper-in-Chief of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.  Stated otherwise, a day of reckoning is on the way.  If there is any justice remaining in this nation, that day will not end well for Monsieur Obama and his cabal.

We have now learned that Mr. Obama was aware of the now-debunked “Steele Dossier” long before its public “leaking” occurred.  We have also learned that Mr. Obama was aware of the plan to entrap Michael Flynn orchestrated by the intellectual termites infesting the upper floors of his Justice Department and the FBI.  Unimpeachable proof of Obama’s involvement came when recent confirmation emerged that on January 5, 2017 – a mere 15 days before Mr. Trump would be sworn in as president – a meeting with Obama presiding took place in the Oval Office at the White House.  That meeting is not a smoking gun: it’s a smoking cannon.

The newly-released documents detailing that meeting prove unequivocally that Mr. Obama was fully aware of these seditious activities.  The extent of his knowledge and orchestration of the activities are matters yet to be discovered, although one can only hope that the John Durham investigation will eventually strip away the camouflage.  This was an attempted “soft coup” that was carried out by Obama apparatchiks, Deep State operatives and a mainstream media all too eager to see President Trump fail.  The rule of law died.

Speaking of that concept, Obama recently had the temerity to claim that the Department of Justice decision to drop the charges against Michael Flynn itself represented a dangerous erosion of the rule of law.  He told the members of the “Obama Alumni Association” – surely you didn’t think he was going to disappear from the stage, did you…? – that the dismissal of the charges was “the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic – not just institutional norms – but our basic understanding of [the] rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”  Seriously?

The sheer hypocrisy of that statement, coupled with heaping spoonfuls of narcissism and hubris, go a long way to explaining why this treasonous cabal thought it could “get away with it.”   After all, they had succeeded in deceiving the American electorate as to Obama’s constitutional eligibility in two general elections – and the Democrats now screech that Russia has interfered with our elections… really? – why not try similar additional deceptions to destroy President Trump?

Recall that way back in 2004 – when Obama was running for the Senate against Alan Keyes – Obama, in effect, conceded in a debate with Keyes that he was not a “natural born citizen.”  That post, by the way, is by John Charlton, founder of The P&E.  Responding to Keyes’s accusation that Obama was not a natural born citizen, Obama replied: “That’s OK, I am not running for president, I am only running for [the] Senate.”  Obama’s blurted “That’s OK” can be construed only as a concession that he recognized he was ineligible to the presidency.  In court, that is called an “admission against interest” admissible in evidence.  Stated otherwise, for at least 16 years – 2004 through 2020 – documentation existed confirming that Obama knew he was ineligible.

Then, back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was vying against Obama for the Democrat nomination for president, her spouse – it is inaccurate to describe Bill Clinton as a “husband” to Hillary – first raised the issue of whether Obama was constitutionally eligible to serve as president.  Donald Trump was not the first to raise the issue as to Obama.   It was during this period that sites like The P&E began detailing why, as a matter of fact and law, Obama was not eligible under Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution to serve as president.  Aided and abetted by a mainstream media which, even back then, gave new meaning to the terms “hypocrisy” and “sychophancy,” Obama and his enablers successfully bamboozled the electorate – not once, but twice – into elevating him to the presidency.

For two terms…, eight years…, he and his cadre of misfits set about “fundamentally transforming” America.  While they succeeded in the transformation, the evolution was largely destructive instead of constructive.  But in their insular minds, they had “gotten away with” the biggest hoax since the founding of the nation.  Then, the unimaginable happened: Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Sweet mother of pearl!  What to do, what to do?  If all of their chicanery, stretching back perhaps to the original hoax of claiming Obama was eligible to the presidency, was exposed for the lie that it was…, well…, life as the Deep State had constructed it in the District of Columbia could come crashing down around them.  How could this have happened?  Trump must be stopped!

Wait.  Wait.  Shezam!  If they could get away with the hoax of Obama’s ineligibility not only once, but twice – the biggest double-hoax in the nation’s history – surely they could again get away with the smaller hoax of a sham “Russia collusion” narrative, particularly with a mainstream media cobra participating as an eager and willing co-conspirator.  Yeah… that’s the ticket… third time’s a charm.

Wokandapix, Pixabay

And so, blinded by the genius of their own deceit, they set about framing Michael Flynn; spying on Carter Page; wiretapping the Trump Tower; altering “whistleblower” complaint forms; editing emails; changing FBI Form 302’s; lying and leaking ‘til the cows came home; impeaching a duly-elected president with full knowledge that he had done nothing impeachable; etc.; etc.; etc.

But the truth is now coming out.., slowly at first, but with increasing velocity and volume.  And the Deep State is in full panic mode.  Mr. Obama, on the other hand, persists in remaining cool, with the focus of the Durham investigation having not yet – as far as we know – landed on his forehead.  The questions that any responsible news organization would ask at this juncture would be: “What did Obama know and when did he know it?”  Those questions, of course, will never be posed – even hypothetically – by the co-conspiratorial Obama sycophants at the Gray Trollop, The WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC or ABC.   On the other hand, those are the questions that Mr. Durham might well be contemplating…, even as you read this post.  One can only speculate and hope.

So for now, while we are in Wuhan/COVID-19 stay-at-home lockdown and eager for some indoor pastimes…, who’s up for a game of dominoes?  Obama?  Brennan?  Comey?  Hillary?  Anyone?

8 Responses to "Dominoes, Anyone?"

  1. ZM   Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 1:25 PM

    Sometime around 2004-2005 or later when I was doing research on Obama, I discovered a link to a site with proof that Obama knew he was not eligible to be President. My recollection is that during an off stage conversation between Alan Keyes and Obama, before or after the official recorded debate, an individual recorded (pretty sure it was audio and not video) their exchange. What I remember is Keyes asking Obama, “Are you a natural born citizen?” and Obama replied, “It doesn’t matter, I’m not running for president”. Years later when I tried to find the source again, it had been scrubbed from the internet. But I distinctly remember it and thinking…this is proof Obama knows he is not eligible!! Because this was an off stage conversation, it was not part of the recordings of the debate, as Klaus Borowski mentions and points out “This exchange apparently never happened”. My point is that others recall seeing the same site as I did and know about this conversation between Keyes and Obama, thus this is not something that has been fabricated. Interesting that Mr. Borowski asks, “Why would Alan Keyes even bring up the issue of “natural born citizen in a race for the US Senate”, and my guess is Keyes had knowledge or the impression that this was a future aspiration of Obama. And he was correct.

  2. Klaus Borowski   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 6:22 PM

    “”Responding to Keyes’s accusation that Obama was not a natural born citizen, Obama replied: “That’s OK, I am not running for president, I am only running for [the] Senate.””

    This exchange apparently never happened.

    “The Keyes/Obama debate happened over 15 years ago. Has anyone been able to locate footage from the debate?”

    Alan Keyes has an archived website with transcripts from the 3 debates and the cited exchange is not in it.

    October 12, 2004

    October 21st, 2004

    October 26, 2004

    This statement by Obama from the October 21st debate comes closest:

    OBAMA: “I don’t need Mr. Keyes lecturing me about Christianity. That’s why I have a pastor. That’s why I have my Bible. That’s why I have my own prayer. And I don’t think that any of you are particularly interested in having Mr. Keyes lecture you about your faith.”

    “What you’re interested in is solving problems like jobs, and health care, and education. I’m not running to be the minister of Illinois. I’m running to be its United States Senator.”

    Why would Allen Keyes even bring up the issue of “natural born citizen” in a race for the US Senate?

    1. Sharon Rondeau   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 7:09 PM

      The second and third links appear to be transcripts of the same debate dated October 21, 2004. The third one, dated October 26, 2004, is here:

  3. Kandy Ricotta   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 5:29 PM

    JB…it is my feeling that I do not for one minute think that our President is not completely ready to expose ALL about Obama’s ineligibility…WHEN HE FEELS THE TIME IS RIGHT. He needs to weed through this covid-19 mess, while continuing to let Mr. Durham do his job and release his findings; President Trump will probably take it from there. Possibly waiting until after the Nov. election would be a good decision, THEN throw everything but the kitchen sink at him! Our silent majority will reelect this courageous man! :)

  4. Douglas Fredluss   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 2:57 PM

    The Keyes/Obama debate happened over 15 years ago. Has anyone been able to locate footage from the debate?

    The P&E article describing a witness to the debate is over 10 years old. Did this witness ever swear out an affidavit?

  5. Thomas Arnold   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 1:46 PM

    As I’ve always said- arguably the biggest mistake that Donald Trump has ever made was declaring that “Obama” was “BORN IN THE UNITED STATES, PERIOD.” I think it was a politically expedient thing to say, but he could just as easily (in fact more easily) have declined to say anything at all. Now, as I understand it, President Trump is expecting (hoping against hope) that someone else will do the job, i.e. show that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW and LET JUSTICE BE SERVED!
    There has rarely, if ever, been a time in our country’s history when the NEED FOR DRASTIC (but legal) ACTION HAS BEEN SO GREAT. We, the People, can’t count on Chief “Justice” John Roberts and his merry men and women on our Highest Court. They “EVADE” the natural born citizen issue, when, in fact, nothing could be more important and relevant to our constitution! Come to think of it, didn’t Roberts swear in “Obama” once in private on a KORAN? Then, there’s our FBI and CIA. Malfeasance doesn’t even begin to describe them. It’s more like COMPLICIT and part of a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. And as for Congress, the so-called representatives of the People, can you name more than a handful who are honest and selfless?

  6. Bob68   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 12:19 PM

    The word “hoax” reminded me of this quote from my favorite actor in 2012:
    “Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the America people.”
    Clint Eastwood was spot on, just as millions of other Americans have been for many years. It was never hard to see through the flimsy charade of legitimacy built around the fraud “Obama”.
    Fear of full reveal of Obama’s usurpation is the number one driving force behind the panicked attempts to remove the “birther”, President Donald Trump from office. My advice, sometimes hard for me to take because it is taking so long,….is don’t give up on President Trump….

  7. JB   Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 10:42 AM

    Democrats are hypocrites and bigots. When they get the level of an Obama the degree of hypocrisy and bigotry is hard to imagine or comprehend.

    Why has Trump not exposed Obama’s ineligibility given he has been in office for more than three years? To me in this regard, Trump has failed us.


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