by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 4, 2019) — Late Tuesday evening, former FBI Director James Comey, who was said to have violated the FBI and DOJ policies in an Inspector General’s report released last week, tweeted that President Trump has “lied” about the agency Comey once led but that it remains “a revered institution made up of good people focused on finding truth and doing justice.

In 2013, Comey was selected by then-White House occupant Barack Hussein Obama to succeed former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who in March completed a 22-month investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether or not anyone from the Trump campaign participated with Russians in that interference.

The report cleared the Trump campaign, and all Americans, for that matter, of the allegation of “colluding” with Russian-government figures to affect the outcome of the election.

The investigation had its origins in Comey’s FBI in 2016 or possibly before.  Some public figures are now implicating Comey in a greater conspiracy to undermine Trump’s candidacy and later, his administration, with the launch of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the campaign while apparently enlisting the assistance of several overseas intelligence agencies.

Mueller was FBI director when an image purported to represent Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate was published on the White House website on April 27, 2011. The image was nearly immediately declared a forgery by several graphics experts, which eventually prompted a criminal investigation conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) under the authority of then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

In August 2011, Arpaio designated Mike Zullo, then chief investigator of Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” to conduct a preliminary examination of the image after 242 of Arpaio’s constituents signed a petition expressing their concern that their votes in the upcoming 2012 election would be disenfranchised if reports that the image was inauthentic proved to be accurate.

What began as a short-term probe to “clear the president,” in Arpaio’s words, became a 5+-year investigation which took Zullo and a sworn-compensated detective, Brian Mackiewicz, to Honolulu in an attempt to find the origins of the birth certificate image.

Obama claims a birth at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children on August 4, 1961, but questions and inconsistencies in his life narrative, including credible accounts that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia, have never been reconciled.

Zullo has described the cold reception he encountered at the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) by then-Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine, who told him that Registrar Dr. Alvin Onaka would not speak with him.

Zullo gave three press conferences over the duration of the investigation on March 1, 2012; July 17, 2012; and December 15, 2016, with the FBI failing to launch an investigation despite Zullo’s revelation that two forensic experts, each approaching its analysis from a different perspective, agreed that the birth certificate image cannot possibly be genuine.

At the conclusion of the final presser, Arpaio said that all the evidence collected by his investigators would be turned over to federal authorities. Both Arpaio and Zullo subsequently said that their efforts to expose the truth to the American people would not cease with the conclusion of the investigation and Arpaio’s 2016 election loss.

In November of last year, Zullo said on a radio program that he was informed that highly-placed White House officials had received a “cursory briefing” on the evidence that the long-form birth certificate image is a forgery.

At the initial press conference, Zullo additionally reported that Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form was found to be fraudulent.

Following the second presser on July 17, 2012, this writer contacted an FBI media spokesman, who said that he personally watched the entire presentation.  Regarding what action might be taken, the spokesman advised us that concerned Americans should “contact their congressman.”

Congress, too, has failed to investigate, although some members have begun to implicate Obama in the origins of the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative.

Ironically, it was Trump who early in 2011 publicly questioned Obama’s eligibility and placed pressure on the White House to release proof that Obama was born in the United States.

The debate continues as to whether or not a simple birth in the United States is enough to be considered a “natural born Citizen,” as Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires for the president and commander-in-chief of the military.

The Trump administration is presently considering whether or not to revoke automatic U.S. citizenship to children born in the United States to alien parents, which arguably could bring the “natural born Citizen” controversy into sharper focus.

Prior to the reinterpretation of the 14th Amendment wherein all persons born in the United States were considered “citizens,” U.S. Supreme Court decisions and statements in the Congressional Globe indicated that a person born in the country to U.S.-citizen parents was without “doubt” a “natural born Citizen.”

Obama claims a mother who was a U.S. citizen born in Kansas and a father who never obtained U.S. citizenship and was born and raised in Kenya, then a British colony.

Also last year, Zullo revealed that two U.S. intelligence agents informed him that it is “an open secret” that Obama was not born in the United States and could not meet that criterion of Article II.

After Trump took office, a significant number of FBI and Justice Department high-ranking officials resigned or were fired. Comey was terminated on May 9, 2017, with his deputy, Andrew McCabe, facing the same fate in March of last year. According to the IG report released last Thursday, it was McCabe who referred Comey to the Inspector General for investigation once it was discovered that Comey not only had maintained FBI documentation in his home without authorization, but also released it in the form of four of his “Memos” to three attorneys he retained in the event that his firing prompted litigation.

Despite new leadership in the person of Christopher Wray, the FBI has not yet provided to the American people the “truth” behind the reported forgeries and why they were proffered as Obama’s official government documentation.

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  1. It is only a matter of time when the truth about this former President Obama and his background will come suffice to justice. Keep it up, The Post & Email. Been following your work on this matter since January 2010.

  2. All the remarks here are excellent. Thanks to All and the P&E for steadfastness. I have seen
    little dogs defend themself taking on a much larger dog and win. Persistence pays. Perhaps
    the “deep state” felt they were to slick to pull off one of the greatest hoax in history.

    Remember the widow in the scriptures, she never gave up in petitioning the judge for justice.
    Winston Churchill had also said, “Never Give Up” …(something like) … through toil, sweat, blood, and tears, and ect. “Never, Never, Never…”

    I believe we need to be in prayer 1st. and secondly, take action. Our founding fathers led the
    way for us. Looking them in the eye today, just what do we think they would require of us?

    I believe and have faith, Team Obama will pay for all the ill that they produced. I urge all to keep in prayer and take action. Let us all recall what “little” David did in the Bible.

    I am working on a project in contacting some reps. I ask other to not only contact U.S. senators and congressmen (again) , but to contact their “local” elected representatives of Obama’s fraud and usurpation. Let’s all of us ensure Team Obama’s fraud comes to justice.

    They, our reps don’t fear us because they don’t hear from us. Ring, write, and make appointments to see your reps. Here we need a massive response.

    Israel has an adage in relationship to the holocaust, “never again, never again”. Team Obama usurped the office of president. America too should adopt that adage, “never again”,
    “never again” will an Usurper occupy the White House again.

    Further, we have a Trump Card, and that is Trump himself. We need to back him up in prayer, and action. He may very well be the one who pulls the plug when the timing is right.

  3. Rosemary, thanks for that information and you are right about the Clinton’s knowing Obama was ineligible. From memory, I believe Hillary dropped out of the Dem primary in 2008 after a meeting with Obama, Biden and others, perhaps Soros himself. Not sure of the exact timing, but I believe this was not long after Hillary had said she had proof Obama was not eligible and was going to show that proof. Before Hillary showed that proof the meeting I described above occurred, and I am guessing that Hillary was made an offer she had better not refuse. That offer was the Secretary of State job in Obama’s regime and the very important after Obama cover-up presidency. I believe the Deep State had “Obama” ready to go and they were not going to allow Hillary to destroy years of work and planning by beating Obama in the 2008 primary which, had she not dropped out, she could likely have done. This is my opinion based on my memory of what occurred back then. It’s likely some of it could still be researched on the internet, but much scrubbing of everything Obama has been done over the years. Hillary failed to be elected as the after Obama cover in 2016 and instead the “birther” Donald Trump was elected. This sent the many complicit in The Obama Fraud, both parties, into a panic to remove President Trump from office to eliminate the possibility he might fully reveal and act on Obama’s usurpation. Watching this unfold over time, my scenario makes sense to me….but of course I can’t prove it.


  4. Bob, Bill and Hilliary knew that Obama was not eligible. They were the first “birthers” and were going to expose him in 2008. Hilliary won the nomination and there is proof of the nomination in writing. It was all stolen from her. I would not want either of them to be President but , the corruption is ASTOUNDING! I also watched the election that night. Cheney did not let anyone object neither did Pelosi. She was the one who certified Obama/Biden were eligible. She is a major traitor to this country and needs to be in Leavenworth. And- not hard to believe as she is decendent of major political corruption within her own family (father).

  5. Watching the video of the vote count, it appears that VP Cheney was never going to ask a question about objections.

    Beginning at 33:50

    Standing ovation for Sarah Palin’s vote count.

    VP Cheney: “This announcement of the state of the vote by the President of the Senate shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons elect President and Vice-President of the United States. Each for the term beginning on the 20th day of January, 2009 and shall be entered together with a list of the votes on the journals of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The purp…”

    Pelosi stands and claps and members stand and clap.

    VP Cheney: “The purpose of the joint session having been concluded pursuant to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1 of the 111th Congress, the Chair declares the joint session dissolved.”

    Looking back at the elections of 2000 and 2004, when objections were made to the vote count, they were made at the time each state’s count was being read. In 2000 when Florida’s vote was counted and in 2004 when Ohio’s vote was counted.

    For 2000 at 27:27


    For 2004 at 22:47


    In the 2000 vote count after each state’s count is read, VP Gore says “Is there objection. Hearing none.”

    In the 2004 and 2008 vote counts VP Cheney does not say anything about objections. However in 2004 when the Ohio vote count is read a member of the House stands and makes an objection and is recognized by VP Cheney.

    This is theater, if there are objections everyone knows about them ahead of time.

  6. Robert Laity,
    I watched the video of Pelosi in 2009 rushing through asking Congress for objections to Obama and then quickly banging her gavel and saying, “no objections”, years ago. I have mentioned that in comments I have made over the years. I have tried to find that video again but have not been able. Do you have a link to the video? My recollection from having seen the video was that Pelosi ask if there any were objections and then very quickly banged her gavel and said “no objections”. In the few seconds available I heard no one trying to object. I also remember it being Pelosi who asked the question, not Cheney…….and yes, I could be wrong. Maybe someone can link the video I referenced.

  7. Glen Day, Fact is that a “Natural Born Citizen IS one born in a country to parents who are citizens”. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed and reaffirmed this in several cases. They said in Minor v Happersett, USSCt. (1874) a unanimous decision that there was no doubt that a person born in the U.S. to parents who are U.S. Citizens themselves are NBCs. They further said that as to other classes of citizens, not taking the parents citizenship into consideration , there was DOUBT. There were at least (5) other cases in which this was reaffirmed. In two cases, Laity v NY & Obama,USSCt. (2014) and Laity v NY,Cruz,Rubio and Jindal,USSCt.(2018) they left the other (4) previous cases undisturbed by their action not to re-visit the previous cases. It is settled law and it is, what is known in the legal profession as “Good Law”.,meaning it has not been vacated or repealed.

  8. Tom Arnold, When Robert Mueller was FBI Director he was given a criminal information signed by over 3000 people, including myself and Sharon. He sat on it. Did nothing. The FBI is no longer the top law enforcement agency in the world. There’s no integrity in the upper eschelons of that organization. They MUST clean out the criminals in that and other federal agencies.

  9. Bob68, Fact is there WERE objections to the electoral vote for Obama. Video of the proceeding show undoubtedly that, at the moment VP Cheney was supposed to,by law, ask for those objections, Pelosi started clapping loudly disrupting Cheney. Cheney never DID ask the required question. It was reported later that there were indeed, objections.

  10. On October 16, 2008, a tape-recorded telephone interview was conducted by American Anabaptist Bishop Ron McRae with Sarah Obama, paternal step-grandmother of Barack Obama. Bishop McRae is the overseer of the Anabaptist Churches in North America and a “Presiding Elder on the African Presbytery. The following is a letter written by the Bishop to a “Mr. Farley” regarding that interview.

    A Letter from Bishop Ron McRae

    Mr. Farley,

    I have read a multitude of pro and con articles concerning the taped interview of Sarah (Obama), which most of both views, fail in a truly factual desire to discover anything beyond authors of those articles preconceived notions and beliefs about Obama’s birth prior to listening to the tape. The taped interview is only a small fraction of evidence, and honestly should only be used as perhaps an introductory to a much deeper issue than just Sarah’s initial response, or the exasperated attempts of her other grandson, who was the second translator to correct the verbal response of Sarah
    People want to ignore the fact, that there were two translators present on that phone interview. One was a step grandson of Sarah, and the other was our National Evangelist Kweli Shuhubia. His affidavit has been submitted to the United States Supreme Court as well as my own. The question that I asked Sarah, was repeated to her twice, and both times she adamantly answered very proudly that yes, she was present in Mombasa, Kenya when Barack Obama was born. Upon Sarah’s two admissions to having been present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya, her step-grandson realized the seriousness of his grandmother’s response and immediately begins to respond to the contrary, while moving his hand towards his grandmother’s mouth to silence her from saying anything further, while he tries to answer my pointed questions himself and correct what his grandmother has revealed. You see Mr. Farley, we have witnesses that were present during that conversation, including police officers and soldiers. All my subsequent questions concerning Obama’s birth were not translated to Sarah, but the step-grandson insisted on replying immediately to me himself in English, while continuing to move his hand towards Sarah’s mouth motioning her to be quiet.
    The only portion of the conversation and questioning that Sarah could respond to me about was the initial question if she was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. To that question she clearly responded twice, that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and that she was present when he was born. Mr. Farley, Sarah Obama is not a liar, and she is not ignorant or stupid. The most important aspect of her life and history as a mother and a grandmother is not just that her grandson is president of the United States, but that she was present when he was born. That is a culturally significant aspect of Kenyan life, that the grandmother be present to witness the actual birth of her grandchildren. She is not going to lie about that for anyone, including her famous grandson. For the grandmother to be a witness to the birth of her grandchildren is more important to African life, that the presence of the physician.

    I have copies of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. He was 7 pounds and 1 ounce, 18 inches long, and was 6 inches across his shoulders. The certificate is easily enough proven true or false, if Barack Obama wants to clear the record. His Kenyan birth certificate contains his feet print for his right foot. Now, let’s just put everything to rest, and verify his foot print with the Kenyan record. Let Mr. Obama come forward and allow an independent expert in finger/foot printing technology take his foot prints before a panel of witnesses and examine the evidence from the Kenyan birth records. If there is not a match, I will personally lead the effort in telling everyone to shut-up about it and let him be president.

    Concerning my view of Barack Obama, he has performed as good as any of his predecessors in shouldering the blame for everything that is wrong in America. Concerning anything in his past as a Muslim or a sinner, is of no concern to me, and I am not interested in his moral failures as a young man. As far as him being a Christian, he is not one. He is openly a better Muslim than he is a Christian, and I would expound upon those testaments if you would like. Concerning my stand upon his presidency, I have no stand, for I do not consider him president, would not give any allegiance to him or demonstrate any regard for him or any document he signs, until he is man enough to step forward and prove his grandmother a liar. The Kenyan people are a grand people, but it is the most treacherous, and damnable lie that one can tell that makes his own grandmother out to be an ignorant native at best, or a liar at worst. To refuse the truth about one’s place of birth, is the lowest of moral character known to man, in any country.

    Mr. Farley, I am a Christian and a preacher. I do not involve myself into politics and could care less about the corruption or lack of it that promotes any citizen to the office of President of these United States. It is of no concern of mine that Congress, the Supreme Court or this entire nation ignores the Constitutional requirement to be a natural born citizen to be President. But I cannot tolerate a liar and a fraud, especially one so low as to dishonor his grandmother, or his father in denying the truth about his actual place of birth. That is the only issue this preacher has involved himself with regarding Barack Obama. Until he steps forward and acknowledges his grandmother, and tells the truth, this preacher will continue to do what is not him to do or tell, “for you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). I enjoy being free! Until Mr. Obama accepts or tells the truth, the lie will bind him hand and foot like a slave to his own conscience.

    By the grace of God alone,

    Ron McRae
    Presiding Bishop
    Anabaptists Churches Worldwide

  11. My apologies in advance (I am a retired law enforcement officer, as well as a military veteran), but whenever there is a mass shooting or other similar act of violence, I always have to ask myself: WHAT DID THE FBI KNOW, AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT?
    Most recent example- the Midland/Odessa Texas shooting. Ring a bell?
    I’ll grant you, current President Donald J Trump is not a saint, but at least HE WAS DULY ELECTED BY WE, THE PEOPLE, after we had gone through eight years of an ARAB AMERICAN, TERRORIST AFFILIATED (domestically and abroad), UNDOCUMENTED (forged documents including birth certificates do not count), FOREIGN-BORN (“Obama’s” 1991 bio said Kenya), RACIST (yes- I did say “racist!”), CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE PER ARTICLE 2, SECTION 1, PARAGRAPH 5 OF OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION, USURPER, i.e. HE, “OBAMA,” STOLE THE U.S. PRESIDENCY AND COMMAND OF OUR COUNTRY’S ARMED FORCES AND, FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, HELD US “HOSTAGE” AT HIS TRAITOROUS WHIM AND DISPOSAL FOR EIGHT YEARS.
    So, really, Is the Federal Bureau of Investigation what you (disgraced FBI Director James Comey) call a “revered” institution?
    You’re darn lucky, James Comey, that you have not had to move to a new place of residence- LEAVENWORTH FEDERAL PENITENTIARY.

  12. The truth has been revealed bit the fact is the FBI nor the AG will ever do a darn thing about it. Proving where Obama was born was a waste of time. The mere fact that his father was not a citizen makes Obama ineligible for natural born status. If Arpaio would have stuck to that he might have had better luck. Obama Sr. was not a citizen and that is a well know fact. Same with Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, Rubio, Jindal and Haley.

  13. Quote from article:
    “Ironically, it was Trump who early in 2011 publicly questioned Obama’s eligibility and placed pressure on the White House to release proof that Obama was born in the United States.”

    To me that explains the coup attempt to remove President Trump from office after the failed attempt to prevent him from being elected…… and the panic over the planned after Obama cover of Hillary losing in 2016.
    There is no “mystery” over all complicit in The Obama Fraud trying everything possible to remove Donald Trump from office. Unfortunately, none of the talking heads ostensibly on our side will admit the truth, which I believe they have known for as long as I have. Neither will the investigators investigate what I believe they already know, but will not say.
    This appears to be because the crimes committed are too big, involving too many rich and powerful people even to fairly discuss, let alone prosecute, and there are many ways to keep people quiet.
    Notice I didn’t say that is the way it should be…only that it is what I have observed happening since Obama was allowed to be sworn-in without objection from anyone in Congress, both parties, back in 2009. I am just stating the obvious. The time spent by all intentionally ignoring the obvious is running out the clock on the biggest criminal acts ever committed against American citizens and her Constitution……………