by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Apr. 30, 2020) — I just read an article about the ineligible and illegally-elected barak obama violating the Logan Act, legislation passed in 1799 to prevent former government officials, or any private citizen, from trying to represent the nation without proper status.  Democrats obama; john kerry, the fake “war hero” and traitor, and hillary clinton have repeatedly and constantly gone throughout the world trashing our nation and anyone they don’t like.  It has been proven that fuhrer obama was not eligible to be president but criminals got it done anyway, with the assistance of many in the gop establishment.  The birth certificate has been proven to be a fake but the people who should have stopped it then didn’t and that act of treason is still being covered up.  We all know the democrat party, owned and operated by Nazi war criminal george soros, won’t do anything, but why won’t the gop stand up and put a stop to this treason?  I believe it is because they, too, are controlled by the soros money and their lust for power in his dreamed-of dictatorship.

It has been very apparent to me that the elephant wing of the New World Order Socialist Party (GOP) establishment wants Trump out of office just as much as the donkey wing of the New World Order Socialist Party (DEM) does; they have been showing it since Trump first announced his intent to run for president.  Now that the impeachment scam has blown up, traitors like lindsey graham are suddenly opposing the lies of democrats but doing only the typical bluster and bleat while snickering in the background believing Trump will either be ousted or tire of the hate and resign.  Grahamnesty has been a traitor for years but manages to keep getting elected somehow.  I suppose voters in South Carolina are either stupid, hate the freedom they have, or feel as if they don’t have a viable alternative.  I am even more disgusted by the elephant wing of the New World Order Socialist Party (GOP) because they feign support for liberty while doing nothing to bolster liberty and doing all they can to undermine it.

We the People are facing the greatest threat we have ever faced, more sinister than British tyranny, Nazism, Fascism, Communism, or Satanism (islam).  The danger we face now is a government made up of people so lustful for personal wealth and power that they are willing to do anything to attain dictatorial power over us and having the very evil george soros willing to spend his billions of blood money to help his minions achieve their goal so he can rule the world.  Sadly, too many citizens are either too stupid to see it, too apathetic to care, or just willfully ignorant of the threat they are facing.

The attitude I have encountered when confronting republicans about it is,  “What are you going to do, vote for a democrat?”  The Trump Derangement Syndrome has spread like a pandemic due to a constant flood of anti-Trump garbage in the lamestream media and the hatred for and fear of him in both wings of the NWOSP.

The gop ran the traitor, john mccain, in 2008 and the new world order globalist wimp mitty “the poo” romney in 2012 with the intention of losing to fuhrer obama, knowing full-well that his “fundamental transformation” meant the destruction of our republic and the establishment of a dictatorship.  The gop knew that obama wasn’t eligible but helped quash Sheriff Joe Arpaiao’s case against obama, succeeding in getting obama re-elected.  They tried very hard to prevent Donald Trump from getting the gop nomination and when that failed tried to ensure that he would lose to that serpent, hillary.  When that, too, failed they got on board with trying to force Trump out of office while doing their utmost to hide their treason behind insincere words meant to deceive We the People into believing they aren’t what they are.

President Trump is working valiantly to drain the swamp but being fought tooth-and-nail by both wings of soros’ NWOSP, along with their allies in the media.  Sadly, President Trump has succumbed to some of the Chicken Little hysteria ramped up by democrats and their propagandist media allies.  I believe Trump mistakenly thinks that throwing money to citizens and funding democrat graft will get them to back off but they want him destroyed and won’t stop just because he gives them much of what they want.  The left will only accept total capitulation, and even that may not be enough.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Message emailed to White House and DOJ today: [Professional Responsibility]

    It is BAD when our government leaders commit crimes, it is WORSE, yet, when US Government-citizens and attorney-criminals and the yellow journalism from the yellow stream media all help to cover-up those crimes, however, the WORST crime of them all is when law enforcement practitioners refuse to prosecute those crimes! – JD Mooers

    THE TOP 100 COUPSTERS 08-28-08- TODAY:

    “Jesse” James Comey, Hillary “RICO” Clinton, Burisma’s “Joke” and “Coke” Biden, John “Passport” Brennan and 95 others MUST be prosecuted for crimes against American and its sacred US Constitution. This hoped-for criminal lineup, reminiscent of The Nuremberg Trials, will necessarily include “The Whoreable” Nancy Pelosi and her FAKE presIDent Soetoto-Obama II, who never was, never is and never will be America’s 44th Constitutional presIDent.

    REMEMBER 08-28-08:

    > >>> from stealing a Constitutional presIDency for Soetoro-Obama II to attempting to steal a Constitutional presidency from Donald Trump!


    John Durham, US Attorney for the District of Connecticut + FAKE presIDent Obama’s FAKE Connecticut Social Security Number + The Post & Email in Canterbury, Connecticut exposing “Obama’s Legacy of Lunacy” every day since 08-28-09


    Start with The Post & Email’s 11-year knowledge-office in Canterbury, CT and go south 25 miles straight-line to John Durham’s knowledge-residence in Groton, CT, then go west 42 miles straight-line to Durham’s US District Attorney’s knowledge-office in New Haven, CT, then go 49 miles straight-line back to The Post & Email’s knowledge-office.

  2. So Trump’s mother became an American citizen BEFORE his birth? I know she was born overseas. And was she an illegal immigrant to the United States or not?
    Regarding king usurper barack, I know he accidentally called his wife Michelle, “Michael” on at least two occasions, on camera. That would be like me accidentally calling my wife, “Andy” when her real name is Amanda. Who would do that?

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the Supreme Court (mentioned in one of the posts below) is COMPLICIT in the attempt by “Obama” and the Deep State to take over our constitutional democratic republic. Remember, Justice Clarence Thomas said regarding the natural born American citizen issue, “we’ve been EVADING it.” That was several years ago, and nothing has changed, witness presidential candidates like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, et al. Are we to suppose that ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH ANY PARENTAGE AND ANY WORLD VIEWS CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT?
    One last thing that has been bothering me (and should bother all right-thinking American citizens, too) is discussed in the below website. I’ve always thought that it, and more, was nothing but true.

  4. Question 1; Can someone tell me why barry barack hussein obama soetoro looks just like the former cult leader, mohammed subud, who ran that cult in Indonesia that lil barry boy’s mammy was a member of?
    Question 2; Can someone tell me why lil barry boy’s 2 daughters look just like two of his best friends, anita blanchard & marty nesbitt? (I’m using lower case letters for all names above because none of them deserve a capitalization) The youngest fake daughter looks just like her mommy, anita, and the older fake daughter looks just like her pappy, marty.
    Just saying.

  5. Comment I posted at TheGateWayPundit regarding a new article there about Obama being in charge of the coup attempt against Trump: “The elephant in the room that no one wishes to bring up is that Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Brennan went after Trump because they were afraid of him because he was one of those dreaded “birthers”. They were very much afraid, and still are, that he may revisit some of the issues that Phoenix AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Lead Investigator Michael Zullo found when they investigated Obama’s key identity documents and other documents such as Obama’s alleged draft registration card. The CIA, FBI, and DOJ protected Obama during his term in office from any real investigations by federal agencies getting any tractions into the allegations. Now they are deathly afraid that at some point in time Trump will “go there” again and authorize a full investigation of Obama’s key identity documents, draft registration card, and use of various social security numbers during his life time. They (the Obama crew and the establishment that protected and covered up and revised history for him) wanted to, and still want to, get rid of Trump at all costs because they fear him.” Join the debate. See:

  6. The “fix WAS in” in 2008. BOTH John McCain and Barack Obama were ineligible to be President. Neither is a Natural Born U.S. Citizen. Barack Obama is a traitor and a spy under U.S. law. He usurped the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. Such a crime is prosecutable by a military court-martial and carries the Death penalty, if convicted. Fact is that Obama, Biden, both Bushes and both Clintons have all publicly voiced support of the New World Order. When the government “allow[s]” people to “Commit Treason”, they have broken their oaths of office and “We the People” have a right to prosecute traitors ourselves.

  7. I Believe that if President Trump is succumbing to the Dem’s, that he also has the Dem’s backed in the corner now with something that will be throwing the Dem’s off the course they seek.
    He knows things about Business and as he keeps talking about testing, this Corona is also a Test within itself.
    You know, like taking out two birds with one stone.

    First off, Businesses have now concentrated on health issues and cleaner ways to do business, second and most important, the Dem’s have been given what they want, a distraction, only this time it’s distracting the Dem’s from the Real Issue at hand.

    The Supreme Courts and what’s really going on there.

    They are the one’s who can really Drain the Swamp.

    And Obama made the mistake of not filling the Judge’s seats while he was in office and President Trump has filled them with his base support.

    And the Constitution Will have the last say and this is what the Dem’s fear the most.