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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 8, 2020) — With the exposure of Obama-regime officials‘ duplicity in implying in public forums and on cable TV that President Donald Trump could be a “Russian asset” while admitting privately they had no “direct evidence” of “collusion” justifying the years-long, multi-million-dollar FBI and Special Counsel investigations, it may soon be the time for the Trump administration to launch a long-overdue probe into the image posted on the White House website in 2011 said to represent Barack Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate.

From the 5+-year investigation into the issue by former detective Mike Zullo working under the authority of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), Americans who are awake and aware know that the image was proven an abject forgery, an assessment with which two highly-credentialed document analysts concurred in separate analyses and reports.

To the public’s knowledge, no one has ever been questioned about how, why or by whom the birth-certificate forgery was created and the information it was intended to obscure.

Since it appears Obama himself was involved in the intercepted phone calls between his former DIA Director, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret), who Trump chose as his national-security adviser following the 2016 election, it would be appropriate to question him not only about the FBI’s entrapment of Flynn three days into the Trump administration, but also what the FBI, CIA and DNI knew about the creation of the fake government “document” bearing Obama’s purported name.

Based on the rapid uncovering of documents in the Flynn case demonstrating breathtaking government misconduct, Attorney General William Barr is more than capable of getting to the truth about the birth-certificate forgery, another “hoax” perpetrated on the unsuspecting American people.

Democrats insist that “no one is above the law,” but do they mean it when the tables are turned?

The forgery of the Selective Service registration form of the then-Democratic presidential nominee in September 2008 also needs to be probed and exposed for the federal crime that it is and which no other American could commit without facing a criminal charge.

By his own statement on the morning of the long-form’s release, Obama is implicated in the creation of a forgery “with the intent to deceive.”  Had he been called to account then, the national nightmare the American people have witnessed over the past 3½ years, at great cost and out of nothing more than Democrats’ inability to accept the will of the voters, would never have taken place.

“It’s treason; it’s treason,” Trump said during on-camera remarks from the White House Thursday after the news of the Justice Department’s withdrawal of the charge against Flynn was reported.  Is it not also “treason” when a cabal of political hacks, many of the same who insisted Trump “colluded” with the Russians, propelled a foreign-born, ineligible candidate into the White House with the intent to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”?

It is not a stretch to consider that the same thugs who “sent” FBI Special Agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka to conduct a West Wing interview of Flynn outside of recognized standard protocol and perpetrated a hoax against the Trump administration also know something about the production of fake documents to cover for their figurehead “president.”

After what was done to Trump, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Michael Caputo and countless others, is the forgery of a few “government documents” difficult to believe?

And what about the media’s role in the lies and cover-up?

“We’re draining the swamp,” Trump told Friday’s Fox & Friends co-hosts, along with the FBI, Justice Department and other government agencies.  If Americans vote accordingly in November, that process could be furthered and real “transparency” as to the origins of the “computer-generated forgery” still residing in the White House archives realized.




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  1. The truth about berry soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama would come out if President Donald J Trump got a Second Term in office so the liberal socialists democrats colluded with the CCP in China to steal the 2020 Election November 3, 2020.

  2. The possibility of President Donald J. Trump initiating an investigation in to the fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate cost President Trump his second term in office . IE the Stolen election from We The People of November 3, 2020 . Every Unconstitutional and ILLEGAL ACT starting 2008 is what the US Congress is guilty of and will continue to be guilty until this fraud berry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is brought to JUSTICE . Just think if the US Congress had honor their oath to the US Constitution in 2008 there might not have been a Covid 19 or a President Donald J. Trump . I firmly that 50% of US Citizens knew berry soetoro aka barack husein obama was and is a fraud and got tired of politicians doing nothing about it and vote a business-man Donald J. Trump into office .

  3. I‘be been on this fraud and Usurper berry soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama since 2008 and still don’t understand how this fraud has gotten away with it for so long.

  4. The Russia Collusion, the Impeachments, further investigations, have had the effect of creating a chasm between President Trump and the DOJ. Actually, even after Mueller closed shop, investigating the investigation occupied the DOJ so much, Trump could not treat William Barr like the piece of furniture the AG is in relation to the President as a “cabinet” person. Trump just did not have access to the DOJ. How could he investigate the BC?

  5. I’ve been on this fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama since 2008 and have stopped in my efforts to expose this fraud berry soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama .

  6. Long pass time to put the fraud and usurper barry Soetoro aka barack hussein obama behind bars. Barry is not a US Citizen so he can’t be charged with treason, but he can be charged as a foreign agent and in time of war get the death penalty The US has been at war since 2001 911 !

  7. If someone asked me for a copy of my birth certificate I could get it to them within an hour most days or within a few days if I was away from home for some reason. It took Obama a few years to produce his and that fact alone suggests that either he was playing politics or he never had one and the fact a forgery was proffered in place of a legitimate one suggests he wasn’t simply playing politics.

    If he and his cabal, that includes many republicans covering up for him, aren’t charged for that and these other even more treasonous acts against Flynn and Trump etc, that we have all strongly suspected for years and that senators had hard evidence of for years but are only being made public now, then the US is finished.

  8. Let’s not forget Lt. Col.Terry Lakin and the injustice visited upon him for asking a very valid,and pertinent question. He needs to be vindicated and restored. There is very good reason to investigate the 2008 election and the Obama ineligiblity and the DNC/RNC role in that horrendous chapter in US History – the question is does anyone have the guts to actually “Drain the Swamp”?!


  9. Great article Sharon,
    It expresses the hope and wishes of most if not all who read and comment on this site – (including myself). I have become very skeptical however, that this will ever be taken that far. They will not even investigate the real “DNC Russian Collusion”. This will end with the 2016 election debacle and it’s non- predicatory inception/and the events leading to impeachement of Trump.
    I would of course be delighted if Obama were exposed as the “Obama the Fraudulent” but he’ll be allowed to skate into the sunset with Michelle eligible to run in 2024 (IMO).
    Hoping I’m Wrong

    1. Michael LaVaughn Robinson aka Michelle Obama is the First drag Queen to be “First Lady” Why do you think these two Gay men pushed Transgender rest room in US Public Schools wile Berry and Michael sat ILLEGALLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE for eight long years ?

  10. What is MOST IMPORTANT is to educate the People to know what a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS !!! You must be born to TWO (2) U.S. CITIZEN parentS at the time of your birth on U.S. soil. The parents could be “naturalized” citizens, but U.S. citizens when you are born here.
    In the cases of Barry Soetoro (his LEGAL name), Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindall, Kamela Harris, Tulsi Gabbard…& others….THE CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS were not meet…BOTH PARENTS, U.S. CITIZENS. Our country’s 1st N.B.C. President was our 8th, MARTIN VAN BUREN…BOTH PARENTS IMMIGRATED TO THE U.S. & BECAME NATURALIZED CITIZEN, THEN HE WAS BORN IN VIRGINIA…ON U.S. SOIL.
    OBUMA…was never constitutionally eligible because his father was never a U.S. citizen, WHETHER HE WAS BORN IN HAWAII OR NOT…even though we all know BOTH BIRTH CERTIFICATES WERE BAD FORGERIES. WORSE SCAM/FRAUD EVER PERPETRATED ON THE UNITED STATES.

  11. Yes, Sharon, it soon will be time (actually more than a decade overdue!) that the greatest, most dangerous, and blatantly unconstitutional act ever committed against the United States of America be investigated. I call it the crime of STEALING the presidency and command of our country’s armed forces- twice. Another word for it is TREASON.
    The main suspect is well known. However, in Washington DC, it apparently is being treated as an “open secret.” Nobody dares talk about it in Congress. The so-called “Supreme” Court has been “evading” the issue for years. The intelligence agencies are up to their necks in covering it up and withholding the truth from We,The People. Journalism, according to some (myself included), is virtually dead! Even our current arguably great president once caved in (it may have been politically expedient at the time) by declaring that the main suspect was “born in the United States, period” and therefore, by extension, presumably beyond reproach.
    Obviously, the main suspect is Barry Soetoro aka “Barack Hussein Obama.” Whether or not it is an unpopular topic of discussion, “Obama” is UNDOCUMENTED (forged IDs don’t count as valid documents), FOREIGN-BORN (most likely Kenya as his own bio published in 1991 revealed and remained uncontested until 2007), an ARAB AMERICAN who ethnically is 44% Arab while only 6% Black , a radical MUSLIM, a sympathizer and/or actual member of domestic and foreign terrorist organizations (most notably The Muslim Brotherhood), CIA chosen, trained, funded, and planted as if a spy in our society and politics, a SERIAL CRIMINAL (forgery, identity theft, Social Security fraud, filing a false income tax return while president, altering and forging official government documents including a military draft card, perjury, criminally negligent manslaughter by a commander-in-chief in the Benghazi murders, etc, etc), CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE (not a natural born American citizen per Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5), USURPER of the U. S. presidency. As I’ve already indicated, I call all of this STEALING THE PRESIDENCY AND TREASON.
    “Obama” used to tell us that “no one is above the law.” I think it’s high time that we prove it to him! And, that justice be served no matter who you are (or think you are!) or what wrong you’ve done. May God Bless America and help us save our Republic if it isn’t already too late.

  12. @ Ms Sharon R.
    Thank you for writing such a great article. The Post & Email is about the only source I have to keep me informed regarding lil’ boy barry’s thorn in his side. Also I’d like to apologize for some of my hot-headed comments I’ve submitted in the past that didn’t make the cut with “Rondeau’s moderating standards.” Little punk barry does that to me.
    I usually spend $20 per month on purchasing an 8×10 glossy photo of the half Indonesian fake 44th president of the USA, “bath house barry” to hang on my dart board in my garage but rather than doing that I’ll be donating the $20 to The Post & Email. It’s not much but I hope it helps out.
    Just one question for anybody out there…
    If you had a wife named Michelle would you ever accidentally call her/him Michael by mistake? Just saying!

    1. Michelle Obama when asked when were you and Barack Obama married by a child at a meeting “Michelle ” or is it Michael did not know ! What woman does not remember her wedding day ?

  13. Sharon, I am repeating this here because this article is new…….and more appropriate for this comment. Thank you.

    Here is something I sent to Congressional offices a few years ago. I was told everything I send them is kept in their computer system. I hope that it is true……This is one example of hundreds of communications which were ignored or responded to with a meaningless form letter. This is one is from 5-16-2016 before Donald Trump was elected.
    My letter to Congress:

    “My latest internet post on this subject is below. It is my response to the many who ask, “Why does Congress do nothing to stop Obama and why are they so opposed, even the GOP, to Donald Trump?”

    This is the post:

    Basically, it’s because they fear a Trump presidency and a Trump Department of Justice would reveal and have acted on the complete truth about Barry’s usurpation of the presidency and Congress failure in 2009 to prevent the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist from becoming the putative president. The moment Obama was sworn in back in 2009 it became Congress job number one to insure he remained officially a legitimate president. If the truth were exposed, Congress would have to explain why they gave America’s government and her military to the enemy…treason at the highest possible level. Leadership of Congress directed that Obama’s ineligibility would not be looked into and neither would any other evidence, (identity fraud), that could jeopardize his official legitimacy as the putative president. They did this to protect themselves, and their immediate goal is still to get Barry over the finish line in 2017 officially considered a legitimate president. They are involved in a crime, “too big to prosecute”. I was told by a Congressional staff member in 2009 that, “”Leadership of Congress had a meeting and decided not to pursue the issue of Obama’s eligibility”. Not too much of a surprise that Pelosi and Reid decided this would not be looked into.

    If you look at the actions and inaction of the Republicans in Congress from 2009 on it is easy to see they are lying for and obfuscating for Obama’s legitimacy and refusing to act on anything Obama does…..no impeachment and no investigation……..because they fear the truth and the prison sentences or worse that would come with that truth…..and, Congress already knows the truth. This has been obvious all the way back to 2009 and they are still digging in to reach their goal. Obama will be able to do anything he wants for the rest of his term with no fear of being stopped…just as he has up until now. It is personal with Congress and they will do anything to maintain the charade of legitimacy they have built around Barry.

    Trump represents an unknown that Congress does not want to live with as America’s president. The truth is the enemy of Congress.

    To whoever reads this, thank you.”

    Bob68…..that is one of hundreds of similar communications between 2009 up until today…

  14. As long as he doesn’t rely on Carl Gallops to bring forth the evidence. Obama will have died of old age long before that “earth shaking revelation” comes out.

  15. After a landslide re-election this coming November, President Trump will have an open road and nothing to stop him from opening the throttle and dragging these traitors and criminals to justice.

  16. Democrats are hypocritical bigots. They will say or do anything to forward their cause. For them nothing is too low or vile.

  17. What a wonderful, ironic, kick in the butt it would be for our man from CT, Mr. Durham, to be the one to crack the mystery of the CT SSN associated with Obama.