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UPDATE: Oct. 21, 2009 — Second Witness Comes forward, gives testimony to The Post & Email

by John Charlton

(October 15, 2009) — It was a moment little noticed and soon forgotten; the import of it was not at that time understood; but the evidence that it did in fact occur is compelling. It occurred during the Obama vs. Alan Keyes debate shoot, when the actual video tape was being recorded by ABC’s Chicago Affiliate in the Fall of 2004.  It was never aired in Chicago, because the affiliate only aired the final cut; the raw footage was, as far as The Post & Email knows, aired only twice by C-Span in April and May of 2005.

The content of the short exchange has become legendary.  In a quick jab Keyes asserted definitively that Obama was not a natural born citizen, and Obama, manifestly caught off guard, conceded the fact.

This article will first, document the evidence still on the net regarding those individuals who claim to have witnessed the C-Span rebroadcast, and then will publish an email from one such witness, who is willing to swear an affidavit to the effect.  Other witnesses, who wish to contact The Post & Email can do so, so that their testimony on these facts can be published also.

The Internet “Rumor” which turned out to be the truth

On Nov.17.2008 @ 3:11 pm, at Attorney Leo Donofrio’s Blogtext blog, entitled “Natural Born Citizen”, it was first mentioned that:

Also, Somebody from Chicago just contacted her and stated that during the Senatorial campaign there was a debate between Barack Obama and Dr. Keyes. This debate was videotaped. During the debate Dr. Keyes has stated :”You are not even a Natural born citizen” to which Barack Obama replied: “That’s OK, I am not running for president, I am only running for Senate.”

This same commenter posted again at Chicagoans Against Obama blog at 7:40 PM the same day.

On Nov. 25, 2008, at 6:42 PM, it is mentioned again at Stormfront:

In search of — Debate during the Senatorial Campaign between Dr. Keyes and Obama in which was stated : “You are not even a Natural born citizen” to which Obama replied:” That’s o’k, I am not running for President, I am only running for Senate” – If anyone knows where this tape is located, please e-mail thepowerhour@thepowerhour.com THANKS.

A thread on this was opened at Free Republic on Dec. 2, 6:12 PM:

// I was looking for a video that I ran across recently from the 2004 Keyes/Obama Senate race debates where Keyes stated :”You are not even a Natural born citizen” to which Barack Obama replied: “That’s OK, I am not running for president, I am only running for Senate.”

News of this exchange has since spread across the internet and been reported throughout the last year.

A Witness Steps Forward

Here is where the “rumor” is dispelled, and where the facts become real.

First the facts surrounding the case.  This interested citizen began reading and researching about Obama the day after Obama’s 2008 Election win.  He soon began reading the blog of Attorney Leo Donofrio, participating at the web-form which is now known as RestoreTheConstitutionalRepublic.org, and listening in to Plains Radio, which was an internet radio program out of Texas.

This citizen read reports of others who had seen this exchange. And then remembered that he himself had seen it.  This witness has now contacted The Post & Email and given his testimony, which is as follows:

First, let me say that I was not able to vote in the 2004 presidential elections, because I was overseas on work.  So when I returned stateside in March of 2005, I wanted to inform myself as to what had been happening.

In mid April, finding myself with a lot of spare time, I started watching C-Span on cable tv, from my home in the mornings.  When they announced that they were going to rebroadcast the Alan Keyes vs. Barack Obama debates, unedited, I was delighted, because I am an Alan Keyes fan.

In the introduction to the rebroadcast of the debates, the C-Span host noted that C-Span had decided to air them because of the growing interest in Washington, D.C., in Barack Obama.  He also pointed out that C-Span was not airing the version seen in Chicago the previous fall, and which Keyes was  to distribute in diverse media on his website; that C-Span had requested from the TV station in Chicago the unedited tapes of the debate, and that only on C-Span would they be aired.

I watched the entire first and second debates.  I distinctly remember that I had never heard of Obama; my interest was in seeing what Keyes said about the pro-life issue and school vouchers.

At one point in the second debate, Keyes, accused Obama saying, “You are not even a natural born citizen!”

To which Obama immediately replied, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.”

At the end of the airing of the second debate, the C-Span host noted, as he read from a single sheet of paper, placed before him, that the Obama Campaign had contacted them and requested them to point out to their viewers that Obama’s response here should not be understood as a denial that he is a natural born citizen, only that Keyes’ accusation had nothing to do with the qualifications of office of a U.S. Senator.

I distinctly remember my dismay at Obama’s response, at that time, concerned why he called the office he was running for “Illinois” senator, but did not call the U.S. Presidency with any distinctive adjective.

I subsequently spoke with Alan Keyes, one evening, by phone, when he appeared on Plains Radio:, in January, I think. I asked him about this exchange; he said he did not remember it; but he did not deny it took place.

The Post & Email notes, that Obama’s response is more telling than it first appears; because you’d expect him to respond, affirming that he is a “natural born citizen”, or at least in saying, “I am running for U.S. Senator from Illinois, not the U.S. Presidency”. This seems to indicate that Obama was emotionally recoiling from this direct question; a question any natural born citizen ought never to have feared.  It certainly seems that Obama knows he is not a natural born citizen, which qualification requires that one be “born in the country of parents who are citizens” of the same (de Vattel, The Law of Nations).

The witness also informs The Post & Email that he is willing to sign and swear to an affidavit regarding what he has communicated above.


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  1. Kevin Graham, Chester Arthur “#21” had a foreign parent. The US has had TWO usurpers tro our Presidency. ALL others were legitimate.,the first (7) who were grandfathered in and all but two of all those who followed, “#21” and Barack Obama “#44”. Trump is actually President #43 NOT #45.

  2. That’s all real as I remember hearing Barry flat out tell him he could run for senate but not for president ,and I remember Alan Keys saying exactly that so I’m not sure why he can’t remember that conversation of course at that time it never bothered me what Barry was up to as he and Keys were just running against each other and of course I liked Keys and voted for him in his first presidential bid of which Barry never ran in, but I do remember Barry telling him that and later Keys wondered why the tape disappeared but I thought it had surfaced just a few months before Barry got out of Office. One thing I’m quite sure of is Barry’s real dad is Frank Marshall Davis’s son that’s why he has such tremendous problems with his mother because he never found out who he was until he was eight or nine as I believe his adoptive father abused him and told him who he really was and his mother sent him back to Hawaii so know here this mother abandons her son keeps his half sister so I believe this all was problematic for him plus the fact that his nanny was a homosexual so you tell me someone needs to sit down on a couch with him and have him let it all out. The democrats flat out used the man.

  3. Here we gotta give C-Span and Keys credit on this interaction. And we can give Obama credit for
    his answer / remark. To me, this is a gift that keeps on giving. I clearly remember this video, for
    I viewed it at least twice.

    Obama’s answer here is quite interesting and somewhat an admission.

  4. This website is known as a stroll-by for the entire data you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and you’ll positively discover it.

  5. Did anyone ever locate the CSPAN tape of Obama admitting not a NBC?
    I am one, still wanting this to come out. This has come up again, September 25, 2016, I believe he was born in Mombaso, Keyna, as bc and registration of birth that states that is online. The Indonesian adoption would have made him loose previous citizenship. I can find nothing that indicates he is or has ever been a citizen of the USA. An atty in Washington state, Stephen Pidgeon, claims to have found where he changed name back to Obama in 1982 in a town in Canada across the border from,Washington state. There is some evidence that Stanley Ann may have returned from Kenya through Canada instead of through Hawaii, as she continued her college in Seattle, Uni of Washington, only a few weeks after the birth, apparently did not return to Hawaii until Obama senior had left the island to attend Harvard. Read senior had spousal abuse in his background.
    Thank you. Eva Holiman

  6. All known copies of the CSPAN tape were allegedly destroyed. I’d love to find someone who taped the show that would come forward or upload copies onto YouTube. This is a story that is way past due for exposure to the world.

  7. This video was just now sent to me in an email:
    Mr. Charlton replies: Mary, I don’t allow video links in comments, because I don’t have the time to review them to ensure that this site remains child-friendly. The Post & Email gets some horrendous spammers…

    1. Mr. Charlton- I’m curious. Have you heard from any more people attesting to seeing the exchange between Barack Obama and Alan Keyes on the reairing of the CSPAN debates? I’ve been trying to search for the footage but no luck. Great blog, Mr. Charlton.

      Keep up the great work.

      Mr. Charlton replies: No I have not. The CEO of C-Span did not respond to my inquiry. I think the denial is such in D.C., that if Obama got up before the entire nation and on live TV said he was not eligible and knew it; and laughed at everyone; they’d still do nothing. They’ve sold their souls to him.

  8. This all reminds me of the book written by CS Lewis back in the fifties, titled That Hideous Strength. Its all about the minority facing up to naked evil residing in a cabal of power elites.
    In retrospect one can now see that writers in early to mid twentieth century like Lewis, Chesterton, Belloc, Tolkein and others could sense this coming and were trying to warn us.
    Of course people treated it like entertainment and consequently we blithely stumbled into WW2, Communism and now a ferocious foe out of the Middle E that post Christian society dosen’t know how to deal with.
    Obama’s not the real problem; like us here in Australia the real problem is a post Christian society. With no real cohesive thread of commonly held values we become a mob; Obama and the mob we’ve got here are simply symptons of a far deeper spiritual malaise.

  9. why hasn’t keyes added this claim to his lawsuit if it happened?
    Mr. Charlton replies: The courts require for non-Obama supporters, that claims be backed up by evidence.

  10. A year and 8 months ago a You tube was put up in an attempt to find the missing tape, a desperate way to reach out to those viewing You Tube and those who downloaded this tape on their PC, if they possibly knew how.

    We did this to try and find one soul out there who was not going to sell out to those “powers on high.” Possibly someone out there, one viewer who came across this tape you are referencing had viewed it on their computer and may have downloaded it.

    Our minds got together and the talent/experience produce a very cute power point You Tube created by Barb A. to draw attention and pass the word, to possibly make connection. It is called: trthseeker5
    (Note no U in the name) Go to You Tube and you can see several versions.

    As I see you folks are trying to do the same, and I applaud your efforts. There were also names of websites to go to at the end of the power point listed so others could stay connected on this cause, as we knew of several who did support our efforts at the time, now there are 100’s fighting for the injustices we are suffering under. The company is welcomed as it was a lonely time.

    We tried other ways too…a campaign for letter writing that went ignored, all certified and return receipts from all over the country to Senator Feinstein who was then the Chair of the Rules and Administration who under elections is responsible for a Federal Election (see the letter below) but absolutely no answer.

    We knew then, or let me state we allege, a conspiracy was brewing and time as shown us what is evident now.

    So those who think, “Well would it be better under Biden, Pelosi, Byrd, or Clinton” in the line of distribution….you so forget that all of them are involved. They knew then and they sure as Hello…no now! They are guilty, and they all should be responsible for their illegal actions. That is just MHO…

    September 10, 2008


    Honorable Diane Feinstein
    Chairman Committee on Rules & Administration
    305 Russell Building
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    Re: Eligibility of Barrack Hussein Obama to Serve as United States President

    Dear Senator Feinstein,

    My concern for this country, and its future for the right to uphold the Constitution of the United States is the reason I write to you. Even though I am not a constituent of your state, I am a citizen of the USA. Since your responsibility in the position you uphold, as the Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Administration¹, I address this letter to you, and I am requesting a legal investigation be conducted to vet out and thoroughly examine the qualifications and eligibility of Senator Barrack Obama for the position which he seeks; President of our United States and Commander in Chief of our military forces.

    There has been much discussion in the media, and through the Internet of his legalities and whether he is in fact a legal citizen of this country. This is a major concern for citizens in every state to know the facts. If this suspicion proves to be true, then he has defrauded citizens and non-citizens of hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, services, and time not only for his campaign, but from those who have donated to other candidate hopefuls as well.

    The United States Constitution, Article II, Section states:

    “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

    According to Articles written, the GOP sent a team to Kenya and located a Registration of Birth (Birth Certificate) in Mombasa. Senator Obama’s mother was born November 1942 and therefore was only 18 at the time of Senator Obama’s birth.

    ¹ The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration is responsible for issues that include election, campaign finance and ethics reform. The Committee provides oversight over such institutions as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and the National Zoo. It also oversees the standing rules of the Senate and administers the Congressional Office Buildings.

    Honorable Diane Feinstein
    Page Two of Two

    If in fact Senator Obama was born in Mombosa, Kenya, Senator Obama’s mother was not old enough to meet the residency requirements to register Senator Obama’s birth as “natural born”, only naturalized. A naturalized citizen is not eligible to serve as United States President. I was able to locate the laws on the U.S. Embassy, Kenya website, which state:

    Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent in Wedlock

    A child born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one alien parent acquires U.S. citizenship at birth under Section 301(g) INA provided the citizen parent was physically present in the U.S. for the time period required by the law applicable at the time of the child’s birth. (For birth on or after November 14, 1986, a period of five years physical presence, two after the age of fourteen is required. For birth between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.S. to transmit U.S. citizenship to the child.” [emphasis added]

    In addition, Senator Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia, after he and Senator Obama’s mother married. Senator Obama was registered in a Jakarta School and his citizenship was listed as “Indonesian”. Senator Obama speaks of this adoption and young years in Indonesia in his books.

    As previously stated, there are significant questions into Senator Obama’s citizenship status and his eligibility to serve as our United States President. If these questions are left unanswered, we stand to have a Constitutional crisis.

    Senator Feinstein, you hold the position of Chairman of this Committee and serve on many other important committees of equal significance with much responsibility to perform in a just and honorable means of conduct. The President of the United States is the most important position in which our country is represented to all other nations, and therefore we stand to lose much credibility if Senator Obama does not have the correct credentials to legally support the position for this office as required by our United States Constitution. My request to you is in the thoughts and minds of many citizens at this time, due to the pending Presidential General Election, and therefore this is an urgent matter and needs to be addressed immediately to assuage the fears of a multitude of citizens.

    I require a reply to this wary concern.


    CC: Senator Bob Bennet, Ranking Member

  11. Alan Keyes or his campaign staff almost certainly have a copy of the entire unedited debate with the footage in question. Contact Keyes directly or find out and/or contact whoever worked on his official campaign staff and get them to post it on YouTube! If somehow they don’t have a copy, I’m sure the agreement upon which Keyes participated in the debate entitles him to obtain a complete unedited copy of the debate video. Someone has to get on this and follow through…simply too important…

    Expose the Lie – Stop the Corruption – Defend Liberty!!!
    Mr. Charlton replies: Why would Keyes have the uncut tapes? That does not even make sense. The ABC affiliate, yes. But the Keyes’ Campaign? When you do a debate, you get a copy of the final cut; no one asks for the uncut tapes…

    There are now 2 unrelated common American Citizens from different parts of the country at different occasions who say they saw the exchange: one is even willing to sign an affidavit.

    As for C-span, don’t expect them coughing them up: they showed the uncut version, and released a video vesion on the net, but as the second witness testifies, they first issued an uncut version, but later censored that — obviously at the request of the Obama Campaign. If you think Obama is going to play fair with evidence that indicts him, out of his own mouth; you need to wake up and drink some strong java!

  12. Mr. Charlton replies: Mr. Hoefling, if that’s you; then you need to email me; as any Obot can pretend to be you; with publically known figures I don’t post comments until they first email me.

  13. The silence of B. Obama on the birth site issue seems to be the answer to the controversy. He could easily lay it to rest, if it were not true. There is a deep chasm constitutionally and governmentally in our country, seemingly just ready to open. May God Be With Us

  14. To be clear, a “natural born citizen” is defined (though not all agree, and it has never been tested in the Supreme Court) as… a citizen of the US, born in the US, to parents, BOTH of whom are US citizens.

    Obviously, under that definition, Obama cannot be a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution requires the President of the US to be a natural born citizen: ergo, Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of president.

    Why do we even need a tape!!??

    However… who among us would walk into this chaos with our eyes open? Think about it. If Obama is somehow disqualified, who on Earth becomes the President? Joe Biden? Why? If Obama’s election was a fraud, then he can’t be appointing a Vice-president. Therefore Biden isn’t really the VP. Or does it go to BHO’s rival John McCain? Hmmm… is that much better? Or does it go to Pelosi!? Do you see the dilemma? What Supreme Court Justice would want to cause this chaos?

    Sometimes it is better, knowing the truth, to let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t much like BHO and would like to see another, more America-friendly administration in the White House… but it might be best to make sure he doesn’t get re-elected in ’12.

    Let’s just hope the Republic can withstand the battering he and his cronies are giving it.

  15. I have a question….If Obama’s mother was a natural born citizen, doesn’t that make him a citizen regardless of where he was born? i.e. a person born of military parents who are on duty outside the US would still be a citizen. Obama’s mother was/ is American.

    So where does that leave us?
    Mr. Charlton replies: According to the U.S. laws in force in 1961, an American citizen married to a foreigner, giving birth outside the U.S.A., has to have resided in the U.S.A. after the age of 14 years for at least 5 years. Since Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to Barry Jr. when she was not yet 19 years old, if she did so outside of the country, her child would not have been a U.S. Citizen at birth; and thus she’d have to get a foreign passport to bring him back into the country; unless of course she returned through Canada and got through with her driver’s license and no other documentation.

  16. In John’s article this weekend, he established all the evidence needed for those of us who consider the Constitution as the foundation for our society, to disqualify Obama from the office he currently sits in…what you need to understand is that while the constitution hols a dear place in our hearts, Obama and his minions have just the opposite view of that document…they mock it, consider it extremely flawed, refuse to abide by it unless they are forced to…please keep that in mind as you look at the facts as they are exposed, the truth means nothin if it’s sits outside of their ideology…there’s always a lie to try and parse even videotapes and actual words that are spoken…even those videotapes and words that prove what you’re saying, it will be discounted…it’s the ultimate form of centempt for the truth…bottom line is that they just don’t care…where you see constitutional crisis, they don’t…so don’t expect if/when you expose and present the ultimate smoking gun for them to be shocked or admit anything…they’ll simply ignore it as if it doesn’t matter and never happened…

    Based on this, we need the two items in my comment below number ‘2’ which are ‘a’ and ‘b’…we’ve got ‘a’ but we have to get ‘b’ somehow…that’s where our efforts need to be in my humble opinion…please read below as this is the only thing that can be enough to bring the needed support for this…also please read ‘c’, ‘d’, and ‘e’ and possible avenues to explore in getting ‘b’…

    From researching C-Span what I can tell you is that they are funded 100% by the cable networks of America and receive $0 dollars of government funding…brings up some interesting questions that I hope Mr. Charlton or someone else can shed some light on for me and other readers…

    1 – While their are many facinating aspects to the life that has been and continues to be “Obama”, we know he’s a completely manufactured entity in many ways…having said that, you can waste a lot of time delving off into, while interesting, but ultimately not as important areas, when it comes to bringing him and responsible parties to full accountability for what they have perpretrated upon the citizens of America and really to the Constitution itself…

    2 – In order to hopefully make this happen, then you have to narrow it to something that passes the “court of public opinion” and also passes the “judicial level” of evidence…so, in order for that to happen, then two main things that have already happened need to be brought together because they validate what we already know…

    a – widespread knowledge that his birth was not in the U.S. but in Kenya probably…I submit to you as evidence the articles that John has helped expose over the last week from a number of African sources that are reputable and are associated with AP…all of this happened around the 2004 senate election timeframe when he became senator for Illinois…

    b – Obama’s own videotaped admission during the 2nd debate with Keyes that he was not a natural born US citizen but that he was only running for senator…we all have the quote seared into our brains…this ocurred in October of 2004 right before the election…

    These two items alone are substantial move an evidentiary perspective in both the 1- court of public opinion and 2 – our judicial system that will have to ultimately handle this…

    From an ‘a’ and ‘b’ above we have ‘a’ locked and sealed…while the internet may be scrubbed by people protecting Obama, the information has been saved, archived, etc. in too many places for it to be removed from existence…

    As far as ‘b’ goes, which is the ultimate point of this post…I sure hope you’ve read this far :)…we need to know a couple of things…
    c – If C-Span is not government funded then are they under any obligation to release transcripts or copies of the vidoetape in question? I don’t know the answer to that…

    d – The ABC affiliate in Chicago that has the original videotape of this verbal exchange between Keyes and Obama could release this, but good luck with that…unless you’ve know someone who understands what is happening and sees this for what it is, then you’re not going to get some mysterious copy of the quote showing up in some journalists inbox or some lawyers office that’s currently involved with these court cases…

    e – The only other way to get this information out is for either the witness mentioned in the article above actually recorded the debates off of C-Span in April and May of 2005, or knows other witnesses and one of them made a recoreding…wouldn’t that be the ultimate sense of irony in this whole crazy delima…someone simply made a recording of an unedited version of a senate debate…no wonder they want to start getting control of the internet and other forms of communications…it’s the only way to keep the information from everyone…

    Thx and remember that the only way for you to make a difference is for you to take action in any way you can to help out…that’s completely up to you and a big part of what people that are “free” do to protect their freedoms…

  17. People! a picture is worth a thousand words…and video a billion in the court of public opinion. If there is any way to get a video tape of Obama actually saying that it would really start the end of this nightmare. I am willing to help out anyone that has the know how to recover this extremely important document. Let’s get this done. It would be 1000 times more convincing than any paper document to the public. Him speaking in his own words that he is foreign born . WoW a real bombshell if we get it.

  18. John,

    Based on your article today about the 1 fact we know without a doubt, being, that since Obama’s father was a British Citizen, then according to our constitution, there is no way for Obama to ever be recognized as a natural born citizen…is that right? If so, then this whole travesty doesn’t really have anything to do with even where he was born and/or the need to see any birth certificate he has…I know all of the superfolous information is important in building a history of what this person is all about and proves a life of deceit at many levels, but lawyers and the people of America just need to stay focused on that one basic fact…I would think this one fact along with someone somehow getting a transcript of the 2nd debate between Obama and Keyes where he verbally acknowledges that he’s not a natural born citizen, would be exactly what’s needed to get this heard and completely out for all Americans to see and know the full story…

    Okay, so if the unedited tape was not aired in Chicago by the Chicago ABC affiliate and it was only aired on C-Span twice in April and May of 2005, I have a couple of questions…

    1 – Does anyone know what the actual date of the video airing on C-Span in April and May was…I search C-Span’s video library and found no listing for the Obama/Keyes debates…

    2 – If it was ony aired on C-Span during that time, then short of getting C-Span and/or the Chicago ABC affiliate to provide the video or a full transcript of what was said, the only evidence of this would be if someone just happened to record it when it aired on C-Span…probability of that was be pretty low I think…

    3 – Can a “Freedom of Information Act” request be filed to C-Span and/or the Chicago ABC affiliate, in order to get a copy of the videotape or a full transcript of the dialogue…I would think that if C-Span if funded by taxpayer money, then taxpayers have the right to see that information once it enters the public domain…thx…

  19. anyone who seals all of their records has something to hide.

    only an idiot would spend one million to hide a fifteen dollar document.

    communist, yes.
    idiot, no.

  20. I wonder how many people watched these unedited debates on C-Span in April and May of 2005 and recorded them on TiVo or something like that…real question is, probably a good number of Keyes fans in Chicago watched these…just need at least one to have recorded it…there were probably a good number of Obama supporters in Chicago who watched them also and may have recorded, but getting one of them to come forward and put the Constitution before their devotion to Obama is not something I would hold my breath for…I kid you not folks, this is a serious challenge to our Constitution and the Republic that many of us love…

  21. Probably came in their last debate…

    Final debate offers spirit, substance
    October 27, 2004

    BY SCOTT FORNEK Political Reporter

    Republican Alan Keyes said Tuesday he believes all Americans should be required to provide military or civilian service, and he argued that U.S. citizenship should not automatically be granted to everyone born on American soil.



    CAMPAIGN 2004

    Keyes, Obama disagree sharply
    Candidates poles apart in final, often testy debate

    By John Chase and Courtney Flynn
    Tribune staff reporters
    Published October 27, 2004

    On other matters, Obama said he supports the idea of eliminating the Electoral College because it’s in “disarray.” Keyes said he would do away with the law that allows every baby born in America to be an American citizen, because it encourages illegal immigration.


  22. Good job John… I guess I watched the edited debates from the CSPAN site twice without any luck.. if it exists it is in the unedited tape.

    all was not lost, I got to see how intelligent allen keyes is. he ran cirlcles around the Resident in Chief.

  23. So, you cite a post on stormfront, a very known white supremacist forum, as evidence in favor of news of this alleged exchange? Why are you using a post on a forum which promotes white supremacy as means to lend credibility to your argument?
    Mr. Charlton replies: Steve, I don’t enable gravatars at The Post & Email; but seing that your gravatar is a pink swastika, what’s your point?

  24. So many pieces to the puzzle but it is taking shape. I think we already have a solid case against Obama. Certainly enough evidence to refer to a Grand Jury.

    Now, who can we get to hear the case or where will we find a Grand Jury?

    Have you ever read my 6000 plus word reserach paper on Obama?

    Somehow, you know its coming. That OMG moment is just around the corner. You can feel the inescapable reality creeping up on you. Something will leak. Someone will spill the beans.

    “For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

    Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”


  25. Is there a way to compel CSPAN to release the video? Because you know they still have it in their archives somewhere.
    Mr. Charlton replies: We need to track down

    1) the host to the C-Span program
    2) the terms and conditions underwhich C-Span requested and received release from the ABC affiliate; there must be paperwork somewhere
    3) that single sheet of paper the host read, which came from or contained the statement from the Obama campaign regarding what the statement by Obama should be understood to signify.
    4) Anyone who worked in the back room at C-Span, they would have monitored the broadcast and handled the actual tapes.

    Follow the paper/video trail folks…!