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by Sharon Rondeau, h/t CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret)

(Feb. 4, 2020) — A widely-circulated article by Matt O’Brien of the Associated Press published Monday reports that YouTube, which is owned by Google, has disallowed videos about “birtherism” in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

“Better late than never, YouTube is making clear there will be no ‘birtherism’ on its platform during this year’s U.S. presidential election,” the article begins. “Nevermind that the conspiracy theory around former President Barack Obama’s citizenship emerged in 2008 and has not been a widespread issue since he last ran for president in 2012.”

The edict also bans videos containing manufactured political parodies which may appear authentic, known as “deepfakes,” O’Brien reported.

The article hearkens back to early 2011, when then-businessman Donald J. Trump called publicly for then-White House occupant Barack Hussein Obama to release his “long-form” birth certificate to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the chief executive to be a “natural born Citizen” without defining the term.

“Trump repeatedly voiced citizenship doubts even after Obama produced his long-form birth certificate,” O’Brien further wrote. “Trump only fully backed off from the idea in the final stages of his 2016 presidential campaign,” a reference to Trump’s public declaration in September 2016 that “President Obama was born in the United States, period.”

Although a myriad of evidence exists that Obama was reported to have been born in Kenya or Indonesia by mainstream media outlets, those same outlets have since inexplicably insisted that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The media has not disputed that Obama’s claimed father, Barack Hussein Obama, was a British citizen who became, by virtue of Kenya’s declared independence from the Crown in December 1963, a Kenyan citizen, which he remained until his death in 1982.

In 2008, Obama claimed on his campaign website that his presidential eligibility stemmed from the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, some 77 years after the Constitution’s ratification by the necessary nine of 13 colonies.

During a round of media appearances on the subject, on April 7, 2011, speaking of Obama, Trump told NBC News, “If he wasn’t born in this country, which is a real possibility, then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics.”

As with earlier AP reportage on the subject, O’Brien failed to mention that a 5+-year criminal investigation into the “long-form” image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 concluded it to be a “computer-generated forgery” followed by concurrence by two well-known forensics experts.

Over the course of the probe, lead investigator Mike Zullo held three press conferences revealing successively more detail as to how the image proved fraudulent.  Broadcast reportage on the pressers was virtually nonexistent, and no media outlet launched its own investigation into Zullo’s claims.

Following the initial press conference on March 1, 2012, Zullo was scheduled to interview with Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC and Sean Hannity on radio, but both canceled shortly before air time, Zullo reported last April.

In November 2017, The New York Times, which frequently attributed the “birther movement” to Trump, reported that the question of Obama’s eligibility, as defined by the “birth certificate,” remained on Trump’s mind, citing an unnamed administration source.  A link to that article embedded in a CNN report now leads to an article about the “Access Hollywood” recording released by Billy Bush.

“Eligibility” for office is virtually never a topic of discussion within the mainstream media complex, with an exception having been U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, who sought the 2016 Republican presidential nomination while maintaining that his birth in Calgary, Alberta, Canada presented no obstacle to his being a “natural born Citizen.”

Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen when son Ted was born and took Canadian citizenship while the family resided in Calgary in the late 1960s/early 1970s. While Cruz claims his birth in Canada to a U.S.-citizen mother was enough to make him “natural born,” some sources reported that Eleanor Darragh Cruz also assumed Canadian citizenship at one point.

Cruz has released no documentation demonstrating that he was declared a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen at birth or that he was naturalized as U.S. citizen later, when he left Canada with his mother to settle in Texas at the age of four, prompting questions as to whether or not he met the constitutional requirements to serve in the U.S. Senate.  He did, however, release documents showing that he renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014, the year before he announced his presidential candidacy.

As The Post & Email has reported over the years, a number of constitutional scholars interpret “natural born Citizen” to mean, “born in the United States to citizen parents.”  In 1916, Democrat Breckinridge Long wrote in the Chicago Legal News that Charles Evans Hughes, a Republican challenging then-President Woodrow Wilson for the White House, was not eligible because of his birth, albeit in the United States, to a non-U.S.-citizen father.

Long began his essay:

Whether Mr. Hughes is, or is not, a “natural born” citizen within the meaning of the Constitution, so as to make him eligible or ineligible, to assume the office of President, presents an interesting inquiry.

He was born in this country and is beyond question “native born.” But is there not a distinction between “native born” and “natural born”? At the time he was born his father and mother were subjects of England. His father had not then been naturalized. The day after Mr. Hughes was born his father had a right, as an English subject, to go to the British consul, at New York, and to present his wife and infant and to claim any assistance he might need from the consul as the representative of the English government.

If war had broken out between this government and England this government would have had a right to interne the father, the mother and the son as subjects of an enemy power.

Several current or former 2020 Democrat presidential contenders do not meet Long’s definition of “natural born Citizen.”  U.S. Senator from California Kamala Harris was born in the United States to two non-citizen parents; similarly, available information on Andrew Yang indicates that his parents, though resident in the State of New York when he was born, never naturalized.

An unanswered question remains as to the eligibility of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for both her House seat and the presidency given her birth to U.S.-citizen parents in American Samoa, an unincorporated territory which does not automatically confer U.S. citizenship to those born there.

O’Brien’s article did not explain why Google deemed “eligibility” and “birtherism” objectionable.  Over the last several years, many creators have claimed that Google and YouTube have practiced “censorship,” prompting several congressional hearings on the subject last year.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Cruz presided over one of the hearings, decrying what he said is a “pattern of political bias from YouTube” and Google.

In an interview stemming from the hearing, Cruz told “Fox & Friends” hosts on July 17, “Google is a monopoly. Google may well be the most powerful company on the face of the planet because they have a monopoly on information, on what you know and what I know. And not only that, but Google owns YouTube, which is the second most popular website on the face of the planet. And the problem is, they use monopoly powers to silence voices they don’t like.”

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  1. CDR Kerchner,
    Your compliment means a lot. I have been trying for many years to wake people up to what is happening in America. I won’t stop because I would rather try and fail than to give up. Thank you again, and I often reference your website by asking people to search, “CDR Kerchner Protect Our Liberty”. That way it’s not blocked or held up by moderators at various websites…………

  2. Thanks to the Post & Email for being so faithful on the subject of Usurper Obama. And I am thankful for all who have posted items. We need to come up with a War Plan and take on some projects. To start with, let’s start with promoting voter registration and getting out the vote for the coming presidential election. Shouldn’t we also continue to contact to our U.S Congressmen and Senator of Obama’s usurpation asking them why they were mute and complicit. And why not pressure the media with inquires why they were complicit in covering for fake Barry. Let’s recall the widow lady in scripture who hounded the judge for justice.
    Her persistence paid off. While I was serving in the Marines we were encouraged to lead
    by example. Currently, I am working on a project in meeting with a local legislator of Obama’s fraud.. And I am up to other related efforts. Finally, let’s keep Trump and his
    family in our prayer.

  3. Bob68: Your comment on GWP is a very good one paragraph summary of what the globalist far-left accomplished, and the Washington DC establishment in both major parties allowed to happen, in putting the constitutionally ineligible Barry Soetoro Obama into the Oval Office, and why they are so extreme and vile in their efforts to oust Trump. They indeed are very, very afraid that Trump will “go there” at some point, now or in his second term, and expose them all. Keep up the good work. Bravo Zulu! CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  4. One more comment for this informative thread. This is one I left a couple of days ago at the “Gateway Pundit”. Threads come and go there with great speed as each new “bombshell” is reported…and I believe many people who post there don’t bother to read a comment longer than a few lines. I have been trying for years to teach them the basics as I see it and I was happy to get 24 up-votes on this comment. This is my response, (again), to the often asked question of “Why the huge panic over the election of President Trump?”. My post at GWP:

    The panic is because Congress, both parties, became complicit in assisting and/or covering for the Globalist/Deep State to put their ineligible, identity fraud CIA prepared puppet in office as America’s putative president when they did nothing to stop Barry from being sworn in back in 2009. Criminal acts against America’s Constitution and her citizens do not get any bigger than that and for 8 years Barry did the job he was installed to do…..which was to weaken America in every way possible. Hillary was the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover and “closer” for the take-over of America from the inside. When she failed and the “birther” Donald Trump was elected the many complicit in that crime and the massive corruption which accompanied it panicked and began doing everything possible to remove President Trump from office to protect Obama, and to protect number one…..themselves. It all leads back to the fraud Obama and his puppet masters and at its core its not IMO complicated or hard to follow.

    I keep hoping repetition will work…………….

  5. And might I suggest a little exercise for people out there who know that straight-ahead tactics don’t always work…

    If you have the capacity to make videos, let’s try a little trojan horse. Make your videos about something else, ostensibly. Make a video about something that left-leaning people, or those who don’t know they enough, might want to see, perhaps even something about the usurper himself. Edit key parts of this (in the comments) video into it. Parts of that video can be edited into cooking videos for that matter. It doesn’t matter. You can even apologize for your “incompetence” (Usurper certainly got things done by feigning incompetence; fire with fire) with editing software, or your cat walked across your keyboard. And if you do it well enough, you can get a few people to see it, and at least keep it alive in this age of seemingly trying to kill it. I occasionally make videos, and I’ll make a point of looking through this and other information and dropping it into everything I do.

  6. I’ve downloaded the video for safe keeping.

    I have to concur with Marlene in that I see this as a part of a plan for 2024 (and my feeling is that AOC is being groomed, or perhaps one of the Muslim women. I know AOC will only be 34, but they’ll find a way to circumvent that argument.) Certainly, perhaps sooner. But bear with me…if you pay attention to the zodiac…and I’m not being flippant, you’ll see that the age of aquarius is coming to an end. No one knows exactly when, but someone “does”. And if you look at what the following age is supposed to signify….which is basically most of the left’s agendas, and probably more that is difficult to find, you’ll see there is a parallel that you only have to look at the founding of the UN and its subsequent actions to see is held in high-regard by the left.

    Look on scribd for the document regarding the conversations that Tom Fife had in Russia regarding the former usurper PRIOR to his usurpation. I don’t know how factual that story is, but I do know that in the Soviet Union there was a tremendous amount of stock placed in these prophecies on an official/unofficial level. I know from personal, first-hand experience. So, to read that account wasn’t exactly an all out surprise. I’ve know for a LONG time that the supposed fall of the Soviet Union was a farce…a revolution that never happened. Everyone thinks that it was earth-shattering, because they saw images of the respective republics having their own little “revolutions” in response…as if they had been looking for a way to be independent and finally found it. Well, they weren’t. That was a lie. No matter what those bodies of gov’t did afterward, none had their eyes on freedom. I was here/there. I saw it unfold. The people who were supposedly fighting for something were the usual suspects, and “THE real PEOPLE” were busy going about their daily lives, unaware (150 yards away), standing in bread lines and going to stores with two bottles of milk in a hangar sized “facility”. After the dust settled, the same old communist ideologues were still in place (with a few superficial “changes”), making the same communist decisions and here’s a scoop…THEY STILL ARE. I was interviewed in 1991 by a completely confirmed communist reporter…well established even then. He is still doing the same job, the same way, with the same agency…with a different name and shinier office. All of the people that I knew that were dug in THEN…are EVEN MORE DUG IN now, and they’re MORE RICH. And those who weren’t, are still at the bottom of the pile, despite merits that would push them into the stratosphere in the States. It’s the exact same system, except the EU looks like it runs it. I could go on…I could write a book…about the malfeasance here that results in laws that make it possible for people to be sued for back rent on land that they own…BECAUSE the land has been transferred away from them without notice and without compensation, and much more. How about a cop who (admittedly texting) hits a kid with a car, and six years later FINALLY pays 30,000 Euros compensation for crippling him. That money will be used up in a year. That’s the court system here. And it is everywhere in Eastern Europe; and the EU, they know it and could give a rat’s.

    But having digressed let me get you back to Tom Fife and scribd “the first time I saw…”. Look at the document you find that is posted by Lena (this is a Russian name). You’ll see that “she” has posted a TON of information. And not one of those pieces of information seems to have anything to do with the US presidency. ALL of the rest of it has to do with the occult. And look at the titles, they aren’t your usual occult stuff. They are encyclopedias and the like. TONS and TONS of information. And at the very end, she has a speed-reading book of about 270 pages…that looks to have been scanned. Obviously necessary to read all of that tripe. The point is, there are two people with that document up there…one is the Iowa attorney, forget his name, who was raising a ruckus and I think was working with Zullo at one time. I’m not recalling this very well…but the point is.. Two people have it, one is in the “real-world”, the other does not appear to be…and neither do ANY of the dems. Is common core reflective of what is necessary to deal with reality?

    All of this….and all of what I see in the left’s agendas with education, in particular….educating kids to actually do occult things, and comprehensive sex-ed at age five, or to learn Muslim prayers at school…look on Freedom Project Media on youtube with Wisconsin Professor Duke Pesta…makes me see that the agenda is a deep one. And when you see what Yuri Bezmenov says in his several videos/interviews about communism, this is an all out attack. But ALL OF THIS points to something for me.

    The left are making a concerted effort right now…to LOSE. They are doing bonehead plays worse than Fred Merkel. And IF…this is a VERY BIG “IF”…you watch conservative sources, you see it. You see them making no sense, because you know they’re fabricating the “truth”, or just LYING. But if…very small “if”….you watch the MSM (and that is most of the people that I contend with on a daily-ish basis), you will think that the Dems are on a solemn mission to save all that is sacred. And you will think…to the point of hysterics…that Trump and ALL conservatives are on a mission to destroy “the world as we know it”. No matter what the cause, the left are finding it and presenting it as a mission from god…not God.

    This is a tactic we don’t read about in Alinsky’s book…explicitly. But what they seem to want is to give the impression that the system does not work (that’s in there), that Trump is the usurper, that he is getting away with every crime conceivable. Look at Comey. He was exonerated/redeemed by the Horowitz report….IF you watched CNN. If you watch CNN, you (98%) don’t watch Fox…and you definitely don’t read the FULL TEXT of the Horowitz findings to see all of the “bias” that is lain within that “timeline of malfeasance”.

    So, you have this BASE of people who are rooting for the Dems, and the Dems are putting up a “valiant fight”…but I can guarantee you, just when it looks like they are about to FINALLY snatch victory from the JAWS OF DEFEAT….they will again LOSE. And each time they lose in their long fought battle for freedom, they will further incense and radicalize and GROW their base. They seem to be looking for that point of critical mass. And I don’t think that the Dems (those communists in the upper echelons) want to necessarily “win” anything. I think that they want to keep looking like they are losing….wrongfully, so that eventually they are the underest of the under dogs. I mean, “thank god [sic] for Adam Schiff”…he’ll keep Trump from giving Alaska to the Russians. We have to have his back….this is what they’re achieving.

    And I would imagine that there are strategists out there that know this. I hope there are. And if so, then they know that this has to be handled surreptitiously. You can’t argue face to face with someone indoctrinated into a radical perspective. I’m confident the president has people around him who know this. I have learned to watch everyone like a hawk, and particularly presidents…but I’ve also learned that when this president does something, he usually has a good reason. For instance, any time he says something that seems harsh about some other figure, I’m at the point where I start looking for what that person did that they deserved it. Like who was the guy about whom he said, “maybe he’s looking up (ie, from hell).” I think someone working like a dog to pass Obamacare (praised as such by the usurper himself) warrants that….at the VERY LEAST. Trump says what we all want to say, so that we know that’s not a good person, but we don’t have the platform. But I also think that he, despite appearance, knows when to keep his mouth shut and let the heat blow over. I’m confident that is what he’s doing now. And if not, no one here will forget. And I want to thank Sharon, daily, for this source of information. Good to know that I’m not alone in wanting justice. And so all of you know, there are those in Eastern Europe, rare though they may be, who also want the justice that we grew up idealizing. Those people are severely marginalized here, FYI, and we grow up naive to the KGB tactics that permeate this world from the others that are parallel. They don’t. They are not naive to it. We have to teach our children, not suspicion, but discernment.

  7. Sharon, I recall even Fox news attempts to discredit “Birhers”. Shepard Smith said we wer “Crazy”. Bill O’Reilly said we were “Pinheads”. Even Hannity kept discussion of this topic off limits. Beck, likewise kept it mum. Fox news at the time had an office in Dubai, UAE and was also part owned by Muslims. Obama is known to have a house in Dubai, UAE which I would think he plans to flee to “should the political winds turn ugly…”. There is NO extradition treaty between the USA and the UAE.

  8. CDR, Kerchner, According to Joseph Buttigieg’s obituary on Legacy.com, he naturalized in 1979. Joe B. died in January, 2019. He was also a Marxist.

  9. Thanks Jeff Harrison, A few more thoughts on President Trump and, “birtherism”.
    When Donald Trump offered 5 million to Obama’s favorite charity for Obama to show his real Hawaii birth certificate the media was all over Trump, calling him a “birther”…..a term they invented and got a lot of mileage out of in their efforts to cover for the fraud Obama. While running for president, Donald Trump did finally say Obama was, “born in the United States, period”. IMO that was to get the media off his back so he could concentrate on getting elected. Fast forward to President Trump today and the media is still after him almost 100% of the time. Odd to me the media which says Trump never stops lying, are not again accusing him of what worked for them so well on many people for years and calling him a birther….repeatedly. I believe they do not want this subject widely brought up now because they know President Donald Trump has all the proof he needs to prove Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud…..Otherwise, they would be regularly bashing President Trump by calling him a birther in order to question his judgement and to claim he believes in conspiracy theories….but they don’t. Why did they just believe what he said about Obama’s birth being in the United States in 2016………when they don’t believe anything else he says? I believe they do not want the subject brought up again regarding Obama……especially not with Donald Trump…………..If they do they may regret it…………

  10. Bob 68 I consider that you are on to something. I as you sense that it is highly likely Trump will take Obama down. Further, to me the impeachment of Donald was a plow to discredit and eliminate Trump from office. Let’s recall that Donald had made many statements questing and suggesting that Obama was fraudulent. To me I sense, “game on”.

    Further, I surmise that Trump has additional evidence that would be new to those of us who have been up on the fraud and usurpation of Obama. I can’t think that currently Obama
    (and his team) sleeps well at night with Trump at the helm. Just as Obama had once stated, so too Trump could state, “after the next election I (Trump) will have more more flexibility.

  11. This issue is precisely why I remain a loyal follower of P&E. Almost every other media source was either threatened, coerced or bought off reporting on this unresolved issue. I, for one, hope the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II (if that’s his real name?) remains on Donald Trump’s agenda of Presidential things to fully investigate and correct before he departs the Oval Office. Don’t look to former candidates, political activists, mainstream media or sitting politicians to reverse earlier assertions, because doing so would make them all complicit in treason, and the biggest political coup and ensuing coverup in the history of our country. Neither Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly had the guts to risk their multi-million dollar salaries at Fox to report the truth. Ted Cruz hardly demonstrated any knowledge of Constitutional mandate when he was a candidate. Sharon Rondeau, however, has been reporting honestly and fairly since the beginning of this hoax. Guess who I’m sticking with?

  12. A further search on Wiki for information about Pete’s father Joseph (who was an immigrant who was born in Malta as I read it) revealed that per Joseph’s wiki page he became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1979. If that fact is true, since Pete was born in 1982 in Indiana to a mother who was from I discern from Pete’s Wiki page was born in Indiana as it states her family lived in Indiana for generations, at first blush it would appear that Pete is a “natural born Citizen” and thus constitutionally eligible. Further facts, comments from others are welcome and solicited.

  13. Aha! I just found this out about Pete Buttigieg on his Wiki page. Did the AP know somehow about that poll that was trashed before caucus day in Iowa that it was likely Pete was going to win? And … just maybe Pete is NOT a “natural born Citizen” and it is he that the main stream media is starting to run interference for on the basket of deplorable “birthers” subject, which included the reference that Donald Trump was a birther. It looks like Pete’s father could possibly not have been a U.S. Citizen when Pete was born. Don’t know that for sure. But it is something that needs to be looked into as the primary season progresses. If someone already knows the facts about the citizenship of Pete’s father when Pete was born, post it here. From Pete’s wiki page: “Buttigieg was born in South Bend, Indiana, the only child of Joseph and Jennifer Anne Buttigieg (née Montgomery).[10] His father, who was from Hamrun, Malta, had studied to be a Jesuit priest before emigrating to the United States and embarking on a secular career as a professor of literature at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.[11][12] The surname Buttigieg is of Maltese origin, originally derived from the Arabic Abu-l-dajāj(i), meaning chicken owner or poulterer.[13][14][15][16][17] His father was a professor at Notre Dame for 29 years.[18] His mother’s family has lived in Indiana for generations.[19]

  14. Marlene: My thought would be that the plan is more current, like the 2020 election. Maybe the globalist, socialist, anti-constitutional republic far-left is seeing a “brokered DNC convention” coming and they are planning that their “white knight” compromise candidate is some person who is NOT a “natural born Citizen” of the United States to constitutional standards, i.e., a person clearly born in the USA to parents who were both U.S. Citizens (born or naturalized) at the time their child was born in the USA. Whatever the reason, the social engineers and media public opinion manipulators are up to something. Otherwise why choose that headline for that AP story now, i.e., birtherism. Another thought was that the far-left Dems are planning to use the Saul Alinsky ridicule tactic on Trump and bringing up that he was one of those basket of deplorable “birthers”. My hope is along the lines of Bob68 in that they know that Trump finally has plans in the works to go after Obama for his crimes in office involving his corruption of the IRS, DOJ, and FBI; and Obama’s criminal identity fraud and use of forged documents such as the forged short-form birth certification form, the forged long-form birth certificate, the forged and back-dated draft registration card, and Obama’s use of a stolen SSN.

  15. CDR Kerchner
    I believe the media and all complicit in The Obama Fraud still believe President Trump is going to eventually fully reveal and act on The Obama Fraud. This belief is something which keeps me from losing hope…..,and keeps all complicit in Obama’s usurpation in a panic. It is concerning to the media who have covered for Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud from the beginning………They cannot change now without losing whatever credibility they have left……..I believe what they see going on is the preparation of American citizens for the full release of the truth about Barry……………

  16. The question that first popped in my mind when I saw this AP story in the Business Section of my local newspaper was … why now? First: Why is YouTube doing this now. Second: Why did the Associated Press decide to pump out a nationwide news story with Birtherism in the headline? In my opinion, the social engineers who manipulate public opinion are afraid of something going on in the background that is not being reported by the main stream media and are out and about on the eligibility and birther issues to try and keep the beach ball of persistent questions and the truth on those two issues suppressed and submerged below the water surface of public opinion. What is wrong about questioning the constitutional eligibility of a political candidate? What is happening to political free speech in our country?

  17. One thing is for sure: even though “Snopes”, the leftocrat propaganda site posing as a fact checker, claimed the long form COB posted on the BHO white house site was not fraudulent according to some “expert”; you don’t have to be an expert or even know that much beyond basic image scanning technology to confirm it indeed as a rank forgery.

  18. The link below, to the video uploaded to YouTube on July 16, 2018 in which Obama says he comes from Kenya (5:50 to 6:00) still works, for now.

  19. It has been firmly established by several longstanding U.S. Supreme Court Precedents that a “Natural Born Citizen” of the U.S. is one that was born IN the United States (or a fully incorporated organized territory of the U.S.) to parents who are both U.S. Citizens themselves.

    Birth in an unincorporated territory is disqualifying. Birth on a U.S. Military Base outside the U.S. is disqualifying. Birth in a U.S. embassy is disqualifying. Birth to only one U.S. Citizen is disqualifying. Permanent residents of the U.S. are not citizens. Persons born on a plane or a ship outside the limits of the U.S. even to US Citizens are NOT NBCs.

    My current list of those who are disqualified include:

    Chester Arthur, Obama,McCain,Cruz,Rubio,Jindal,Swarzenegger,Harris,Gabbard and apparently Yang (Thanks for that tip Sharon). These frauds have gone on for too long. Google has become complicit in misprision of treason and espionage by covering this up.

    It is both an act of treason under 18USC and of espionage under 10USC to usurp the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war.

  20. After looking through ample data from historical records the most viable being the Law of Nations, the book George Washington famously checked out and never returned says this, at~212, “the natives or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens”. Pretty simple. If someone asks why your your some or daughter cannot run for president because they were born on an Airbase in some foreign country they should know their kid has to be born on US soil.

    Further 4 supreme court decisions, the Congressional Globe, WW2 US treason case, numerous attempts to eliminate the natural born citizen clause, and more that make clear reference to a child born of US citizen parents on US soil. Further, even a citizen born abroad requires both parents to be married and both US citizens just to be declared citizens but does not grant them natural born status. That requires the child be born in country.

  21. When, deputized Pastor Carl Gallups and Maricopa County AZ Cold Case Posse Commander Mike Zullo, are you going to share with fellow Americans your so-called “UNIVERSE-SHATTERING” findings concerning Obama aka Soetoro? Mind you, the findings are much more than only a single forged birth certificate.
    Wouldn’t it have made things a lot better for our country and its future if you had cared enough to do your patriotic and legal duty? Obviously, and possibly to an even greater extent, the same applies to the FBI and CIA!
    And, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others in the news media (you know who you are), WHY DID YOU DROP YOUR COVERAGE OF THIS CONTROVERSY YEARS AGO WHEN YOU APPARENTLY WERE CLOSE TO DISCOVERING THE TRUTH?
    Let’s not forget politicians too numerous to mention and judges in high courts such as Chief Justice John Roberts, who also have contributed to the COVER-UP, the BIG LIE, and the CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, which threaten to re-make, if not destroy, our wise founding fathers’ republic.
    Not long ago, I wrote a book which you might read and find interesting. It’s not much. Certainly not terribly scholarly. It never appeared on any best seller lists! It, though, was something that I deeply believed in and felt compelled to do. The title is “THE SICK TREASONOUS TRUTH SURROUNDING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” subtitled “AS WITNESSED & EXPERIENCED BY AN ORDINARY AMERICAN CITIZEN.”
    May God bless the United States of America and keep us safe from those who would conspire such as some of the above (willfully, ignorantly, or fearfully) to do us harm.
    Didn’t someone say “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!” I first heard the saying years ago when Obama aka Soetoro was using it. How ironic! Obviously, what he really meant was that everyone else except himself was required to abide by the law. He was immune, and the high crimes and misdemeanors which he committed and got away with (forgery, identity theft, perjury, bribery, treason, etc) proved it.

  22. Thanks for the article Sharon…….Here is one explanation for this from the article:
    “Although a myriad of evidence exists that Obama was reported to have been born in Kenya or Indonesia by mainstream media outlets, those same outlets have since inexplicably insisted that Obama was born in Hawaii.”

    My explanation: Like Congress, the media failed to do their job and the result was the usurpation of America’s presidency. Crimes against American citizens and her Constitution don’t get any bigger than that failure. After being cheerleaders for Obama and never vetting Obama, or at least never reporting the vetting, the media was never going to do anything which would destroy their credibility, like telling the truth about Barry as even more evidence of his ineligibility and identity fraud became available. The media, Congress and all complicit in The Obama Fraud had allowed and assisted a crime which turned out to be too big to prosecute and even too big to fairly discuss….and they believed covering for Obama was the only way out unscathed. That is what they have done and are still doing, but it got a lot more difficult when the “birther” Donald Trump was elected instead of the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton…….IMO that is reason number one they are desperate to remove President Trump from office…..fear of the truth and what it would do to their lives.
    I believe Donald Trump only dropped the issue during his campaign to get the media off his back and allow him to get out his message…..and win. He succeeded and yes, I still believe President Trump intends to fully reveal and act on the truth….and apparently so do the many complicit in The Obama Fraud who are so desperately trying to remove President Trump from office…and making themselves look like fools and idiots in the process…………..Nancy Pelosi again is exhibit “A” for her part in getting the known ineligible Obama on the ballot in all 50 states……….John Brennan and the CIA are also very complicit…as are many others…