by Bob Russell, ©2020


(May 10, 2020) — Minnesota voters have done great harm to the nation by being so politically-correct that they sent a God-hating, America-hating, islamist/satanist to Congress.  It has been credibly suggested that she has committed multiple instances of adultery and campaign and immigration fraud involving a “husband” who is believed to be her biological brother.  The Twitter user pointed out a passage in the Satanic Verses, also called the koran, that she had violated.  She wants the person to receive 80 lashes, potentially a fatal beating.  The Holy Bible references 39 lashes as being the maximum punishment for grievous sins.  It is my understanding that 40 is enough to cause death but satanists like omar want decent people killed so she and her ilk can control everyone and abuse people at will, which seems to be the custom of the satanic crowd.  One thing islamists/satanists will not tolerate is anyone speaking the truth about their satanic cult of rape, torture, and murder.

Sadly, people in Minnesota either fear standing up to evil or are too stupid to see how evil islam is.  It is also sad that so many people in America either can’t or won’t see the evil, or are afraid to oppose it because they don’t want to be called names.  Liberals denigrate me all the time but I don’t care because I worship the one true God and stand up for America, the Constitution, and my God-given rights protected by the Constitution.  God gives me my rights; government does not.  If rights come from government they can be taken away at the whim of politicians and bureaucrats.  Liberals and those who want to “stay under tyrannical radar” will find out eventually that tyranny will bite them also.  The people who brought Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and any other despot to power wound up suffering under tyranny once the primary enemies were done away with.  Tyrants continually look for people to persecute because that is their mindset, to brutalize anyone they can.  Their hunger for control can only be fed when there are people to persecute so once sensible people have been eliminated they go after those who have too late seen their mistake.

Moslems hate everyone, even their own kind.  If you will pay attention to what is happening in the world you will notice that the islamists are killing more of their fellow moslems than Jews and Christians.  Islam is the only group in the world (notice I didn’t say “religion”) that kills people who don’t bow to their brand of belief.  Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, agnostics, and atheists can agree to disagree without killing each other, so why can’t moslems do the same?  The answer I come up with is that their false “god,” called allah, is who we Christians call satan.  Their “god” is pure hate and demands followers subscribe to his ways.  One day people like omar will find out they have been on the wrong path but by then they will be on their way to an eternity in the Lake of Fire, their “heaven.”

Too many liberal single-issue groups support the democrat party but they fail to see what they are headed for.  The democrats use the feminist, homosexual, and  transgender groups as useful idiots, telling them what they want to hear to get their votes but in the end will betray them by backing the islamists who will kill members of the other groups.  If islamists ever get control of this nation, the control omar wants, she will not be in Congress; she will be the property of some sadistic man who can beat her at any time for any reason, or for no reason.  Omar and the other  “female” islamic fool in Congress, rashida tlaib, will find themselves much less revered than they are now.

The democrat party is wholly invested in taking over the country and the republican party is merely in the mealey-mouthed protest mode but will be right there to grab its share of the spoils of despotism if it succeeds.  Nazi war criminal george soros is heavily-invested in groups seeking the destruction of the American Republic and its replacement with the New World Order under his direct control.  The best way to defeat satan and his minions is through prayer, repentance, and living a righteous life in God’s eyes, meaning living by Biblical standards.  Jesus Christ defeated satan and his followers at the cross and all we have to do is follow His teachings in faith and prayer to see our nation prosper.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from Neglect.


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  1. Q’ran representative Ilhan (taqiyya) Omar – as far as the 80 lashes, count ’em, 80, can we at least wait until after Mothers Day to carry-out the punishment?

    BTW – where do you want the punishment carried-out, your place or mine?

    Sharia diarrhea!